Articles about Shopify

Google’s new search results style

Last month I noticed Google updated the desktop search results styles. They are always testing new styles but since I noticed this on April 1st I decided to wait a bit to see if they held steady or were a another April Fool’s joke. Almost two months later, they appear… Read more

No way to ignore it, you have to send that email

If you want repeat customers, you have to email them. Sure some might come back on their own or when they see you on social media. But you’ll have no control when that happens. Sending an email, even a simple one, will let you decide when you want customers to… Read more

It’s the end of May: time to work on your holiday SEO strategy

With May wrapping up next week, now is the time to be starting up your holiday SEO strategy. It seems far away right now, but since SEO can take awhile to get going you should always be looking out 5-6 months at a time. It’s now about 6 months until… Read more

The SEO problem a Shopify app can’t solve: no content

A major part of Shopify SEO is product descriptions. Google loves content and for most stores, product descriptions are the bulk of their content. Some stores have blogs and articles too but they are definitely the minority (hint: sounds like a content marketing opportunity). But content is one thing that… Read more

During low trust times, work on your customer retention

With the low levels of consumer trust right now, one metric you should be watching is your repeat purchase rate. This is the time to focus on retaining as many customers as you can as you don’t know if they’ll ever come back otherwise. You can start with a simple… Read more

Lack of visible growth in bad times could be hiding real, good growth

One thing to keep in mind, even if your store isn’t showing positive growth doesn’t mean it’s not growing. If every other store is losing sales and market share like crazy but yours is holding steady or in a slight decline, that means your growth is holding back the losses… Read more

Shopify SEO impacts of shorter product urls vs longer urls with collections

Recently Brian was asking about url lengths in regards to SEO: Which is better for SEO – Navigation which gives a shorter path or navigation through the extra collections folder? I have some collections which just have 2-3 items. I could setup my mega menu to send customers directly to… Read more

When the first project fails, sow again

I sowed some lettuce seeds in our garden awhile ago but they still haven’t come up. The temperature was good so it was probably a problem with a nearby tree or they got washed away in some heavy rains we’ve had. Yesterday I re-sowed more into a tray. That way… Read more