Analyzing many small orders vs infrequent large orders

An interesting thing about the Customer Grid in Repeat Customer Insights is that it can show you if your customers tend towards many small purchases or infrequent large ones.

Look at the Frequency-Monetary (FM) Customer Grid and the numbers for each segment (color) for the demo below.

RM Customer Grid

Notice how the High AOV and Whale (FM) segments have much more customers than the Low AOV and Minnow segments.

That tells you that the customers are tending towards fewer (bottom of grid) larger orders (right side of grid). In this case, the High AOV group is 10x higher than the Low AOV and the Whale group is 40x higher than the Minnow groups. That makes it a very strong and reliable signal for this store.

If you want your own customers measured and visualized into Customer Grids, you can install Repeat Customer Insights and have them setup automatically. They also come with 30 or so automatic segments so if you wanted to say, use Shopify to email all of these High AOV customers you can.

Eric Davis

Track down which customer cohorts perform the best

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