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Past issues

Shopify Dispatch Issue #374 – Feedless Google Merchant Center, Shipping damages

Show your products on Google’s Shopping tab without a feed Google’s been providing more options for using Google Shopping without a data feed. Ilana Davis outlined how Search Console can now use your structured data to send data into Merchant Center and Google Shopping. How to Prevent Shipping Damages (With… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #373 – Shopify B2B

Bit of a light week in Shopify-land. Noticeable change from prior years at this time when there was a ton of valuable content to dig through. B2B Sales: How to Identify, Nurture, and Convert B2B Customers Online Elise Dopson writes about how to handle B2B sales in Shopify. The new… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #372 – Shopify Forms, SEO collection pages

Introducing Shopify Forms: Grow Your Marketing List, for Free Shopify’s released a new app for creating opt-in forms to collect subscribers and offer discounts. SEO your Shopify collections with this free guide Kai Davis (no relation) has published a guide on SEO for Shopify collection pages with tons of advice… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #371 – Shopify and Google

A Bigger and Better Shopify Audiences, now available with Google Shopify Plus stores can now connect Shopify Audiences to Google Ads. I don’t know how this compares to Google taking over the Shopify Google Shopping app but there’s definitely a lot of changes happening in the advertising space for Shopify.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #370 – Discounting, Future of personalization

Discounts and Promotions Kevin Hillstrom writes about how discounts are a tax you pay for being unremarkable and how you can get trapped by them. The Future of Personalization and How to Get Ready For It Holly Stanley goes over trends with personalization including ways to balance customer privacy with… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #369 – Shopify Tax, Shopify abandonment automation

Introducing Shopify Tax: Taking the Stress Out of Sales Tax Shopify has released Shopify Tax to calculate and collect the specific sales taxes required for US customers. Capture More Sales With Reengagement Automations Shopify Email has added more automation templates, mainly around checkout/cart/browse abandonment. Measure your customer loyalty If you’d… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #368 – Gross margin, Merge customers in Shopify

Gross Margin Dollars Kevin Hillstrom writes about how important gross margin is and how you can keep it high by building an organic marketing channel. Merge customer profiles After many years of requests by merchants, Shopify now allows customers to be merged. Measure your customer loyalty If you’d like to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #367 – Acquisition vs loyalty

Acquisition vs loyalty Kevin Hillstrom wrote a set of articles on acquisition-vs-loyalty that fit well together. First, you need to figure out what mode your business is in. Based on your customer rebuy rates, you might be focused on the wrong things. Second, are your products wanted, needed, and giving… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #366 – Free Google Shopping listings, Shopify POS Go

Google’s update that impacts Rich Results & Merchant Center Ilana Davis writes about the Google update that now allows you to use structured data to show up in Google Shopping’s free listings. Basically, more visibility and free traffic to your product pages if they have the correct structured data. From… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #365 – Shopify international, What do the metrics say

Commerce without borders Shopify has released an update to their Markets featured called Markets Pro as well as releasing a new translation app. These improvements will help merchants setup and manage their international access. We Can Fix That Rebuy Rate Kevin Hillstrom writes about accepting what your business metrics say… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #364 – Customer retention marketing, Peak acquisition time

Ecommerce Customer Retention Marketing: How to Use Emails, Loyalty Programs & Communities to Improve Retention Elise Dopson writes how to measure and improve customer retention through marketing. Targeting large Shopify stores, there are ideas that can be used or simplified for any store size. Peak Acquisition Time Kevin Hillstrom reminds… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #363 – First-party customer data, Chat with Shop App customers

Holiday Season First-Party Data: Why You Should Start Collecting Customer Data Now Holly Stanley writes about collecting and using first-party data to better understand how your holiday (and everyday) customers are behaving. New: Chat with customers in the Shop App Shopify has updated Shop App and Shopify Inbox so you… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #362 – Shopify accessibility, Repeat customers

Do accessibility apps really work on Shopify As easy as Shopify apps are to install, most of them take effort to get results. Especially apps that have to work deeply to correct your theme code like accessibility apps. Ilana Davis writes about how accessibility apps don’t really solve the accessibility… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #361 – Transactional emails, Refund orders permission added

5 Keys to Better Transactional Emails Transactional emails like your order confirmation email can be used to help build customer loyalty. Carolyn Nye gives tips and examples on how to improve them. Just be careful to follow all email laws so the email is still considered transactional (e.g. the CAN-SPAM laws… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #360 – Shopify Collabs, Long-term customer acquisition

Shopify Collabs launches to help merchants connect with creators Shopify’s integrated their Dovetale acquisition into a rebranded app called Shopify Collabs. There’s an additional list of changes from the old app to the new app. Going Back to 2016 Kevin Hillstrom writes about how long-term customer acquisition strategies can take… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #359 – Customer data analysis, Free publicity

Customer Data: Top Trends, Collection Methods, and Best Practices in 2022 Holly Stanley writes about how to collect, validate, and analyze customer data. With all of the recent privacy laws, knowing how to properly manage and use customer data is going to become even more important. 13 Free Publicity Ideas… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #358 – Customer file power, Cheapest shipping options

File Power In Practice Kevin Hillstrom writes about how important File Power is. File Power is how much value there is in your customer file. In other words, how your customers will come back and buy again and again and … Cheapest Way to Ship a Package: Beginner’s Guide If… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #357 – Shopify layoffs, DTC marketing

Changes to Shopify’s team The big news from Shopify this week is a 10% layoff across the company. DTC Marketing: Top Channels, Trends, and Best Practices for 2022 Michael Keenan writes about getting into direct-to-consumer marketing. Measure your customer loyalty If you’d like to have your customers analyzed, segmented, and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #356 – Sell on YouTube, Mining analytic data

Sell with YouTube Shopping Shopify’s released an update for their Google channel so you can now sell and promote on YouTube. It’s available to all Shopify merchants but there are YouTube requirements you have to meet first. How to Mine Ecommerce Insights from Analytics Braveen Kumar writes about how to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #355 – Recession strategies, SMS shipping changes

