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Time to gear up for Black Friday… in May?

It’s time to start getting ready for Black Friday. No, no, no it’s not suddenly October. It’s still May. But when you’re dealing with SEO you need to be ahead of the game. Months ahead. Now would be the ideal time to start thinking about what pages you’d want to… Read more

Waiting at the starting line

Patience is one of the few things that isn’t better in moderation. For a few months I’ve been wanting to add a major feature to Repeat Customer Insights. When talking about it with one customer, they remarked that it would be a "game changer". To add that feature I’d need… Read more

How to add product structured data to your Shopify homepage for Rich Results

With JSON-LD for SEO you can add a single product’s structured data to your homepage. This is designed for Shopify stores who only have one product or one primary product that they feature on the homepage. If you have multiple products listed on the homepage or in your store, you’re… Read more

See how your Shopify customer behavior changes over time with the new date-based Customer Purchase Latency report

Repeat Customer Insight’s Latency Analysis report is a unique report in Shopify that maps out your repeat customer’s behaviors during their lifecycle. One downside is that it would report on your customers for the entire lifetime of your shop. That’s great if you want an overview of everything but not… Read more

Results from a consistent, steady approach to marketing

There’s a lot of hoopla about going big. The huge sale. The massive marketing campaign. The over-sized event. While they have their place, I’m not fond of them. They place so much emphasis on perfection that they are prone to failure. The types of failure that you can’t even learn… Read more

Take a timeout for infrastructure improvements to your Shopify store

I’ve used the past week to work on something that should have almost no visible impact for my customers. It’s a series of infrastructure improvements. For me that involves software upgrades and rewriting some code. So far everything has gone well, which means that nothing looks different to customers. Sounds… Read more

Using longer SEO descriptions in your Shopify store to improve your rankings

Recently a customer was asking about Shopify increasing the length of the SEO descriptions (or meta descriptions in HTML-speak). I noticed shopify increased the number of characters available for the meta description on product pages, but in the search engine itself I didn’t noticed longer descriptions. Is there a planned… Read more

Changing your SEO title tags in Shopify

The title tag is an important part of your Shopify store’s on-page SEO, along with a few other things. A customer of JSON-LD for SEO emailed asking about how to change the titles without editing the theme directly. First off, most pages in Shopify have two titles actual titles SEO… Read more