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More Shopify stores starting to focus on SEO as the economy slows

As the economy slows down I’m hearing more and more people looking into SEO as a way to keep their store attracting new customers. Some stores that relied on paid traffic are needing to run leaner, while others are seeing very little ad competition. But in both cases many are… Read more

Results follow actions

Your actions influence your results. If you spend everyday working on your SEO, you’ll grow your organic traffic. If you spend everyday helping customers and answering questions, you’ll build their trust and earn repeat business. If you spend everyday talking on social media, you’ll grow a following there. But the… Read more

Have you ever watched a spider?

Have you ever sat and watched a spider? Most of the time they stand still and just wait for things to happen. But when they are working, they are running all over the place. Fixing a web. Moving across the ground or wall. Getting their dinner prepped. They clearly have… Read more

Using knowledge and experience to change a big problem into a little one

Yesterday I wrote about how I ignored a pain in my foot and ended up with a blister that made it painful to walk. I’ve dealt with blisters before. Running long distances in sandals has taught me a lot about foot care. That night I ended up "dealing with it"… Read more

How ignoring the pain made things worse

A week ago I ordered a new set of socks. They were a bit thinner than normal but very comfortable and warm. But yesterday I went out for an unplanned hike to the grocery store (uphill both ways). By the time I got back, my left heel was killing me.… Read more

Keep the working strategies and evolve the day-to-day tactics

With the pace of change going on, it’s hard to believe that March and Q1 is almost over. I’ve been writing about making plans around your business and Shopify store but I haven’t shared much of mine. My high-level business strategies are staying the same. They’ve been refined and matured… Read more

When everyone else speeds up, slow down

Speed is often good. Good for muscle cars. Good for web performance. Good for payment processing. But with decision-making, speed is the source of many problems and will make small issues into big ones. As people speed up decision-making they introduce errors. Some might be trivial and not even worth… Read more

Plan your endgame and next beginning

While in the middle of a crisis it’s important to take care of yourself, the people around you, and your loved ones. That’s so clear and self-evident that I’m not going into more depth on it. Once that’s taken care of it becomes important to making sure your short-term (1-6… Read more