Retailing in a Recession (+ 8 Tips to Stay Competitive) Lauren Mathews writes about how to handle a recession. They also include ideas on staying competitive and even expanding during a recession. A lot comes down to being flexible and adaptive. Changes to SMS Shipping notifications Shopify has rolled out… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #354 – Checkout extensions

Introducing Checkout Extensibility Shopify’s releasing new ways for apps to customize checkout and Shop pay. They’re in developer preview targeting a September 2022 launch date, though like any launch date that might change. Start noticing seasonal spikes in customer behavior Cohort reports let you detect seasonal spikes as well as… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #353 – Shopify Editions Summer 2022, Multiple discounts

Shopify Editions Summer 2022 Shopify’s rolled up their past few months of releases along with some new ones into a magazine-style page called Editions Summer 2022. It’s worth a scan to see what might be relevant to your store, though the page is extremely hard to read. There are a… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #352 – Shopify admin improvements

A More Powerful, Approachable Shopify Admin Experience Shopify’s improving how you use their admin panel. Apps are now accessed with a different UI, the bulk editor has been improved, and there are some finer-grained staff permissions. Measure which customers you’re retaining and which you’re losing In order to keep your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #351 – Supply chain trends, Summer marketing

Supply Chain Trends That Will Shape the Future of Ecommerce Supply chain and shipping issues continue to hamper stores. Kaleigh Moore looks at supply chain trends as stores start to adapt. Summer Marketing: 20 Ideas To Survive The Summer Slump In Revenue Vivian Tejeda outlines a collection of summer marketing… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #350 – Carbon-neutral shipping, Focus here

Make Shipping Carbon Neutral With Shopify Planet Shopify has released a way to have carbon-neutral shipping in an easy to understand pricing model. I’ve been following Shopify’s carbon strategies and this makes it easy for Shopify stores to show their environmental commitment. Prioritize What You Do Kevin Hillstrom lists what… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #349 – Product page prices and discounts

How to Display Price Discounts on the Product Page: Avoid These 4 Pitfalls (18%+ Have One or More) Kathryn Totz summarizes their research on showing prices and discounts on product pages. Easy to find and understand are key components but even big stores miss the basics. Start noticing seasonal spikes… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #348 – Customer and Merchandise development, Ecommerce conversion rates

Player Development Kevin Hillstrom relates pickleball training to customer and merchandise development. Much of ecommerce is learning how to do things just a little bit better, over and over again. It’s not rocket surgery, but does take lots of effort and time. Ecommerce Conversion Rate: A Definitive Guide Shopify’s written… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #347 – Discounting competitors, Demand planning

Competing with big companies and discounters Ilana Davis writes about how to deal with competitors flooding the marketplace with deep discounts, without making it a race to the bottom. Demand Planning for Retailers: How to Prepare for an Influx of New Shoppers Elise Dopson has a guide to demand planning… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #346 – Shopify acquires Deliverr, Shopify Audiences

Holy Ship! Shopify to Acquire Deliverr for $2.1B: Building the Future of Global Logistics for Independent Brands Shopify acquired Deliverr and plans to merge them with Shopify’s own fulfillment network to improve delivery options for Shopify merchants. There’s also a mention of Shop Promise, an upcoming feature which will allow… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #345 – Marketing strategies, SEO-time

12 Types of Marketing: A Guide to Different Marketing Strategies Shopify’s created a list of broad marketing strategies. You’ll want to master at least one, and have two others you’re experimenting with. I disagree with grouping paid and earned in each of the search engine and social media marketing types.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #344 – Download your original images from Shopify

Original Image Download A minor update from Shopify but still useful. You can now download the original, full-resolution images you uploaded to Shopify in case you need them in the future. Start noticing seasonal spikes in customer behavior Cohort reports let you detect seasonal spikes as well as long-term retention… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #343 – Upgrading to Online Store 2.0 themes worth it?

Is now a good time to upgrade to a Shopify 2.0 theme? Ilana Davis covers what’s different in Online Store 2.0 themes and if it’s worth upgrading yet. My opinion is that upgrading is worthwhile if you are planning a redesign or if your current theme hasn’t been upgraded in… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #342 – Retail operations

What Are Retail Operations? How to Optimize Your Store’s Retail Operations Holly Stanley writes about the core business processes needed for a retail store. Segment your customers automatically with RFM Segmenting your customers has always been touted as a powerful marketing tool but many stores avoid it because it can… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #341 – More organic traffic, Predicting customer spending

Full video: More organic traffic without fighting for rankings – A Shopify Meetup Ilana Davis shares her presentation about growing organic traffic with search enhancements like Rich Results. She’d done a great job of simplifying a confusing and complex topic. Understand the Value of Your Customers with Predicted Spend Tier… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #340 – Linkpop, Customer Segmentation

Link in bio, but make it shoppable: Meet Linkpop, Shopify’s newest offering for creators Shopify’s released a tool to create a list of links called Linkpop. Intended to be shared in social media profiles, the built-in connection to a Shopify store could make it easier to start selling on those… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #339 – Shopify Flow for Advanced accounts, Shopify customer segmenting

Shopify Flow for Businesses With Advanced Plans Is Here Shopify Flow is now available to merchants on Shopify Advanced. Flow is Shopify’s automation system (think Zapier or IFTTT) which will let you connect events and behaviors in your store. If used carefully, it can be a powerful tool. Announcing New… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #338 – Shopify updated product bulk editor, Marketing costs

Revamped Products Bulk Editor Shopify’s bulk editor is a hidden gem that many stores don’t take advantage of enough. Shopfy’s updated it to fix bugs and make it easier to modify even more data with it. Ad Cost Companies Kevin Hillstrom writes about how every dollar spent on marketing is… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #337 – Retail store performance, Add products faster

