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The art of changing a customer’s behavior with triggers

This last week I received an email that my desktop backups weren’t running. (Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with my apps or servers. This is my personal desktop) When I was young I lost a lot of school work because of a computer crash and didn’t have a… Read more

Designing a data analysis to remove risk

I’m getting ready for Spring in the garden but starting too early risks losing some plants to sudden cold. Last week I found a set of data with Portland’s high and low temperatures from 1938 to today in a simple format. So I loaded that data up, ran a simple… Read more

How attention melts the snow

This weekend we finally had the last of the snow melt away. Even though we’ve had above freezing temperatures all week and a bit of sun, there were some areas that were still covered a week after the storms left. All due to angles. The snow fell downward but due… Read more

An ACME catalog of customer segmenting options

There are an infinite number of ways to segment customers. Repeat Customer Insights includes a few of the more effective ones. Which methods you use will depend on your goals and to a lesser extent, your brand. Here’s a few off the top of my head that cover: how recently… Read more

Run a sale next week in your Shopify store

Every now and then it can be useful to run a sale. Especially during a slump. You’ll get a quick infusion of cash, be able to clear out some inventory, and the activity can pull you out of your slump. They’ll work for most brands, though some might want to… Read more

Start conversations with your customers to find improvements

Portland just wrapped up a major snow and ice storm. Word is that it set some records for how crazy it ended up being. Yesterday I did a walk around to check for any damage as the ice was melting and happened to chat with a neighbor who I haven’t… Read more

Half your products sell less than the average

“Half your products sell less than the average” I saw a passage like this while reading a business book. It’s a simple statement with simple math behind it but it should make you stop and think. If half your products are selling below average, are they worth promoting? There are… Read more

Create timely marketing campaigns ahead of time

Friday morning we woke up to the first snow of the season. About an inch and a half by our measure but it was sticking which was an improvement over prior storms. With the snow comes a bunch of emails from local companies about the weather, the storm, etc. Timely,… Read more