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Hiding product prices in Shopify, an uphill battle

Some stores want to hide their product prices for various reasons. The basic approach I see a lot is just removing the price HTML from the theme. That sounds like it will work okay but there are a few other places that your prices could "leak" if you’re trying to… Read more

SEO book recommendations for Shopify stores

Debra, a JSON-LD for SEO customer, recently asked me about SEO books. I’d love to know what book to buy to get started in SEO. There is tons of trash out there on amazon, and I’d like to just pick a book that explained the jargon, and have an expert… Read more

Same email subject, different day

Every few weeks this email breezes by my email inbox. Subject: Eric, people are looking at your LinkedIn profile And every time I have the same reaction… "Tell them to stop staring" Jokes aside, LinkedIn could improve their subject lines with only a bit of effort. They have all the… Read more

Mismeasure once, cut forever

During a recent review of article to curate for Shopify Dispatch, I ran across a slide deck from Kevin Hillstrom. Kevin’s a really smart consultant who works with retailers, catalog brands, and ecommerce stores so I’ll usually take the time to review his writing every week. One quote in his… Read more

Preview how your Shopify theme displays content

One way to succeed with SEO is to create a lot of content. You want that content to be appealing to both search engines and customers. Search engines are okay with ugly sites but customers want nicer looking ones. Or at least, easy to read sites. I first learned about… Read more

Do you want your product titles to match your SEO titles in your Shopify store?

Allie asked: So, do you want your [product] title and SEO title to match? I thought that Google liked it if they did. Like most SEO advice, it depends on your product and what you’re doing with the page. If your product title and SEO title match, that’s a very… Read more

Customizing the product availability in Shopify for JSON-LD for SEO

Shopify products are assumed to be either in stock or out of stock depending on their inventory levels. That’s usually good enough for most stores but sometimes you need more options. Especially with Google Merchant Center where you might be running ads for preorders. Product availability options By default JSON-LD… Read more

Adding and linking custom structured data to JSON-LD for SEO

While JSON-LD for SEO tries to supply a complete set of data for all Shopify stores, sometimes you might need to supplement its data with something custom. For new types of structured data, you can just add them anywhere in your Shopify theme and they’ll work. JSON-LD is flexible like… Read more