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When even tiny changes are worth the investment

This past weekend I’ve started to pack up our things to move. We’re only moving about a block from where we live now, but the new house will be better for us in a lot of different ways. Some of those ways sound almost trivial: a garbage disposal in the… Read more

Are keywords in Shopify SEO apps worthless?

You can’t talk about Shopify SEO without running into keywords. Many Shopify SEO apps tout keywords as a magical feature they have. Unfortunately, the impact Shopify apps can have on keywords is probably misplaced. Entering SEO keywords into any Shopify app doesn’t really have much impact, if any at all.… Read more

Won’t you back that (Shopify) theme up

Today I have a really important but simple tip for you. One that you should do right away. Backup your theme Your theme is what makes your store work. It’s what lets customers see and buy your products. It shows off your brand. It’s what many apps hook into to… Read more

Google cracking down on invalid Rich Snippets

In November 2017, Google posted a "reminder" about proper uses of the Event structured data. A reminder about "event" markup Basically, sites have been marking up coupons as events in order to get Rich Snippets and more visibility. Now Google will be reviewing these more closely and may take a… Read more

The myth of duplicate structured data being wrong

or: How you can learn to stop worrying about structured data and love the Schema Today I want to clear up some confusion about how structured data works when it’s duplicated. I’ve written about it before (here and here) but with some recent comments by other apps that provide structured… Read more

Uninstalling JSON-LD for SEO and it’s structured data code snippet in Shopify

When you install JSON-LD for SEO it makes some [changes to your Shopify theme][theme] to ensure Google and other search engines can find your structured data. If you tried to uninstall, you may have noticed that those changes are still present in your theme. In this article I’ll explain why… Read more

Another reason to focus your SEO on your Shopify product pages

Recently I wrote about where to focus your limited SEO resources: your product pages or your collection pages. Nick Disabato of Draft wrote this in: Product pages are also further down the funnel! He’s absolutely correct. I didn’t even think about that. If you focused your SEO on your product… Read more

Does your Shopify structured data need to be mobile compatible for mobile Rich Snippets?

Mobile has become very important with ecommerce so it’s logically that mobile SEO has also become an important channel. A customer Arjun asked: What about mobile? Does JSON-LD for SEO work seamlessly with mobile SEO too? Structured data and mobile are interesting but I bet you wouldn’t guess my response…… Read more