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How to fix the 404 errors in your Shopify store for more traffic

Over time you’ll be updating, renaming, and deleting pages and products from your Shopify store. Each time you do that, you risk losing the search results and search enhancements for the previous pages. That’s because Google treats each url as a unique page. So even if you’re just updating an… Read more

How to discover what an app changed in your Shopify theme

JSON-LD for SEO customers receive updates to the JSON-LD code for the life of their store. Typically I’ll push out updates a couple of times per month after reviewing and testing the changes. But sometimes you might want to review what changes were made. Or perhaps you use another app… Read more

How to better describe your Shopify pages for improved rankings in Google

Meta descriptions are extremely important to SEO. They are short summarizes of the page that search engines use for ranking and directly in the search results. A well written and descriptive meta description can end up directly in the search results which lets you tailor the sales copy to convince… Read more

Google displaying more images in mobile SEO

Google is now showing image thumbnails for more mobile searches. Based on data collected from RankRanger, images are showing up for 44% of search results now (up from 15%). This combined with Google’s mobile-index and various other updates shows that mobile search is where many of Google’s improvements are focused… Read more

Why Shopify’s Product Reviews app may be good enough for your Shopify store

With the release of JSON-LD for SEO’s new Magical Review Integrations I’ve been having a lot of conversations about reviews apps. Recently David emailed me one that I’ve never directly explained before, one that could be useful especially if you don’t use reviews. We use Shopify Reviews on our other… Read more

When to quit

Sometimes in order to grow you have to quit. That might mean quitting bad habits or replacing them with better ones. It could mean quitting something you love doing because there’s something you have to do. Or if could be admitting to yourself that you just can’t do it. But… Read more

Smooth out your Shopify store’s busy season by prepping your work

Welcome to the 4th quarter of 2018. You’ve made it. Soon things are going to start getting crazy. Hopefully in good ways. Ways that involve order notifications and large deposits. I’m an over-planner by nature so whenever I see a busy period coming up, I’ll try to get a head… Read more used JSON-LD for SEO to help triple sales and fund expansions

I’ve been asking JSON-LD for SEO customers for more information about how the app has been helping their store. What follows is a short case study from one store. Any results may or may not be typical or what you can expect with your Shopify store. There are so many… Read more