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Timing your email types in a new customer welcome campaign

When creating a new customer welcome campaign you have to strike a balance between educational and pitching. If you go pure education, you run the risk of only the most motivated customers buying. If you go pure pitching, you run the risk of pissing off new customers and never seeing… Read more

How is a Shopify customer assigned automatic segments?

Recently a subscriber was asking how the Customer Grid in Repeat Customer Insights knows which segments to give to each customer. There are three Customer Grids in the app: Recency-Frequency (RF) Grid Frequency-Monetary (FM) Grid Recency-Monetary (RM) Grid Each grid combines two parts of the RFM scores. One score is… Read more

Where’s the order?

The other night I ordered some books directly from a mid-sized publisher. The ordering process was okay (they use WooCommerce) but later I noticed I never got an order confirmation email or receipt from them. By that time I had closed the tab already and so I had to dig… Read more

Get serious with growing your repeat customers

Let’s say you decided to start getting serious about growing your repeat customer base. With all the advice out there, where do you start? There are three things I’d recommend. They are a mix of tactics that are effective, target common weak points in Shopify stores, and areas that can… Read more

JSON-LD for SEO acquired by my favorite person

Hey there, I have news for you about my Shopify app, JSON-LD for SEO. As of May 1st it will be under new ownership: Ilana Davis (my wife) will be acquiring it for her company. She’s been involved in the app behind the scenes since the early days. She decided… Read more

What’s a good Repeat Purchase Rate for Shopify stores?

Some Shopify store owners have asked, what’s a good Repeat Purchase Rate? 25% is what I consider the low-bar. Some large-scale studies have found 27% to be the average Repeat Purchase Rates but that’s only an average. I’ve seen stores with 60%+ and stores with single digits. The higher the… Read more

Important metrics to watch in your Shopify store

Yesterday I wrote about watching over the right metrics and how that can help detect problems before they get too large (assuming you act on the metrics which I procrastinated on). When you run a Shopify store there are 100s of metrics you can track. Here’s a few that I’d… Read more

Watching over the right business metrics

With my email marketing I focus on just two metrics: sales number of people sent my daily Shopify tips The reason for the first is oblivious, I need to make sales to stay in business. The number of people sounds like a vanity metric but I don’t use that to… Read more