How to Track Store Performance: A Retailer’s Guide Ana Cvetkovic writes about how to track and measure your retail store’s performance. Some metrics can be applied to online-only stores too. A new, faster way to create and sell products Shopify’s released an update to their mobile app that will make… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #336 – Ecommerce growth trend, Returns management

Product Preference Kevin Hillstrom writes about how ecommerce growth has reverted back to the long-term trend and some of the ongoing problems with paid customer acquisition. Reverse Logistics: How to Process Returns Quickly, Easily, and Efficiently Elise Dopson has created a guide for handling returns using well-thought out processes. Though… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #335 – Shopify’s 2021 year-end, New theme quiz

2021 Was Shopify’s Biggest Year Ever. 2022: Let’s Go! Shopify’s written up their highlights of 2021. Lots of typical PR-spin but the final section about 2022 is useful to give you ideas of where they are devoting their upcoming efforts (e.g. sales channels, global selling, fulfillment network). How Do You Pick… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #334 – Inventory features, Shopify Markets, Automatic theme updates

Optimize your inventory management with these new features Shopify has released a bunch of inventory management features recently and Jay Gittens has written up a summary. The standard product types and product analytics bars are the most interesting to me, but the inventory controls and committed quantities can help you… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #333 – Marketing measurements, Shopify SEO ranking

How to Measure Your Store’s Marketing Results (Hands-on Tips) Marijana Kay writes about measuring your store’s marketing to make sure it was successful and to improve next campaign. Why your Shopify product won’t rank in Google (and what to do about it) Kai Davis (no relation) explains how focusing on… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #332 – New themes, Dawn 3.0

3 new free themes: Sense, Craft, and Crave Shopify has released three new free themes that support Online Store 2.0 as well as a new version of Dawn. Now would be a good time to start evaluating what’s needed to upgrade to Online Store 2.0. It’s been released for some… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #331 – Brand building, Inventory Turnover Ratio

Brand Building Best Practices: Statistics, Trends & Strategy One strategy to build organic traffic is with brand building. Elise Dopson goes through the best practices and examples of how companies are doing it without advertising. It will take effort and time like any other organic channel so it’s best to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #330 – Shopify’s Future of Commerce, Email marketing best practices

Shopify Future of Commerce report Shopify’s released their Future of Commerce report along with some articles that highlight trends for small businesses, retail, and retail (again). Given the amount of articles on this topic, I’d expect to see a lot of content from Shopify coming out from this report over… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #329 – Choosing Shopify theme, Safety stock to prevent stockouts

Choosing the Shopify theme that’s right for my store When it’s time to replace your Shopify theme with a new one, Ilana Davis gives you questions you should ask about the new theme before buying. Buying a theme means you’re partnering with the theme developer so it’s not a decision… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #328 – Shopify theme updates, Creating email newsletters

Trade-offs of custom development vs updating Shopify themes With the holiday season over and Shopify’s new Online Store 2.0 out, lots of merchants are planning theme updates. Ilana Davis breaks down the choices you have when it’s time to update your Shopify theme or get a new one developed. 10… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #327 – Rebuy rates as indicators, Live store reviews

Rebuy Rates Kevin Hillstrom recommends using rebuy rates as an indicator for what your marketing should be focused on. It’s an interesting idea and could simplify how some stores approach customer loyalty. Live Shopify Store Reviews Ilana and Kai will be performing live Shopify store reviews mid-January. These can be… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #326 – Shopify Markets developer preview

Developer preview: Shopify Markets Shopify Markets, their tool for managing international markets, is now in developer preview. This is where apps are able to start working with the new features and reporting issues ahead of the full launch. My hope is that this will unite a lot of international components… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #325 – Shopify collection page SEO, Competitive pricing

SEO for Shopify Collections Kai Davis (no relation) writes about how to improve your collection page SEO. The collection content (or more common, the lack of any content) is the biggest limitation I’ve seen with collection pages in most Shopify stores. Even a little bit of unique content can turn… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #324 – 2021 Black Friday results, B2B ecommerce trends

Sales Report: 2021 Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday With more data coming in from reporting sources, Marcia Kaplan highlights how the 2021 holiday season started. The amount of early shopping was interesting and should cause you to consider starting your deals in early November next year. The B2B Ecommerce… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #323 – Shopify Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2021 results

Early Black Friday / Cyber Monday results from Shopify Shopify’s released two press releases about 2021’s early results from Black Friday and the Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend. Highlights are that sales are up (though how much is due to Shopify’s own market growth?), cart sizes are up, and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #322 – Free samples, Hide products from search engines

The Science of Free Samples: How Freebies Keep Customers Coming Back For More Elise Dopson writes about how to use free samples in your Shopify store and their benefits. Geared towards in-person retail, there are a couple of ideas for online-only stores too. Hiding products from search engines using metafields… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #321 – Pre-Black Friday survey, Customer loyalty

Shopify’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday shopping survey reveals 2021 season trends Shopify shares details from their pre-Black Friday / Cyber Monday survey. Some parts are what you’d expect (e.g. more in-person shopping vs 2020) but some are interesting (e.g. shoppers started looking for deals in early October). Why Customer Loyalty is… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #320 – Unique content marketing, Quick holiday VIPs

What Ecommerce Consumers Really Want from Branded Content Marketing Jessica Wynne Lockhart writes about how unique, branded content marketing is important and will become even more important in the coming years. It talks a lot about how that drives organic traffic but unique content can be reused in numerous places… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #319 – Customer attributes, Shopify Email updated

Attributes That Matter Kevin Hillstrom writes about how some customer attributes matter when it comes to repeat purchases. His conclusion is important, some attributes and customers aren’t worth focusing your limited marketing resources on. Shopify Email New Templates and Sections Shopify Email received an update with new BFCM templates and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #318 – More email marketing, Optimize product pages for conversions

