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Silent Defectors

“If our customers didn’t like our products, they’d let us know” “We don’t get any complaints about that so it’s not a problem” “Customers aren’t buying again but won’t say why” These are all signs of silent defectors. The vast majority of customers who aren’t satisfied with your products will… Read more

Better alternative to email open rates

One of the worst vanity metrics with email marketing is the open rate. It’s useful over a long period of a dozen emails to have an idea about how your audience uses your emails. But looking at a single email’s open rate or comparing it to another business is going… Read more

Second, third, fourth order… product analysis reports now available

There’s been a update to Repeat Customer Insights First Product Report. First off, it’s no longer only the First Product Report. It’s the first ten products. Now the report will let you see how products bought in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc order factor into customer behavior. Lots of stores… Read more

Give each product a great value proposition

Going into the holiday season, now’s the time to really evaluate and improve the value propositions for your store and each of your main products. The value proposition is customer-focused copywriting that answers the question “what’s in it for me?” Each customer buys your products for a reason. Some might… Read more

15-minute exercise to tell if you’re skimping on benefits for your repeat customers

Today I have a simple exercise for you that can help figure out ways to retain customers. Open a document or get a sheet of paper. In a list, write down every benefit, bonus, promotion, or freebie you give to new customers or every customer. This can be coupon codes,… Read more

Quit the poor performing marketing channels

I started Google Ads again for Repeat Customer Insights a few months ago before quitting yet again. In the past I was able to build a solid ads channel that would profitably sell my products. It was a nice secondary channel that took very little time or effort to maintain.… Read more

Find the most loyal customers in your Shopify store

I’m frequently asked how a Shopify store can find their most loyal customers using Repeat Customer Insights. There are two options: The Recency-Frequency (RF) Grid measures customer loyalty and organizes your customer base into ten segments. Focus on the Loyal, VIP (RF), and Potential Loyal segments. Each segment can be… Read more

Take care of deferred maintenance in your Shopify store now, before you get busy

Yesterday I spent some time to clean out my email list. About 20% of my subscribers were orphaned. They were in the list but not subscribed to get any emails. A good chunk were from Repeat Customer Insights. They logged into the app from their Shopify store but didn’t start… Read more