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Crafting converting meta descriptions for your Shopify store

Yesterday a customer emailed me for some advice on what to put in his homepage meta description. Since this content is shown in the search results for your homepage, it’s a highly visible piece. This advice also applies to the meta descriptions on your products and every other page. Treat… Read more

Dangers of using Lifetime Value with your Shopify customer acquisition plan

Customer lifetime value (LTV or CLTV) is a useful metric for a lot of things in Shopify. One area where I like to urge caution with it in as part of your customer acquisition budget. The common advice is to make sure you spend less to acquire a customer than… Read more

How three phone calls can save a high-value subscription

The other day I had a pleasant customer service experience from a large company. These are so rare these days that it stuck with me so I wanted to share it in hopes you get an idea or two on how you could do something similar. I use Walgreens to… Read more

Borrow inspiration

Ah Valentine’s Day, one of the starting retail holidays of the new year. For some stores, it’s a big one too. Easily in the top five sales-wise outside the winter holidays. It’s probably too late to plan a big campaign around it this year if you haven’t started yet. Though… Read more

JSON-LD for SEO now integrates with Shopper Approved

Hot on the heels of last week’s integration is a new Magical Review Integration between JSON-LD for SEO and Shopper Approved. With this integration, JSON-LD for SEO can now pull the review data from Shopper Approved and use that data to help get those orange review Rich Results that look… Read more

Fixing your broken Shopify urls in bulk

Creating URL redirects is important when you migrate to Shopify or make any significant changes to your store. By using them you capture any traffic to the old pages. If you forget them, that traffic is lost and eventually Google will deindex those pages. I’ve written about how to find… Read more

Why Shopify and Google might be counting your repeat customers incorrectly

Roy was comparing his repeat customer metrics in Shopify, Google Analytics, and Repeat Customer Insights and noticed they were all different: How do you define "repeat purchaser"? Your numbers are way different from the numbers I get from Shopify and Google analytics. Each system defines "repeats" differently. In Google Analytics… Read more

Lousy customer segmenting from Comcast

Last week our internet contract ended so I setup a new one with Comcast. Same address. Same billing. Same account. Then yesterday I received a letter from them asking us to take their service with them on our move. Our move. Yeah for some reason, renewing a contract with Comcast… Read more