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Google penalties from using fake reviews in your Shopify store

Recently a new store emailed me about how fake reviews work in Google. Just to make sure, the star will appear even if it not real reviews ? I mean I can put fake reviews on my website as I launched it few weeks ago so I do not have… Read more

Cutting advertising costs by 70% after installing JSON-LD for SEO

I’ve been asking JSON-LD for SEO customers for more information about how the app has been helping their store. What follows is a short case study from one store. Any results may or may not be typical or what you can expect with your Shopify store. There are so many… Read more

Visualize your entire Shopify customer base with the Customer Grids

With the recent release of Repeat Customer Insights’ Automatic Customer Segmenting feature, I was finally able to add a powerful visualization feature I’ve been wanting for awhile: This is the Customer Grid. It uses the same underlying RFM algorithm that powers the Automatic Customer Segmenting so it’s completely automated. This… Read more

Product cost coming to Shopify

Yesterday Shopify announced that they are starting to release a Product Cost feature. On Thursday October 25th, Shopify will start introducing Product Cost. This feature enables merchants to record the unit cost of their variants, track margin, and report on product performance within Shopify. This feature will roll out to… Read more

How Repeat Customer Insights creates 30+ segments automatically in Shopify

A Repeat Customer Insights customer was asking about how the automatic segmenting works: How does Repeat Customer Insights Define its types, like a "Whale"? The segments are defined based on the 2 of the RFM scores. If you look at the Customer Grid you can see how two scores intersect… Read more

Inspecting the new URL Inspection Tool for Search Console

With the new version of Google’s Search Console officially launched, I’m starting to review what it offers compared to the old version. One tool that’s heavily promoted is the new URL Inspection Tool. It’s linked to from the sidebar but also in that big search box on top of every… Read more

Google Search Console is now tracking Rich Result impressions and clicks

While poking around Google’s new Search Console, I found a new report on Rich Results. From what I’ve gathered in their help docs, it looks like it’ll tell you how many clicks and impressions you’ve received for Rich Results including Rich Snippets. I wouldn’t trust Search Console as the sole… Read more

Google Search trending towards stricter and more structured data

One thing I’ve been predicting is that Google’s structured data guidelines will be getting tougher. For the past few years Google Search hasn’t required a lot of data. Supplying more data was nice but it didn’t seem like Google would use it. Then in December’s Google update, much of that… Read more