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How the time period works in Repeat Customer Insights

A Repeat Customer Insights customer was asking about how the time period works and why shorter periods had lower repeat purchases. In order for a customer to be considered a repeat customer, they need to have made at least two purchases within the selected period. All-time means they’ll just need… Read more

Using customer behavior data to decide when to start your holiday marketing

With the summer winding down, murmurs of the Black Friday / holiday season have started up. While you should definitely be preparing ahead of any busy season, when to actually scale up your marketing is different for each store. One easy way to ballpark when to start is to look… Read more

Talk to your VIP customers

Here’s a quick tip today to help keep your best customers. Find your top 10 customers. You can use your memory, their total spent, or the segmenting in Repeat Customer Insights (the VIP segment is great). Write a 2-3 sentence email to each of them, sending it from your individual… Read more

How some contractors keep winning our repeat business

We’ve been getting some construction done around the house to take care of deferred maintenance from the previous owners. We’re getting 2-3 bids each time so we have ones to compare (except for when I made a mistake and had 6 arborists come out for a tree removal…) The interesting… Read more

Finding your most loyal customers in Shopify

A Repeat Customer Insights customer recently asked: What is the best report to determine most loyal consistent purchasers? You’ll want to use the Customer Segmenting reports for that. You can also use the Customer Grid as it’s a more visual report of the same data. Clicking on any of the… Read more

Small successes stack over-time

I’ve started to harvest some of the first main crops from the garden. The yields have been much lower than where they should have been. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is the first year and the soil will take awhile to get up to speed. (Especially… Read more

How to start sending more emails and getting more sales

With a few exceptions the more you email your customers, the more sales you’re going to make. And the easier it will be. Here’s a quick way to get started without making it a "something I’ll do someday". First increase how frequently you email. If you’re not emailing at all,… Read more

When is your Shopify store sending too much email?

I was emailing with a customer about email marketing and how much is too much: Do you have any opinions on how much is too much email? I mean, won’t customers feel that you are being pushy if you email them too much? It all depends on your subscribers and… Read more