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Check your Shopify theme for SEO-harming duplicate title tags

I’ve been noticing a lot more Shopify stores have invalid title and description tags. These are what Google uses for your search results and have a major factor in ranking, conversions, and customer trust building. But now I’m seeing multiple stores per week with duplicate title and description tags, often… Read more

Increase your SEO traffic by using better titles in your Shopify store

It’s important to make your search results look the best they can. JSON-LD for SEO customers receive Rich Results so they get a bunch of product data in their search results, but it’s still important to have high-quality titles and SEO/meta descriptions. Especially if you don’t use JSON-LD for SEO.… Read more

Using heading tags effectively in your Shopify store for better SEO

Someone was asking recently about heading tags with Shopify stores and how they work with SEO. Google doesn’t care if you use h1 or h3 or h6s. They will consider the lowest ones on your page to be heading, next lower subheadings, and so on. Even if you use h5… Read more

It’s not Google’s responsibility to index your Shopify store

I’ve seen this come up a few times, especially in Shopify forums. It’s not Google’s responsibility to index your store. You need to have content that is good enough for Google to want to index it. They want to index everything but if you have no content, content copied from… Read more

Deciding on which strategy to use when the economy shifts

Kevin Hillstrom has written a short strategy-level retrospective on what the different business responses he’s seen to the recent economic changes. "The Great Experiment" It’s interesting in that it matches my own advice on the subject but with some additional perspectives. Using his wording, my own strategy is the "wait… Read more

First Product Analysis: find which products create better customers

For years I’ve been wanting to add product analysis to Repeat Customer Insights. There are a lot of great behavioral data you can get from orders, but products have their own great data points especially around initial customer behavior (i.e. what causes the first purchase). I’m happy to announce that… Read more

SEO for Shopify and ecommerce VS non-ecommerce SEO

A JSON-LD for SEO customer asked: In your experience, do you think e-commerce SEO is a bit different than non e-commerce SEO? At the core, SEO for ecommerce is the same as any other website at least on the tactical level (the what you do). On a higher, strategy-level there… Read more

The slow simmer SEO

I’ve been slacking on my own SEO. With the kiddo home, the stuff happening in the world, and the new projects I’m working on for my apps, time has definitely become a premium resource. Which means it’s been a few months since I’ve looked at or actively worked on my… Read more