Articles about Shopify

Don’t be shy when your Shopify store has a sale

One piece of advice I heard from a marketer was to push past your natural discomfort during a sale or launch event. During a sale you’re trying to raise more awareness and attention than normal. Ideally that will get your offer in front of more people which will result in… Read more

Navigating your Shopify theme

Your Shopify theme is one of the core components of what makes your store unique. There are free themes, premium themes, Theme Store themes, custom themes, third-party themes, and enough other categories to shake a stick at. All themes follow a similar format so if you learn how a Shopify… Read more

What would your grandmother say about your Shopify SEO?

The other day while reviewing a new customer’s store I noticed they were using a new Shopify app for their reviews. Usually when that happens I’ll take a deeper look at the app to see if it would make sense to add an integration with JSON-LD for SEO. Turns out… Read more

Low AOV, drives a little slower

Average Order Value is a key sales metric for Shopify store. It’s not the only metric you should watch but if it gets too low, your store could be hurt in various ways. Some clear, some complex. The most visible way is that with a drop in AOV, you’ll be… Read more

Writing content when your Shopify store’s products aren’t unique little snowflakes

Writing content is one of the more difficult components of SEO, especially when your products don’t lend themselves to having unique content about them. Customer Ryan had an even harder time: I was curious on your thoughts on writing product descriptions for products that have different colors. I have a… Read more

The new Shopify App Store has launched

This morning Shopify launched the new version of their App Store. I’ll be digging into the changes more over the next few weeks but one clear improvement I’m seeing is the new sub-categories. For example, JSON-LD for SEO is now in the Marketing > SEO subcategory instead of the huge,… Read more

Outdated technology and your Shopify store

While cleaning out a closet recently I came across a CD that a teacher gave my daughter last year. When we got the CD were we excited because it had an audiobook she liked on it. But then we realized that none of our computers had a CD or DVD… Read more

Auditing my own SEO: duplicate title tags messing up ranking and results

SEO is an ongoing process that you have to work on. Issues crop up, algorithms change, and if you don’t keep tending the shop it can fall into disrepair. It’s not any different than any other marketing channel. It’s just that too many people think it’s set-it-and-forget-it. Even I do… Read more