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"Extremely organized, and a great communicator, Eric took our existing (not inconsequential) codebase, our overall strategy, and figured out the details to produce for us a solution that was exactly what we were looking for. He's clearly one of the top-tier Rails developers out there, as well as a pleasure to work with, we'd hire him again, and indeed we fully expect to for future projects."

Justin Stern
Co-founder, Engineer at ShopStorm
a Shopify App company

Imagine never having another
Shopify API headache

Developing Shopify apps for the Shopify App Store or your clients can be great.
Until it's not - when something doesn't quite work as described in the docs.
Or worse, you're not even sure which API you should use.
Or maybe the API problem you're having causes enough of a headache that you decide it's better to pull your app from the App Store completely (yes, it has happened. Yes, it was a difficult conversation).
Unfortunately there are only two ways to really get your Shopify API questions answered:
1. Post in the public forums and hope someone responds (and hope that no one steals your idea while you wait for an answer); or
2. Ask someone who worked with the API before and pray they have the time to help you.
What if there was someone you could turn to? Not just a friend or a person in a forum, but someone who has the experience needed to find the answer to any API question you had?
The next time you get hit by an API stumbling block, you could turn to them and get a fix.
You wouldn't lose two days and nights of development trying this and that, hoping to stumble on an answer.
Instead you'd ask them for help, then return immediately to working on what matters for your app:
• developing new features
• supporting your customers
• marketing and growing your business
The Shopify API Developer Line can help.
The Shopify API Developer Line is a premium support service to help and answer all of your Shopify API development questions.
You'll be able to send your Shopify API problems to me and get:
• strategic API advice
• code examples of how to fix the problem in Rails, Ruby, or curl/http
• help troubleshooting the problem
• workarounds for any unresolved Shopify API issues
• and advice on proactive steps to prevent future API problems
I will customize the Shopify API Developer Line based on your specific needs. Depending on if you need one-time advice or ongoing strategic advice on using the Shopify API, I'll customize the price and package to fit the needs of your apps, your team, and your business.
To get started, enter your email in the form nearby. I'll reply back with a few questions about your business to determine if the Shopify API Developer Line is right for you and your app.
Eric Davis
Shopify Partner and App developer
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