There’s Email, Again Kevin Hillstrom writes about the purposes of email marketing and uses recent client data to support how customers sourced from email marketing out-perform other sources. Given that Shopify’s data show email marketing is the best converting sales channel overall and how all of the data supporting how… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #317 – Commerce+ 2021, Shipping problems

Commerce+ 2021 Shopify hosted their Commerce+ event which included new product releases, product updates, and case studies. The big things to watch for are Online Store 2.0 (which is a collection of different features), custom storefronts, and improved internationalization through Shopify Markets. Shopify Flow also got an update and is… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #316 – Multi-currency problems, Shopper retention

The multi-currency SEO issue plaguing Shopify stores but no one is talking about Ilana Davis shares how Shopify’s multi-currency and international domains is causing SEO and advertising problems for non-US merchants. This has been an issue for years but Ilana’s done the leg-work to bring all of the resources into… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #315 – Personalize Shopify Email, Sold-out and inventory problems

Personalized text for Shopify Email Shopify Email has added the ability to include personalized text in emails. Soldout Items Kevin Hillstrom writes about what sold-out items can do to a customer’s behavior. With the chaos cancelled orders cause, it’s going to make the next few months hard on customer service.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #314 – Converting product pages, Conversion rate tools

Ecommerce Product Pages: How to Get Visitors to Take More Actions and Convert Into Customers Allie Decker writes about what to look at when evaluating your product pages for conversions. The Best Tools to Help You Improve Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates Additionally Jessica Wynne Lockhart lists various tools to measure… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #313 – Holiday marketing, Email lies

Holiday Marketing 101: How to Drive Sales During the Most Wonderful Time of the Year With October approaching, it’s time to start getting your holiday marketing finalized and ready to go. Elise Dopson covers some statistics, dates, and ideas if you haven’t yet filled out your plan. We’re Just Going… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #312 – Shopify Markets, Holiday ecommerce campaigns

Everything you need to sell worldwide: Introducing Shopify Markets Shopify is releasing Shopify Markets to early access stores. This appears to be a dashboard, automatic settings, and some automation to make selling in multiple countries easier. Just a reminder: Shopify is recommending automatic country redirects (Geolocation app) but Google recommends… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #311 – Dawn theme released, Conversion rate analytics

Unpack the features of Dawn, Shopify’s flexible, mobile-first theme Nick Lepine announced the first release of the Dawn theme from Shopify. While it is available and can be used by any store now, be careful as it’s still very new. I see 220 open issues reported in its bug tracker… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #310 – Shopify collection SEO, Manage inventory on-the-go

Optimize your Shopify collection page Ilana Davis writes about SEO optimizations for your collection pages. Your customers would also benefit from many of these optimizations as they go beyond pure-SEO improvements. Collection pages can be vital if you have a large product catalog and aren’t able to focus on individual… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #309 – Shopify Online Store 2.0, High-performing emails

When should I update my theme for Shopify’s Online Store 2.0 update? Ilana Davis wrote about why you should be cautious jumping into the Online Store 2.0 upgrade. The parts I’ve looked at also feel like they are a developer-preview and missing key documentation. There’s already been at least one… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #308 – Smaller JavaScript for performance, Shipping options

Shopify now serves minified JavaScript files automatically A technical update, but Shopify will now automatically minify your theme’s JavaScript files. In non-tech words, Shopify will do an optimization for you automatically if your theme developer missed it. An easy performance win for stores. Ecommerce Shipping: How to Choose The Right… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #307 – Order fulfillment metrics

Lessons about order fulfillment from the Shopify Fulfillment Network Murilo Favari from Shopify writes about how to measure your order fulfillment for optimization. They only get into what metrics to look at and not the hows of optimization. Analyze your customer’s behaviors before they defect Your customers aren’t yours forever.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #306 – Google Review Snippet mistake

Google’s Review Snippets severely impacted by recent Google algorithm changes Ilana Davis writes about how Google made a mistake at the end of July resulting in the loss of almost all Review Rich Results. Luckily Google ended up fixing it after a few days and it sounds like most sites… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #305 – Reactivating buyers, Sustainability in ecommerce

10% to 20% Kevin Hillstrom shows the math behind reactivating buyers and how can be more profitable than acquiring new customers. Sustainability in Ecommerce: How to Create More Sustainable Supply Chains Customers are wanting to buy from more sustainable stores and that’s influencing their buying decisions. Jessica Wynne Lockhart writes… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #304 – Shopify Inbox, Mobile conversion rates

Introducing Shopify Inbox: Easily Manage Conversations So You Can Turn More Browsers Into Buyers Shopify has merged Shopify Ping and Shopify Chat into a new product, Shopify Inbox. This could eventually replace the need to have other live chat and messaging apps on your store. Why are mobile conversion rates… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #303 – Homepages, Welcome program example

The Current State of Homepage UX – 8 Common Pitfalls Baymard published part of their homepage evaluations from their research. There’s a lot of good advice in here that can help most Shopify stores. Customer Development Example: Birds Aren’t Real Kevin Hillstrom shares an example of a welcome program that… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #302 – Shopify Unite 2021 announcements

Shopify Unite 2021 announcements The big news since last week is from Shopify Unite 2021. Now that the event is over, there’s been more details and documentation released. Shopify has created their own summarizes for merchants and for developers. The big one is what they are calling Online Store 2.0.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #301 – Major accessibility problems, Shopify Unite

94% of the Largest E-Commerce Sites Are Not Accessibility Compliant Accessibility, or rather the lack of it, has been big news for a couple of years now with many stores having lawsuits filed against them. The Baymard Institute just published their study on ecommerce accessibility and the results look poor.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #300 – Know your subscribers, Customize robots.txt on Shopify

Email Marketers Should Know Subscribers Better Armando Roggio and Val Geisler talk about how getting to know email subscribers preferences can improve campaign performance. They also briefly mention a powerful psychological behavior that can happen as a side-effect: “Second, subscribers who read the opt-out email but didn’t respond could look… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #299 – Shop Pay installments, Google, Facebook, iOS and email marketing

