Articles about Shopify

Is it cold in here?

It’s starting to get cooler here as we get into autumn. Cool, but not quite cold yet. You know, that borderline area where you might turn the heat on for a bit but it’s not quite needed all the time yet. This year we also replaced our central heat with… Read more

What actions are you taking to bring customers back to your Shopify store?

When you start to improve anything, having a guiding question or two can help you focus on the important. If you’re trying to improve your customer loyalty, ask yourself: "What actions am I taking that will make customers want to come back?" Not what deals. Not what campaigns. What actions.… Read more

Using your Repeat Sales Percentage to spot problems in your Shopify store

One metric in Repeat Customer Insights that often gets overlooked is the Repeat Sales Percentage: Percentage of your total sales that are from repeat customers. It’s a simple percentage metric but it speaks volumes about your customer base. If it’s low, your customers aren’t coming back and ordering very much.… Read more

Don’t blame the squirrels for the “cat’s” behavior

We setup a camera facing the backyard awhile back. In the middle of the night we caught a very wide looking cat wandering around the backyard. Then start to eat some of the kale we had planted. The same kale I thought the squirrels were getting to (and slobbering all… Read more

Flat is perfectly fine for your Shopify store

With spring summer… wait winter now?!?!? … Anyways, with winter here and 2020 being an "interesting year" I was having a conversation with a friend who runs a training business. They said they were flat this year sales-wise but I wanted to share some encouragement I sent to them. I’ve… Read more

How your Shopify store can deal with Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day is coming next week. You have a few options. 1. You can ignore it. Say you don’t sell on Amazon and don’t want to compete on your own. It might be a slower week or two for you if people spent all their money with Amazon. 2.… Read more

Sealing up the gaps in your Shopify store

Last weekend I took a few bottles of caulking, my ladder, and started sealing up around the windows, doors, and trim. Without that it’s easy for water to get inside the house. The two exposed sides of the house took about half a day (the other two sides are under… Read more

To dig up, or not to dig up?

A few days after I planted our first hazelnut tree, we found a flaw in the layout of the yard we had planned. Meaning that tree that just started to get settled-in needed to be dug up and moved a couple of feet to the left. But because we have… Read more