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It’s time to shift into brand building

With the winter holidays over, now’s the time to start nurturing your new customers. They’re probably burnt out with product offers by now so focus on brand building types of content: how to use their products, other customer’s experiences, proactive customer service. Keep it up during the post-holiday slump and… Read more

Untitled: how to make sure a minor coding mistake doesn’t undermine your SEO

Today’s Shopify tip might sound super basic but in the past few weeks, I’ve seen several stores missing even something this basic. Every webpage should have one and only one HTML <title> tag. That tag heavily influences Google’s ranking and can be used by them directly in the search results.… Read more

Looks like more Shopify stores will be punished for accidentally misusing Critic Review Rich Results

I look at a lot of Shopify themes as part of the initial review I do for every new JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ customer. While reviewing one store, I happened to take a look at what their theme was adding for the structured data when I spotted this beauty: This… Read more

Paid ads and Product Rich Results

A customer recently emailed me about their frustration with how Google ads use review data: Amazon competes with me for the term in paid ads. They say [CUSTOMER’s TRADEMARK] and show their star rating in the ad. But the stars have nothing to do with a product, but for Amazon… Read more

This Black Friday trend is crystal clear for Shopify stores

46% in 2015. 54% in 2016. 64% in 2017. 66% in 2018. And now 69% in 2019. That’s the trend of how many sales happen on mobile during Black Friday / Cyber Monday across all of Shopify. Yet a lot of stores still design for desktop first and then leave… Read more

Let’s play: spot the structured data bug that’ll hurt your Rich Results. Round 1.

I’ve seen this structured data bug come up a few times now. It’s always in the theme’s data. Can you spot it? You have 30 seconds, GO… . . No peeking at the answer below until you’ve locked-in your choice . . . . And the winner is: this isn’t… Read more

How to tell when a Shopify SEO app is full of “it”

Want to know an easy way to tell if an SEO app understands SEO and structured data? See if they claim that structured data helps rankings. It doesn’t. It never has. John Mueller, Google’s own webmaster trends analyst has said so repeatability online and in video chats. Yet SEO apps… Read more

Product ID change for custom JSON-LD for SEO integrations

I’ve just released a product ID change for JSON-LD for SEO. This will only impact you if you’ve hand coded additional structured data for your products to link with the app. If you’ve only used the configuration panel, this does not impact you and you can ignore the rest of… Read more