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Automatic customer segmenting, without any AI, tricks, or gimmicks

With the holiday season over, I’m gearing up development for both JSON-LD for SEO and Repeat Customer Insights. Yesterday I launched the first major update, automatic customer segmenting. Repeat Customer Insights uses the powerful RFM segmenting algorithm but that algorithm can be complex to understand. Would you know the difference… Read more

Product reviews vs Critic reviews and Google’s Testing Tool bug

One of the new additions from Google’s structured data update last week has been the addition of the review field to the product data. This field has been causing a lot of confusion all week. You might think that’s where product reviews should belong to but it’s not. That field… Read more

Why Warnings about your Shopify store’s structured data might not matter (but Errors do)

I’ve received a lot of questions about Google’s structured data update from last week. Today I want to address what Errors and Warnings are and how Google treats them. (They are Capitalized like Proper Nouns because they are Important Things) Errors are problems with the data or format of the… Read more

An early holiday present from Google: structured data changes

Last Friday on December 7th, 2018 I received a holiday "present" from Google: A large update for structured data. The good news, if you’re a JSON-LD for SEO customer you don’t have to worry about anything. You may see some warnings but these warnings are part of your theme or… Read more

JSON-LD for SEO now integrates with Conversio reviews

With JSON-LD for SEO’s new Magical Review Integrations I’m now able to add integrations for many more review apps. Today, integration #18 has launched with Conversio. If you use or were considering using Conversio, now you can use this integration to get your review data into Google. JSON-LD for SEO… Read more

How to fix the 404 errors in your Shopify store for more traffic

Over time you’ll be updating, renaming, and deleting pages and products from your Shopify store. Each time you do that, you risk losing the search results and search enhancements for the previous pages. That’s because Google treats each url as a unique page. So even if you’re just updating an… Read more

How to discover what an app changed in your Shopify theme

JSON-LD for SEO customers receive updates to the JSON-LD code for the life of their store. Typically I’ll push out updates a couple of times per month after reviewing and testing the changes. But sometimes you might want to review what changes were made. Or perhaps you use another app… Read more

How to better describe your Shopify pages for improved rankings in Google

Meta descriptions are extremely important to SEO. They are short summarizes of the page that search engines use for ranking and directly in the search results. A well written and descriptive meta description can end up directly in the search results which lets you tailor the sales copy to convince… Read more