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Shopify Dispatch Issue #230 – When to scale SEO, Fast stores

SEO: When to Scale (or Not) Bill Sebald writes about when to scale your SEO activities and when not to. I see Shopify stores getting this backwards all the time, scaling up the things that need a manual touch (titles, descriptions, content) and doing things that by hand that should… Read more

Why Open Graph tags don’t help your Shopify SEO

A JSON-LD for SEO customer was asking recently about Open Graph tags and Rich Results: Our tech audit is now showing that our Open Graph tags are incomplete for some pages and products. Does this have anything to do with Rich Results? Open Graph tags are different than Rich Results.… Read more

How Shopify review apps make it easy or impossible to integrate with them

Recently I was chatting with a customer about what it takes to add a new product review app integration for JSON-LD for SEO. Most of the time, the only thing standing in the way of an integration is the review app itself. Some reviews apps are open and make it… Read more

Give your metrics a gut check

After you’ve collected last years metrics, take a quick at them and write down what they’re telling you. For example, Where there more orders than you expected? How does the Average Order Value (AOV) of the entire year compare to what you’ve been using? Where the most successful campaign results… Read more

A simple call to action might be all you need

Calls to action (CTAs) are important but they don’t need to be perfect. Start with something basic and then work to improve it as you go. The simplest one is to just describe how your product helps your customer. For example: Repeat Customer Insights helps you better understand your customer… Read more

It’s time to shift into brand building

With the winter holidays over, now’s the time to start nurturing your new customers. They’re probably burnt out with product offers by now so focus on brand building types of content: how to use their products, other customer’s experiences, proactive customer service. Keep it up during the post-holiday slump and… Read more

Untitled: how to make sure a minor coding mistake doesn’t undermine your SEO

Today’s Shopify tip might sound super basic but in the past few weeks, I’ve seen several stores missing even something this basic. Every webpage should have one and only one HTML <title> tag. That tag heavily influences Google’s ranking and can be used by them directly in the search results.… Read more

Looks like more Shopify stores will be punished for accidentally misusing Critic Review Rich Results

I look at a lot of Shopify themes as part of the initial review I do for every new JSON-LD for SEO Plus+ customer. While reviewing one store, I happened to take a look at what their theme was adding for the structured data when I spotted this beauty: This… Read more