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Unstick your stuck AOVs

You can make Average Order Value (AOV) more useful by segmenting it. Instead of having one AOV for your store as a whole, you have an AOV for each major traffic source, for each major customer segment, or even for customer cohorts. That’ll give you more visibility into what’s going… Read more

Skewed up Average Order Values

Average Order Value (AOV) is a metric used all over in ecommerce and retail. But it sucks at some things. If your store a range of order sizes like very small and/or very large orders, then it can get off. Stores with wholesale customers buying in their regular store see… Read more

How does your customer base evolve from month to month?

With December here, now is a good time to look at how November changed your customer base. Are more customers becoming loyal and frequent buyers? Or are more defecting and not coming back? Are customers spending more money in each order, or less? The month-by-month Customer Grids in Repeat Customer… Read more

Don’t let customers bounce away from out-of-stock products

If a customer lands on an out-of-stock product, there’s a good chance of them leaving your store entirely. Especially if they came from an organic method like Google. If a product’s out of stock and you know you won’t get any back soon, add a message to its product description.… Read more

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday behind you for the year, now it’s time to start executing the regular portion of your holiday marketing. You’ll still want to use the tactics you’ve started with and used throughout the year. e.g. sales, discount days, time scarcity, etc. It’s just now at a… Read more

The cost of innovation

Last week I was writing about how most innovation is a waste for your Shopify store. Let’s look at a common software example. Say you want to add a banner message to mention your new sale but the one that came with your Shopify theme doesn’t do what you want.… Read more

Innovation can be a waste

Innovation is touted as an always great thing. Something that every company needs but only the best companies can accomplish. The thing is, a lot of innovation is worthless or even harmful for your store. Innovation around your core competences are great. Innovation around how your store functions are a… Read more

Download a backup of your Shopify theme before the busy season starts

With the busy season coming up for most Shopify stores, now is the time to stabilize your store and get everything running smoothly. One important step is to make sure you have a backup of your Shopify theme. You can use an app for that but even if you do,… Read more