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Cut experimental marketing channels that don’t create the customers you want

I was brainstorming some quarterly goals yesterday. In my notes I have a few hints to help guide my thinking. Two are: 1 goal for current marketing channels 1 goal for future marketing channels I always like having at least one new marketing channel to experiment with. I never know… Read more

Avoid marketing automation bugs in your email marketing

I’ve always subscribed to my own email lists. I do this to make sure the emails are sent out as they should. This is especially important when using any automation or behavioral emails. Of all of the things that can break emails, automation is the top one for going unnoticed.… Read more

Inflation might move up holiday shopping

While reviewing articles around ecommerce this week, one part of one caught my eye: Holiday Purchases Will Come Early We know that inflation will increase prices. Buying a gift for your loved one will be more expensive in December than in October. This will encourage two trends. First, if holiday… Read more

Closing out another quarter of economic disruption

Today marks the end of the month, quarter, and the last day of the first half of 2022. Yesterday I created my wishlist of changes for Repeat Customer Insights for Q3. It feels like a lot right now but I’m surprised at how much can be accomplished in three months.… Read more

Detecting customer defection with Customer Purchase Latency

Though RFM can be used to detect customer defection, sometimes it’s too slow to notice the change. In order for an RFM value to change it would require your customer to delay orders for long enough that they fall into the lower 40% of your customer base for Recency. That… Read more

Use Shopify’s sales channels to find where loyal repeat customers are coming from

The executive-level goal of your marketing should be to secure at least one marketing channel that regularly brings you buying customers. This is your foundational channel. You can and should experiment with new channels too, but those are only experiments to see if you can get the channel to stabilize… Read more

Make sure your customers want to be sent your email marketing

This morning I had a consultant send me an email newsletter about their latest blog post. Problem is, I unsubscribed from their list over four years ago after they sent multiple duplicate emails with pitches for their latest product. Reactivating my email account like that is illegal in the US… Read more

The core pain your Shopify store solves for customers

I’ve been going through my market research for my app so I can work on the copywriting and plan out my Q3 and Q4 features. One part is boiling down how the app helps into a single core pain. It’s the main problem that it solves for merchants. Your store… Read more