Articles about Shopify

Plan your end of summer (winter) promotion

You’ll want to think about what kind of promotion you can run for the end of summer (winter in southern hemisphere). It’s still several weeks away but if you start thinking now, you should have a few good ideas to pick from in July. Come up with a promotion idea… Read more

When you wish upon a list

One feature that regular customers use more than one-off customers is a wishlist. Your browsing shoppers might just use a tab or two to keep track of which products they want to buy. Most will end up leaving or buying in that session though. For your regular and repeat customers… Read more

Poor email marketing open rates

A Repeat Customer Insights customer was planning a campaign but struggled with poor open rates in the past and was looking for advice. We have these customers in an e-mail segment, but when we usually sent emails to this segment we have a very poor open rate Open rates are… Read more

Spending the time to get the process right

When we planted our apple trees, hazelnuts, and blueberries I spent a bit of time researching how to water them in the first couple of years. Though Portland gets a lot of rain, summers are usually dry so new trees need regular deep watering. Apple trees need the most at… Read more

Activities vs assets

There are two ways you can look at marketing: as an activity you have to do everyday as a process you use to build an asset The first is more common and how new marketers look at it. It’s just an activity they have to do like bookkeeping, packing, and… Read more

Tomato envy and measuring your own results

I went for a walk yesterday and saw a bunch of tomato plants out in front yards (normal for Portland). Many plants were bigger than mine, one was twice as big, and a few already had fruit starting. At first I felt like I was behind but then I realized… Read more

Giving discounts to your best repeat customers

A Repeat Customer Insights customer was asking about using loyalty discounts and how that could impact customer behavior. Loyalty is mainly measured by the Frequency score in RFM with the Recency showing a bit of influence too. It makes sense, the more times a customer orders then more likely they… Read more

Use tracking codes to keep your marketing clear

Whenever you start marketing to customer segments you should use different UTM or other tracking codes to be able to track each campaign separately. Some systems like Repeat Customer Insights can work out their purchases without a tracking code but many systems cannot and could attribute those sales as new… Read more