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Customer analysis is the process of looking at data from a customer to figure out their behavior.

In the context of ecommerce and Shopify stores, customer analysis is used to better understand why a customer buys so that you can:

Customer analysis supports acquisition and retention

Customer analysis, and customer analytics in-general, provide the information needed to support customer acquisition and customer retention. Customers usually won't come out and tell you how to get them to buy again so you have to observe their behavior and tease out what could be happening. That's the point of customer analysis.

Types and results

There are numerous types of customer analysis and measurements depending on what your goal is. Some measurements are solid and have been used by numerous companies for decades.

Other customer analysis methods are more conditional and useful in certain circumstances.

Paired with customer segmenting

Customer analysis is frequently paired with customer segmentation, especially using RFM, customer grading, and cohort analysis. Segmenting lets you compare how different types of customers behave differently.

Articles for further reading

The following are various articles on Customer Analysis, both methods of performing the analysis and measurements to use.

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