Articles about Shopify

Last chance customer service

If you’re lucky, customers will tell you when they’re about to defect. Usually through a bad interaction with customer service. Let’s back up a bit though. Most customers don’t want to go someplace else. They just want a store to fulfill their need or solve a problem. When they buy… Read more

Monitor your Shopify store’s key metrics to know when to air them out

We’ve had a cold and wet spring here so far. Even the cool season veggies are having a slow go at things. To warm up baby plants I’ve kept a sheet of greenhouse plastic over my starts to keep them warm. Normally I would’ve swapped to a mesh one by… Read more

When each report should be used in Repeat Customer Insights

A customer was asking for an overview of when they should use each report in Repeat Customer Insights. Store Analysis should be used to get an overview of your Shopify store’s performance across all customers. Historic data and channel data are available as segments. Monday Morning Metrics will give you… Read more

What kind of a payback period should paid acquisition target?

When running paid acquisition campaigns like Google Ads, you should be targeting a payback period. That means, on average a customer has paid back their acquisition costs by a certain point of time. Basically you want to know at what point a customer has produced enough profit to pay for… Read more

Loyalty starts with delivery

With Shopify’s acquisition of Deliverr, fulfillment has been on my mind and it definitely has me a bit concerned. The last time I had an order problem from a Shopify store was when the Google address auto-filled in the wrong address and I didn’t catch it. I had to send… Read more

Why RFM has no set points that determine a customer’s ranking

Recently a Repeat Customer Insights was asking about what triggers the RFM scores to change, like from Recency 5 to 4. There are no set points or triggers that move customers from one RFM score to another. Rather, RFM ranks each customer against your customer base as a whole and… Read more

Getting analytics systems to match up

Now and then I’ll get a Repeat Customer Insights customer trying to reconcile their Shopify data to the app. Or a Shopify store trying to compare Google Analytics traffic to Shopify’s Acquisition reports. It never goes well for the person comparing. Every analytics systems has its own way of collecting… Read more

For more repeat customers, focus on decreasing Customer Purchase Latency

When trying to increase customer reorders, you’ll want to try things that improve customer behavior. One behavior metric that works well is Customer Purchase Latency. This is the time between orders, usually a number of days. If customers order every 100 days on average, you make a change, and they… Read more