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Sell your best products with a quick promotion

The Black Friday season is nearing its end. There’s not much time to start a new campaign but still enough for a promotion or two, especially for email. One tactic that could be useful is to promote your best products. You can use Shopify’s reports to find the ones that… Read more

Just right

With Black Friday here it’s time to put your plan into action. Follow your checklists. Start your campaigns. Test your store changes. Do everything you can to have a calm day. You know your customers are going to act crazy with all the pent-up energy from the year. I hope… Read more

Make sure to test your changes

We had a problematic gutter at the corner of the house. It drained oddly so the previous neighbors created this odd-shaped drainage setup that blocked off most of the side yard. Downspout to extension to spare gutter on the ground propped up with bricks, which was supposed to feed into… Read more

Shopify Apps holiday performance report

As we get into the holidays, it’s time for my annual app performance update. This year I’ve done a lot of performance updates for both Repeat Customer Insights and JSON-LD for SEO. Repeat Customer Insights just completed one large update about two weeks ago which has been running smoothly ever… Read more

The last weekend before Black Friday

Tomorrow starts the last weekend before Black Friday. There are different ways to approach it: Take a break and relax because the next few weeks are going to be busy. Work on the last minute things you need done. Or a mix of both. Given how 2020 has been, any… Read more

Create the right environment to grow customers

I planted quite a bit of garlic in our newest garden beds that have been quite fertile. I had some leftover so I planted some in our old lawn that was recently covered with cardboard and wood chips. The garlic in the garden beds is mostly up after two weeks.… Read more

Trimming back customer behavior for better results

This season I’m going to be doing some aggressive pruning to our Japanese maples. The previous owner didn’t take care of them well so they’ve grown into mutant octopus trees. They are so dense with leafs and twigs that I’ve been forced to wait until they drop their leafs to… Read more

Your Black Friday checklists

It’s time to create two Black Friday checklists. By now you should know what you’re going to be doing for Black Friday, but a checklist will help you make sure nothing is missed. You’re going to want two different lists. A Do list. A Check list. (Also called a Confirm… Read more