Shop Pay updates Shopify has updated Shop Pay to launch installment payments in the US and with more details about their integrations with Facebook and Google Shopping. Apple’s iOS 15 Will Change Email Marketing Apple is continuing to improve its privacy features in iOS and in an update later this… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #298 – Track and receive stock transfers in the Shopify app

Manage, Monitor, and Move Your Inventory With the Shopify Mobile App Shopify has updated their mobile app so you can now track and receive stock transfers. Track down which customer cohorts perform the best Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights includes different cohort reports to help… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #297 – Shop Pay coming to Google, Automatic international redirects

From discovery to checkout: Shopify and Google deepen commerce collaboration It was hard to get through the hype around what’s actually changing but it sounds like Shopify’s Shop Pay will be added to Google Shopping as a payment option later this year. This could be useful as it removes some… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #296 – Email marketing, Google Core Web Vitals

The Beginner’s Guide to Email Marketing for Retailers Michael Keenan wrote up a guide to email marketing for Shopify stores. Though it’s aimed at retailers, much of the advice isn’t retailer specific and can be used by any Shopify store. The 411 on Google’s Core Web Vitals Google’s Core Web… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #295 – Shopify locations added for all, 2020 global ecommerce sales

Improve inventory tracking with locations Shopify has now enabled locations for inventory tracking for all stores. Charts: 2020 Global Ecommerce Sales Anna Kayfitz shares summaries of the top global ecommerce sales by region and country for 2020. Data like this can be useful to see if it’s worthwhile to expand… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #294 – First-time buyer products, Minified CSS from Shopify

Why Are You Featuring Certain Items To First-Time Buyers? Kevin Hillstrom shares some buying data from a customer that shows how the products bought by a first-time buyer impact repurchases. This is a key area when trying to acquire good customers. Some products perform better than others so you should… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #293 – JSON-LD for SEO acquired, Loyalty programs

Acquiring my first Shopify App Ilana Davis acquired my JSON-LD for SEO app this last weekend. Keep Them Coming Back: 7 Innovative Customer Loyalty Programs (And How to Start Yours) Lindsey Peacock writes about different types of loyalty programs and shares how some popular ones work. Track down which customer… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #292 – Customer development

Customer Development: The Super League Kevin Hillstrom describes how some companies lose sight of their customers and then wonder why the customers aren’t loyal anymore. Track down which customer cohorts perform the best Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights includes different cohort reports to help you… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #291 – Turn off quickview, Paid ad alternatives

Quickview should be turned off on your store Ilana Davis argues that quickview should be turned off in your Shopify store. I would also doubt that most customers know what quickview means. It’s industry jargon that sounds like a good thing: “view this product fast” is a non-jargon synonym but… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #290 – Headlines drive conversions

Product Page Headlines Drive Conversions Writing better copy can improve conversions more than changing button colors. Pamela Hazelton writes about how to improve the headlines on your product pages and shares a tool that can help grade your copy. Track down which customer cohorts perform the best Different groups of… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #289 – Last minute email offers

The best email subject I’ve seen in a while Ilana Davis shares an email subject line and offer that one client used to double their usual conversion rate. The email content itself isn’t as important as the idea that you can put together email offers without a ton of planning.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #288 – SEO for Shopify stores

SEO Is About Humans First, Search Engines Second Adam Rogers writes about what Shopify stores need for SEO that covers many of the basic and mid-level SEO tasks that make up a complete strategy. Track down which customer cohorts perform the best Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #287 – Customer development plan, Increase traffic

Your Customer Development Plan Kevin Hillstrom shares how to look at your customer development as a mix of strategies based on the customer’s stage. It’s a simple concept but can really help you define how you’re going to reach each stage of customer. Increase traffic to your Shopify store without… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #286 – Customer Development

Customer Development Keven Hillstrom shares some examples of how businesses use their products for customer development and build up loyalty. All without having to heavily discount. Track down which customer cohorts perform the best Different groups of people will behave differently. Repeat Customer Insights includes different cohort reports to help… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #285 – Insufficient product descriptions, Elements you control

10% of E-Commerce Sites Have Product Descriptions That Are Insufficient for Users’ Needs Baymard published their research on ecommerce product descriptions and it’s important to make sure your descriptions are up to snuff. Don’t let the 10% in the headline make you think you’re not impacted, that number is based… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #284 – Customer loyalty is temporary

Loyal Buyers Decay, Too The title of Kevin Hillstrom’s article serves as a stark reminder that customer loyalty is temporary unless you keep working at it. Analyze your customer’s behaviors before they defect Your customers aren’t yours forever. One might have defected today, never to be seen again. You need… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #283 – Conversion rates, Repurpose social media

What’s a good conversion rate for Shopify? Ilana Davis writes about conversation rates in Shopify and how you might be missing the point. 7 ways to repurpose your social media content into email marketing Denise Langenegger shows how to use social media to build marketing emails. It’s a good idea… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #282 – Buttons for variants, SEO keyword research

Buttons prove to be a better shopping experience Ilana Davis shares an example of how to make selecting variants easier on product pages. This simple change can help improve conversions, misorders, and customer service. SEO: Keyword Research for Product Content When creating product pages much of your success with SEO… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #281 – Long-term customer relationships, Easy alt text

Want Repeat Customers? Foster Long-term Relationships Pamela Hazelton goes beyond discounts and free shipping and writes up several ideas to boost long-term customer loyalty, all around making the customer’s life and experience just a bit better. What is alt text and why do I care? Too often I see Shopify… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #280 – Returnless refunds

Returnless Refunds 101: Everything Store Owners Need to Know Kaleigh Moore describes how returnless refunds can help your store profits. It can be a relatively easy policy to implement but the impacts can be far-reaching (positive and negative). Analyze your customer’s behaviors before they defect Your customers aren’t yours forever.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #279 – Google Shopping Ads, Unconventional approaches

