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How Repeat Customer Insights tracks your customer acquisition sources in Shopify

Repeat Customer Insights now tracks how a customer was acquired. This article will explain how it translates Shopify’s data into a useful filter. First order sources Every order in Shopify includes the order’s source. On some orders it’s a name like pos or web but others it’s just a number… Read more

Itty bitty product images, how your Shopify theme might be hurting conversions

Upgrading your Shopify theme can be risky but sometimes that risk is warranted, especially if it will help conversions. One good reason to upgrade is because your theme is using too small of product images. Some people think Shopify resize product images automatically but it’s actually your theme that’s creating… Read more

Goodbye Review Rich Results for article and blog posts

While investigating Google’s new Rich Results rules in their latest algorithm update I noticed something omitted. Specifically, we’ll only display reviews with those types (and their respective subtypes) […] Followed by a big list of data types that are allowed to have Review Rich Results. But Article and BlogPosting are… Read more

As rare as a lightning strike

Last week some heavy thunderstorms rolled through Portland. They freaked out the kid because she heard that lightning will hit tree and knock them onto houses. We explained to her how rare that is and not to worry about it. Well… About a hour later we heard reports of lightning… Read more

Google’s new Review Rich Result rules

After years of guessing, testing, and arguing with SEOs about how Review Rich Results work… many of my findings have finally been confirmed by Google this week. Unfortunately, that’s going to blow up a lot of websites who have received bad advice or don’t have something like JSON-LD for SEO… Read more

Your product line determines customer loyalty

Recently Kevin Hillstrom wrote: The result is this … our product assortment dictates customer loyalty … not the other way around. If you sell something that a customer only "wants" 1.5 times per year, you can flail away all you like with loyalty efforts and you’ll be successful and the… Read more

How to assemble a VIP customer list in Shopify

You know it’s important to reward your best customers. Before that can happen, you need to know who they are. The first step is to define what you mean by best customers. Are these customers who have spent the most? Referred the most people to your store? Or bought several… Read more

Today’s tiny task: try to subscribe to your own email list

Email marketing is consistently near the top of the list for driving purchases on Shopify stores but it’s also a strategy that gets way less attention and resources than other flashy options. Today’s tiny tip is to help make your email marketing a tiny bit better. Open a browser you… Read more