Articles about Shopify

Deciding when a product isn’t worth selling anymore

Last week I was talking with a business owner friend who was struggling with their product mix. They sell two products, an entry-level and a more premium product. The premium product is multiple time more expensive but the entry-level one was selling better. But something wasn’t right and they were… Read more

Have you contacted your customers recently?

As a rule of thumb, you should be contacting a customer at least once every 30 days. The best method is an email newsletter but you can also (physical) mail them or call them. Less than that and they’ll start to forget about you. Especially if you’re in an industry… Read more

Watching for the unexpected

As Portland starts to head into some record temperatures and dry weather for April, I’ve had to start watering plants early. I figured I had another few weeks before watering became an issue (we’re still a week out from our 10% last frost date). Since I check on the garden… Read more

Email checklist to boost repeat customer purchases

Email marketing is one of the top drivers of repeat purchases but many stores send out emails that miss the mark. Here’s a quick checklist you can run through while creating each email. Included content that increases the reader’s trust Included content that is educational or entertaining Included a call… Read more

Your job isn’t done when the order ships

Yesterday I came home to a flat yellow bubble pack sitting by my front door. Opening it, what was supposed to be a box of bandages was instead flattened pieces of cardboard with bandages inside. “Sterile” bandages that you would put on a wound. Stuff that, you know, might want… Read more

Growth, what is it good for?

When you’re looking for growth in your Shopify store, be specific about what kind of growth. Adding 1,000s of products that don’t sell is growth, but it’s just costing you resources. Most of the time sales or profit is what you mean by growth but it doesn’t have to be.… Read more

Take advantage of every spare moment

Every time I release or update my Shopify apps, a suite of tests runs on my computer and on a testing server. I do that to make sure nothing breaks, but there’s a side benefit too. That means I get 5-10 minutes of spare time each release, which can happen… Read more

Hide your newest products to increase your sales

Another homepage copy tip for Shopify stores. If you’re showing your newest/latest products as a collection list on the homepage, remove it. Most new products are unproven with unproven conversions. By showing them on the homepage you’re stealing attention from your best products. If you still want to highlight new… Read more