The Retail Store Owner’s 11-Step Guide to Launching Google Shopping Ads Kirk Williams writes about how to get started with Google Shopping Ads. Google Shopping and all of the components are complex and difficult to understand so take your time getting it setup and give it a few months before… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #278 – 2020 holiday sales wrap-up, SMS marketing

2020 Holiday Sales Wrap-up Marcia Kaplan shares their 2020 holiday wrap-up, pulling in results from a variety of reports. Overall online sales grew like crazy, more than I would expect in a slow economy. The downside is a high return rate forecasted with UPS forecasting that 1/3rd of all purchases… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #277 – Customer stages, customer retention

Customer Development Kevin Hillstrom describes five stages that customers could go through over their lifetimes. It’s interesting that he also sees clients ignoring the first two stages, which weaken the later stages’ performance. 7 Customer Retention Strategies for 2021 In a similar article, Armando Roggio writes about several strategies and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #276 – Holiday retail/ecommerce results, apps for social commerce

5 Retail Insights from a Covid Christmas Armando Roggio collected various 2020 holiday metrics to show how the season performed. Basically it was a major move towards ecommerce as most people predicted but even retail had a few surprises. It will be interesting to see how 2021 shapes up and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #275 – Final 2020 campaign, Customer complaints

Easy win for the holidays Ilana Davis writes about how there’s still time for one last campaign to close out the year. Given 2020 and the self-care focus, this could be a significant campaign that takes very little effort and time to run. Upset Customers? Here’s How to Stop Customer… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #274 – 2021 strategies, new VAT setting in Shopify

7 resolutions for eCommerce businesses in 2021 Jilt has 7 big-picture strategies for stores to consider next year. Each one could be a multi-month project but you’d only need one to succeed for the year to be a success. I like to split things up into 3-month quarters so you’d… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #273 – Shopify’s Future of Commerce 2021, Only 3 ways to acquire customers

Shopify’s Future of Commerce 2021 Shopify started a new annual survey this year and they have now released the results. The analysis is spread across three pages: a summary page, a landing page, and the report itself (PDF). There’s a lot of useful insights in there so make sure to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #272 – Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 analyses

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020: An Analysis of Over $5.1 Billion in Sales Shopify’s released some more of their BFCM analysis. There are a lot of details but most of them are what I was expecting: higher volume, consistent conversion rates on top channels, etc. Curbside and local delivery is… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #271 – $5.1 Billion in sales, COVID-bump in 2022

Shopify Merchants Break Records with $5.1+ Billion in Worldwide Sales over Black Friday/Cyber Monday Weekend Shopify’s released some early data on how Black Friday and the whole Black Friday through Cyber Monday period performed so far. We’ll probably see some more in-depth analyses coming out over the next few weeks.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #270 – Writing ideas

I’m terrible at writing Ilana Davis writes about how to come up with more content ideas for your store. Content is the key to many marketing channels (content marketing, email marketing, SEO, etc) so having a process to create it regularly is vital to your long-term success. Track down which… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #269 – Post-purchase upsells, Font sizes

How to Boost Revenue and AOV with Post-Purchase Upsells Krista Walsh writes about where post-purchase upsells can help and offers some setup tips to make the most of them in Shopify. They could be an easy win this season but you’ll want to test how well they flow and integrate… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #268 – Google Product Knowledge Panels

SEO: Google’s Product Knowledge Panels Drive Impressions (but Not for Amazon) Jill Kocher Brown writes about Google’s new Product Knowledge Panels that are created from Merchant Center. Google using GTIN/MPN data for this makes sense and is one step closer to the product-centric search result I predicted back in early… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #267 – Subscriptions and upsells in Shopify checkout, Sass on chopping block

Merchants Can Now Offer Subscriptions and Post-Purchase Upsells Directly in Shopify Checkout The big news this week is that Shopify Apps can now offer subscriptions and upsells in Shopify’s checkout. This fills a major feature gap in Shopify. Though if this is something you’ve wanting for the holidays, I’d urge… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #266 – Customer trust, Cohort performance

8 Ways You Can Improve Your Consumers’ Online Trust of Your Products With consumer trust getting put through the ringer this year, Jessica Lockhart writes a few ways you can improve the trust levels with your products. Compound Interest Kevin Hillstrom explains why you should be measuring how new cohorts… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #265 – Accelerated checkout usage, Organic traffic

Are You Neglecting 20% Of Your Customers At Checkout? Shopify has released some metrics about their accelerated checkout options. Their data shows it makes sense to at least enable Shop Pay and Apple Pay for your store. 4 Tips to Boost Organic Web Traffic Charlotte Chipperfield writes about how to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #264 – Shopify subscription APIs, Your Amazon Prime Day

Introducing Shopify Subscription APIs Shopify’s Subscription APIs have entered early access which means app developers are able to start building those into their apps. There’s a short gif of what buying subscription would look like to a customer. Note: This early access is for developers, it’s still a ways off… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #263 – ABC product analysis, Product statuses

ABC Analysis: What to Do With Your Best and Worst Performing Stock Emily Manley writes about the new ABC Analysis available for products. It seems to split your products into three groups based on the revenue (80% / 15% / 5%) which help plan out your product strategy. Use product… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #262 – Shopify executive changes, Wholesale marketplace

Thriving on Change Tobi, Shopify’s founder, wrote that Craig Miller (Chief Product Officer) is leaving Shopify this Friday and other executives are moving around. It feels a bit odd to have such a senior level executive leave on such short notice. Hopefully everything is okay with them. Handshake: A New… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #261 – Subscription objections, New theme editor

How to make a subscription work for almost any business John Bruce writes about common objections with subscriptions and how to solve them. Redesign of Shopify theme editor built in React It’s a bit of technical jargon but basically Shopify rebuilt how their theme editor works using a different technology.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #260 – Pandemic buying habits, Shipping surcharges

