Articles about Shopify

Business downturn or are you selling soup in the summer?

Last week my wife and I went out for soup for lunch. It was a sunny day but something about a warm, rich soup sounded good. When we showed up there was only one other person there which seemed odd at first. This place was super popular a few months… Read more

Shipping out Q3 and getting Q4 from the Shopify warehouse

The last day of the 3rd quarter has now passed. "What are you doing to end it on a high note?" "Are you happy with the direction things have gone over the past 3 months?" "How will you start the 4th quarter?" You should ask yourself questions like this regularly.… Read more

The unexpected impact of Google’s structured data algorithm update on Shopify’s Product Reviews

While Google’s recent structured data update removed reviews from business data types, it also changed how product reviews work with some Shopify stores. I started noticed that stores using Shopify’s Product Reviews app and’s reviews app started to have errors in their standalone AggregateRating data. AggregateRating is one way… Read more

Back to school, time to prepare for Q4 in your Shopify store

Recently the kiddo started school again. For me, this marks the start of the fall busy season. Much more than the changing leaves or cool weather. That’s about two months of time to get any final features developed and released before the holiday crunch starts. I usually don’t like to… Read more

Adding FAQPage Rich Results in Shopify with JSON-LD for SEO

With Google’s addition of FAQ Pages to the Rich Results program, you can now get more search enhancements for your Shopify store. JSON-LD for SEO supports the FAQPage data type that drives those Rich Results. You’ll only need to add the FAQ questions and answers to your Shopify store in… Read more

Marketing to your strengths

You need to take into account your strengths when marketing. If you’re naturally a shy person, don’t make PR and interviews a core strategy you use. Use writing, ads, or email marketing. Something you can do the bulk of the work without having to interact with the public. Or if… Read more

Stealing back lost time

Last week I went in for a checkup first thing in the morning. The problem is that mornings are my prime time for running and writing which meant I’d lose the most valuable 2 hour block of my day. I thought about rescheduling but this doctor had a three month… Read more

What does your unboxing experience say about your Shopify store and brand?

One thing I’ve been noticing recently has been the attention paid to unboxing experiences (and the lack of attention). On one end is Apple where their products feel like they had a considerable amount of time and care put in to make the experience pleasant. Then on the other end… Read more