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Finding customers with Above Average loyalty

Yesterday I wrote about finding your most loyal customers, the VIPs. You have plenty more degrees of loyal customers though. Some are past VIPs. Some are upcoming VIPs. Some are loyal but not as strong as your VIPs. Finding out who these loyal customers are can be more difficult than… Read more

Finding your most loyal customers, the VIPs

The RFM analysis that I use with Repeat Customer Insights gives each customer three scores from 5-to-1 based on how the customer ranks. Customers who have all 5’s are your very best customers, what I call the VIPs. These are customers who have ordered recently, have placed the most orders,… Read more

Getting a look at your loyal customers

There’s no single loyalty metric so you’re forced to figure out which works best for your store. For the longest time Repeat Customer Insights has used RFM to measure loyalty, but even within RFM there are different metrics. Raw Frequency? 2-D intersections? 3-D intersections? Modified Frequency? Tripwires? Custom grading algorithm?… Read more

A backup for the backups

Last week I went to upgrade my computer’s backup system when I noticed a problem. The disk my backups were stored on was showing errors and signs of corruption. Long story short, that disk is going bad after a little over one year of use. It has a five year… Read more

Deciding when to transition a product out of your Shopify store (and when to keep one)

I just pulled out most of my peas after five months of growth. They produced wonderfully over that time but their production has dropped significantly in the past weeks. Plus I need to make room for the cucumbers. Not every vegetable will produce forever. They all have limits to how… Read more

A barrelful of new articles on repeat customers

One competitive advantage I have with Repeat Customer Insights is how much educational articles I create. Some competitors struggle to get one article out each month while I have 20+ articles published each month (And I’m seeing that I should be creating even more). While customers get the most value… Read more

Using Cohort details to understand why how a cohort of customers is behaving

In addition to looking at cohorts as a whole, Repeat Customer Insights also lets you drill-down into a specific cohort. This can be useful to look at outliers or special cohorts. The November and December cohorts are popular ones to look at when evaluating winter holiday customers, especially to see… Read more

Cohort Reports to see which groups of customers are the best customers

The Customer Cohort report in Repeat Customer Insights segments customers into monthly cohorts based on their first order. Then it tracks the customer’s behavior over-time and reports on the various metrics. Each and every customer is assigned to one cohort based on the date of their first order. Once assigned… Read more