5 Pandemic Buying Habits That Are Here to Stay – According to Shopify Research Shopify surveyed 1,500 buyers in June and wrote about the changes they saw with buyer behavior. The data lags a bit but most of these trends have continued. Holiday Shipping Surcharges Are Coming With the high… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #259 – Pricing psychology, SEO collection pages

Pricing psychology: 9 strategies that motivate customers to buy Matt Maggiacomo writes about different pricing psychology options you can use with your products. Not all will work in every market but they are worth testing. SEO: 7 Ways to Optimize Category Pages I see many vanilla collection pages in Shopify… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #258 – International Shopify domains

Expand globally with International Domains Shopify has released support for international domains for most Shopify stores. This lets you add additional domains with their own language and regional settings. Make sure to really test and inspect every part of your store if you enable this. Based on what I saw… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #257 – Email marketing mastery, 2020 holiday emails

Jilt Learn – The guide to email marketing mastery The team as Jilt has created a collection of email marketing resources from beginner to advanced. Email marketing is going to continue to be a solid strategy especially since retail has taken such a hit this year. 2020 Holiday Email Marketing… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #256 – Product tabs, Q4 advice

Product description tabs could kill conversions Ilana Davis writes about how tabs can be hurting your store’s performance. Odd Times Kevin Hillstrom gives advice about what you can do now to make sure you’re not stuck when Q4 rolls around. Most of it centers around having plans to handle all… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #255 – Performance optimizations, Traffic

Performance vs. Functionality: Making the Right Site Speed Tradeoffs Nick Winkler goes through many performance optimizations available to Shopify stores which can be helpful if your speed score is lower than you’d like. Need Traffic? Here’s How to Get Visitors to a New Website (Even If You Don’t Know Where… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #254 – Shopify store speed report, Welcome programs

How Fast Is Your Online Store? Find Out With Shopify’s New Online Store Speed Report Shopify now includes your store’s speed score in their reports. It, like the Google Pagespeed score it’s based on, comes with a lot of caveats but can give you a rough idea of problem areas.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #253 – Marketplaces, Homepage purpose

Selling on Marketplaces to Expand your Brand Katie Lewis writes about some of the major marketplaces to sell your products on and how to expand your Shopify store to them. A Homepage’s Purpose Ilana Davis writes about how merchants rush the sale and end up losing out, with homepages being… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #252 – 3D models in Shopify

10 Things to Know About the World of 3D Models With Shopify starting to support 3D models in newer themes, you might want to consider creating ones for your better products. Sahil Gupta give a quick overview and tips on how to use 3D models with your Shopify store. Learn… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #251 – Customer-focused sales

How a small Shopify store got my business Ilana Davis write about how small efforts being customer focused can help make sales even in an ultra-competitive market. Spot odd purchasing behavior Using the Cohort and Latency reports in Repeat Customer Insights you can better spot swings in purchasing behavior and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #250 – Cross-selling and upselling

Cross-selling and upselling: Tips for increasing your average order value Cross and upselling are two great methods to increase your Average Order Value. Alex Birch wrote up a few ways you can use them in different parts of your store and in your marketing. Spot odd purchasing behavior Using the… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #249 – Shopify store mistakes, recommendations, and Shopify SEO

Shopify’s App Store Is Good and Bad, Says ‘Unofficial’ Expert While the headline over covers one point, Kurt Elster shares a lot more advice for Shopify stores in the interview by Practical Ecommerce (and there’s a transcript which has some solid advice for stores too). Simple yet powerful SEO tips… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #248 – Google PageSpeed on many Shopify themes

Assessing Google’s ‘Core Web Vitals’ on Shopify Themes Hamlet Batista ran Google’s PageSpeed analysis on 73 different Shopify themes and collected the output. PageSpeed isn’t the final word on performance but this can give you an idea of how different themes perform out of the box. Spot odd purchasing behavior… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #247 – Shopify stores in the Walmart marketplace

Shopify becomes Walmart’s first-ever commerce platform partner Shopify has launched a partnership with Walmart that can get your products listed in the Walmart marketplace. Spot odd purchasing behavior Using the Cohort and Latency reports in Repeat Customer Insights you can better spot swings in purchasing behavior and potential defections before… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #246 – Customer pricing behavior, Search Console keywords

Training The Customer Kevin Hillstrom writes about how long it can take to get pricing preferences from a customer’s behavior. In my own experience, even getting a second purchase can be an uphill battle for some. SEO: Search Console Is an Untapped Source of Keyword Data When it comes to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #245 – Ecommerce customer expectations

7 tips for a stellar eCommerce customer experience Sharon Hurley Hall shares updated research on ecommerce shoppers and their expectations when buying online. Free shipping is still the boss but various aspects of customer service are still important. Spot odd purchasing behavior Using the Cohort and Latency reports in Repeat… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #244 – Shopify Reunite, Facebook Shops

Fast-Tracking the Future of Commerce: A Recap of Shopify Reunite Shopify’s Unite conference this year was replaced with Reunite where they announced several upcoming features and changes to the platform. There’s a summary of the event with highlights as well as the full recording. It’ll be interesting to see what… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #243 – Fulfillment services, Landing page optimizations

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Fulfillment Services Danielle Gibson writes up when you should consider using fulfillment services with your store and how to decide how pick one. Landing Page Optimization: 10 Tips for Increasing Conversions Improvements to your important landing pages like your product pages can have… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #242 – New Shopify card reader in Canada, Black Friday now?

