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Using Recency and Frequency to measure customer loyalty

In Repeat Customer Insights there are a few insights you can pickup by comparing the Recency-Frequency (RF) Grids. The segments to the top right are the best for repeat customers, the ones to the bottom left are the worst. If segments to the right are increasing (higher Frequency), that’s a… Read more

Spot customer acquisition issues with the Customer Grid and RFM

Comparing the Customer Grids in Repeat Customer Insights can help you spot customer acquisition issues. The New and Promising New segments include customers who have only purchased one time. Their main difference is how recently they purchased. Comparing them month-to-month, you’ll want to check their counts. If the counts are… Read more

Discover if your customers are becoming more loyal over time

One question I hear a lot is: are customers becoming more loyal? Making that question easy to answer was the basis that drove the new Customer Grid compare I added to Repeat Customer Insights. Previously you’d need to consult a variety of metrics to measure loyalty. Repeat Purchase Rate for… Read more

Released: compare how your customer segments have changed over time

I’m happy to announce a new Customer Grid analysis for Repeat Customer Insights. Compare Historic Customer Grids A few months back I released the first part of this with the Customer Grid History. That allows you to look back on how your customers were segmented historically in each of the… Read more

The expensive call to inaction

A few minutes ago I was reading through one of my most popular articles on Customer Purchase Latency. At the bottom of it I noticed that the call to action was out-dated… and not by a little bit, by a lot. It mentioned a service that I haven’t offered for… Read more

Limiting stockout impacts on long-term customer behavior

There’s been a lot of news around stockouts right now. Stockouts suck for everyone. Your store loses the sale. Your suppliers lose the order. The customer is disappointed. Hoarders might benefit in the short-term but if their timing is wrong, they have to figure out how to unload a shed… Read more

A-then-B conversion optimization for smaller traffic Shopify stores

I did a lot of A/B testing in the past, especially with paid advertising and clicks. But it’s difficult to do that with lower traffic and a major conversion (e.g. purchase). Instead I started doing what I call: A-then-B testing. In A-then-B testing, you measure your results right now (your A,… Read more

Conversion rate optimization dogma

This week I was reading a conversation from a self-described “conversion expert”. They were claiming that some optimizations made to a Shopify store were invalid because the store didn’t run an A/B test and wait for statistical significance. What a line of BS. Statistical significance is jargon for, the result… Read more