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Hi, I’m Eric Davis. I’m the founder, developer, marketer, cook and everything else for Little Stream Software.

Thousands of Shopify stores use my Shopify apps to grow their business through SEO traffic and optimizing their repeat customer funnels.

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Shopify Apps


★★★★★ "My site's been up for nearly 4 years. All that time I've been continually uploading and improving tags, alts etc. but was unhappy with search results. JSON-LD has been installed for a month now, and I've noticed a vast improvement . Frequently No 1 on first page, often with multiple entries there. So thanks, Eric." -- Mark James, Crystal Heart

Repeat Customer Insights

★★★★★ "Excellent app, great customer insights, with easy to understand UI - developer is extremely responsive and helpful!!! 5 stars!!!" -- Brad Capo, CEO of SWAK Designs

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