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Match your unique limits to your store strategies

Last Friday I went a bit crazy pruning our tomatoes. A heavy late-summer rainstorm was coming and I let the tomatoes grow a bit wild. The problem is that the tomatoes used their limited time and energy to grow more flowers and start more fruit, instead of ripening what they… Read more

Review and revise your New Customer Welcome campaign

The past couple of weeks I’ve been going through the onboarding emails for Repeat Customer Insights. These emails are sent to new customers to introduce them to the app. They are the software app version of the New Customer Welcome campaign I often write about. I’m going through them because… Read more

The canary in the email marketing coal mine

In the past miners would take a caged canary into coal mines. It wasn’t to help them whistle while they worked though. If the miners hit a gas pocket, the canary would die before the gas got strong enough to kill the miners. The canary was an early warning system… Read more

Send your customers a goodie package to boost customer retention

I had to upgrade one of my infrastructure services for Repeat Customer Insights. It out-grew the plan it was on. Instead of just locking me out or upgrading me automatically, their support reached out to me. We ended up having a conversation about trying to squeeze back into the old… Read more

Take the profits from boring things and invest them into risky things

One lesson I got from Seth Godin’s Purple Cow is: Take the profits from boring things and invest them into risky things. This can apply to your Shopify store at a number of levels. Take the profits from your best-selling products to create new products. Take the profits from your… Read more

The two campaign email marketing strategy

There are a variety of ways to run an email campaign. You could send out a new email to everyone each day/week/month. This can work great for timely information and is the easiest campaign to start and maintain. You can also setup a specific sequence that goes to everyone based… Read more

Preparing for the transition to the winter season

With September arrived, our summer garden starts to transition out. The beans, tomatoes, and squash are still producing but they are near their end. We’ve been planting autumn and winter plants in any bare spots but some summer plants are going to hold out to the very end. So I’ve… Read more

Using patterns to find answers in data

I’ve been teaching my daughter multiplication the past two weeks. Instead of memorizing the 12-by-12 chart, I’m teaching her patterns that she can use with any number (2 * a number is just doubling a number, 4 * is just doubling 2 *, etc). Once she learns the patterns she… Read more