Articles about Shopify

Don’t pass over your best customers to appease the unproven

One problem businesses create for themselves is rewarding only new customers. From new customer only discounts to free products, many stores are so focused on acquiring a new customer that they devalue their current customers. Ideally you’ll want to treat repeat customers better than new customers. In almost every industry… Read more

How Google’s crawl budget works and how to use it to your advantage

The other day I was emailing with a JSON-LD for SEO customer about how Google crawls a new Shopify store and I realized that I’ve never wrote about crawl budgets here. It’s time to correct this now. Google’s crawler is a program that crawls the internet. Which is just a… Read more

Google’s official stance on structured data warnings

After years of my own research into how how Google Search works with structured data warnings, they’ve finally come out with their official documentation. Warning: A rich result with a warning issue is eligible to appear in Google Search as a rich result. Warning issues are either suggestions for missing… Read more

Awareness is only the beginning

Last week I bought one of those wifi-enabled security cameras to keep an eye on the outside. We started testing it and it wasn’t even mounted yet before it caught a pair of people wandering into our backyard. Then two days later, it caught someone dumping trash on a street… Read more

Slipping off the Average Order Value treadmill

There are about 1,030,000,000 webpages about increasing your store’s Average Order Value. (Thanks Google) Pretty popular topic right? It’s a good activity if you have nothing else to do, but in reality there are 1,000s of other things you could be doing instead of increasing your Average Order Value. So… Read more

Overtaking the Shopify export limits by driving in the fast lane

The other day a customer of Repeat Customer Insights mentioned to me how limited Shopify’s order and customer export. Chiefly that they are capped to only 9,000 records per export. This was news to me. That means when you have more than 9,000 customers you’d have to manually export them… Read more

Is your Shopify store helping to accelerate repeat customer purchases?

Once you’ve built up trust with customers, they are more likely to buy faster and more frequently. Normally repeat purchases should occur sooner and faster as a customer is more familiar with your brand. e.g. the third purchase will happen sooner than the second. It’s recommended to compare how the… Read more

Stop flushing your traffic down the drain

Boiled down to it’s fundamentals, your Shopify store needs only two things: Traffic Conversions Handle those and you’re good. But if one is lacking or weak, your store suffers. Traffic is one that’s talked about ad nauseam. GooPinBook’s business is around getting you to pay for that traffic (and it… Read more