Articles about Shopify

What to do if something went wrong with your Black Friday campaigns

If you didn’t get what you hoped for over the Black Friday weekend, there’s still time to salvage it. The most effective things to do right now are to make sure there wasn’t a problem that blocked your results. Are the links you sending in email going to the right… Read more

How successful of a 4th quarter do you want for your Shopify store?

Have you thought about what would make this season a great quarter? A lot of advice is all about more, more, more. More sales. Higher AOV. More revenue. Better conversion rates. Those are all fine directions, but do you actually know how much more you want? Or even need? A… Read more

When the post-checkout upsell falls flat

Last week I ordered some sandals for my wife from a Shopify store. Checkout was the usual process until the very end when they added a post-checkout upsell offer. These offers can help increase your revenue and order sizes but they are very dependent on the offer. In this case… Read more

Not every Shopify store needs customer segmenting

Last week I was out with another business owner when they asked me about segmenting their customers. She’s heard from a bunch of consultants that segmenting her customers and email subscribers can help her growth. She wanted to know if that was true and how it worked, because no one… Read more

Use free samples to win a second order from your repeat customers

One low-effort way to secure repeat orders is to add free trial samples to each order. Adding in a low-cost, single-use product that’s slightly different than what your customer ordered can whet their appetite for the other product. For example, if I bought a tub of running nutrition (unflavored) then… Read more

An often overlooked Shopify cart abandonment reason

Last week I overhead my wife working on an accessibility audit with the help of a blind man using a screen-reader. He was trying to navigate a Shopify store to make a test purchase and it was eye-opening how confusing it was to use even the basic features of the… Read more

Cleaning out your Shopify store for faster page speeds

This past week we’ve been doing some spring cleaning (yes, I know it’s autumn now..) A big part of that is going through things we are using and giving them away. It takes much more effort to get rid of something than it did to buy it, but afterwards it… Read more

Measure twice, optimize once

This week I’ve been doing performance optimizations on Repeat Customer Insights reports. The reports load fast but collecting the data for the reports was getting slow. I had a lot of ideas to speed them up but long ago I learned there’s an important first step: Measure the current performance… Read more