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Measure holiday customer behavior to help predict next year’s performance

With the holiday season underway, it’s important that your data collecting systems are running correctly. Collect the right data and you can see how your customers are behaving. Repeat Customer Insights takes a monthly Customer Grid snapshot at the beginning of each month. This snapshot makes it easy to visualize… Read more

Take the robots out of Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday. The day when ecommerce is supposed to shine. Make sure to avoid treating your customers like robots today. Customers can tell when they are just a transaction to you and are quick to return the treatment. Each customer is a person and you have the opportunity to delight… Read more

The floodgates are opening

Today’s the official day to see if the work you’ve done recently has paid off. Just be ready for competition to increase. Acquisition and ad costs are going to go crazy over the next month. Stores who have been working on their SEO all year should see it starts to… Read more

Think longer-term when it comes to your customers

This weekend I started cleaning up the garden beds for winter. A big job is adding compost to the soil so over winter and into spring it can feed the soil. The problem is that I didn’t create enough compost this year. The first batch I used elsewhere so I’m… Read more

Own your own media and marketing

With a certain social network imploding, it’s as important as ever to remember that any social media strategy has the risk of getting shutdown at any moment. A friend of mine built up a huge following on Facebook years ago. Then Facebook started to charge them each time they wanted… Read more

Move beyond date-based promotions and into segmented promotions

Contacting customers for a promotion is a regular tactic in ecommerce. Typically the events are based on the calendar. Black Friday. First day of summer. Back to school. There are more reasons to contact customers than days in the year. There’s a problem with using only date-based events though. Each… Read more

Still time to attract customers organically

While there’s only a week left before the holiday rush starts, you still have time to work on attracting organic sales. A week is not enough time for most SEO. You might see some results next month but SEO generally is something that should be done six months ago. SEO… Read more

Good-enough attribution: know where your customers came from

Attribution is a billion dollar marketing problem. When done right, you’ll know where customers are coming from and be able to avoid wasting marketing money. The problem is that attribution is nowhere near perfect and it likely never will be. The more you spend, the better attribution you can get… Read more