Shopify’s Tap & Chip Card Reader Is Now Available in Canada—Accept Safe and Convenient Contactless Payments Shopify’s new card reader is now available in Canada. This should combine well with their recent POS app update. Black Friday now? Four ways eCommerce stores are getting cash in the door Erin Greenawald… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #241 – POS update, Profit margins

All-New Shopify POS: Rebuilt for Today’s Retail Experience—and Free Until October 31, 2020 Shopify’s updated their POS app with curbside and local pickup options along with other new features. On the apps side it sounds like they’ve made apps a bit easier to use so there might be some upcoming… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #240 – Shop app, Google Shopping free listings

Introducing Shop: The Most Convenient Way for Shoppers to Buy From Their Favorite Independent Brands Shopify has released Shop, a mobile app for customers to find and buy from Shopify and other ecommerce stores. This could be a new channel to help you attract new customers. Now You Can List… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #239 – Marketing in a recession, Product description length

Marketing in the Pandemic Creates Opportunities Afterward A lot of business owners I’ve talked with have said they are trying to market through the recession. Armando Roggio pulled out some studies on results from marketing in recessions, going back to the 1970s. The advice to keep marketing is solid. Marketing… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #238 – Shopify Email available, Post-pandemic customer retention

Shopify Email Is Now Available and Completely Free Until October 1, 2020 Shopify’s new email marketing system was released early and is now free for all merchants until October. From what I’ve heard it’s missing a lot of features as it is still under active development, so it won’t replace… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #237 – Easier US sales tax, Store trust checklist

Simple, clear, and accurate US sales tax setup Shopify’s updated their US sales tax to make it easier. Given the complexity of sales tax, this update could simplify things for a lot of stores. The 39-Point Store Trust Checklist: How Trustworthy Is Your Online Store? Adam Rogers wrote up the… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #236 – Local delivery, PPC mistakes

It’s April 1st but I have been forbidden from telling dad jokes today. I do have a good one about cheese that everyone is dying to hear… Quickstart Guide: How to Start Selling Online With Local Delivery Shopify has created a guide to start selling online with local delivery. While… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #235 – Short-term revenue tactics, Gift cards for all

Short-Term Revenue Strategies for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Navigating COVID-19 Roxanne Voidonicolas wrote up a dozen ways to secure short-term revenue and cash. Some will have long lasting impacts, positive and negative but those options might make sense if you’re about to fall off a cashflow cliff. Gift Card Support Is Now… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #234 – Video uploads come to Shopify, Lessons from the 2008 recession

Bring Product Pages to Life with Built-In Support for 3D Models and Video Shopify now supports video and 3D models for your product pages. Depending on your theme it might require an upgrade or code update. Ecommerce Lessons from the 2008 Crash Dale Traxler shares what they learned from the… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #233 – Dormant Christmas buyers, Amazon SEO lessons

It’s March, and Those Christmas Buyers are Dormant Kevin Hillstrom highlights an important post-holiday problem, right around now those new Christmas buyers are showing signs of defection. You’ve probably already lost the majority of them. But you could change that by timing your acquisition and welcome campaigns differently for the… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #232 – Rebuy rates and acquisition costs, Shopify accessibility

Here’s A Huge Advantage Kevin Hillstrom connects how important your rebuy rate is to the cost of acquiring new customers. This concept is important and could be behind why so many stores are struggling on the ad-buying treadmill. Avoid the ticking time bomb with this podcast Ilana Davis shares her… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #231 – Ecommerce search, Goodbye nofollow

Deconstructing E-Commerce Search: The 8 Most Common Query Types Jamie Appleseed at Baymard has published a massive article about ecommerce search that lists many different ways customers search and how majors stores succeed or fail at them. Google Downgrades Nofollow Directive. Now What? You used to be able to use… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #230 – When to scale SEO, Fast stores

SEO: When to Scale (or Not) Bill Sebald writes about when to scale your SEO activities and when not to. I see Shopify stores getting this backwards all the time, scaling up the things that need a manual touch (titles, descriptions, content) and doing things that by hand that should… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #229 – Shopify outage status, Good conversion rates

Check your store’s status on the updated Shopify status page Shopify’s updated their status page so that it can now tell you if there’s an outage that impacts your specific store. It’s an interesting evolution over the previous "some stores are impacted by …" status page but the loss of… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #228 – Casper’s profit/loss, High-traffic content ideas

Casper’s profit/loss per mattress Kevin Hillstrom uses Casper’s profit and loss to explain why acquiring customers from organic channels is vital for any store. Analyze Competitors for High-traffic Content Ideas Sometimes it’s easiest to research your competitors content for ideas. Armando Roggio shows how to dig into competitor’s SEO data… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #227 – Google Algorithm advice, Videos in email

Lessons from 20 Years of Google Algorithm Updates Bill Sebald’s advice about Google algorithm updates is solid and something every Shopify store needs to keep in mind when there are fluctuations. How to create email marketing-friendly videos to boost your sales Amir Shahzeidi writes about how to best use video… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #226 – data-vocabulary sunset, 2019 holiday reports

Sunsetting support for data-vocabulary Google is finally ending support for structured data. They’ve had Search Console start sending emails about it to Shopify stores and other websites on January 21st, 2020. This standard has been dead since 2011 but for some reason quite a few Shopify themes are still… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #225 – Email marketing trends

eCommerce email marketing trends in 2020 and beyond Dorit Sasson writes about three trends in ecommerce email marketing. Trend spotting is difficult to get right but the first of these (personalization) has been recurring every year for as long as I’ve paid attention to it. Data-driven marketing advice Don’t just… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #224 – Better product list pages, Pre-purchase engagement

Product List UX: The Number of Products to Load by Default (52% Get it Wrong) Rebecca Hugo from Baymard published one of their studies around how many products your collection page should load. There’s a lot of good insights in there that shows why you shouldn’t settle for the default… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #223 – So long 2010s, Physical store closures

The first Shopify Dispatch of the new year So Long 2010s Kevin Hillstrom sums up the past decade into three key factors. The communication one has and will continue to be hurt stores using broadcasting strategies (including new forms of it). Physical Store Closures Hit a New High in 2019… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #222 – Boxing Day, Ecommerce blunders game

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah everyone. Boxing Day: The Post-Holiday Holiday Even though Christmas is shopping officially over for your customers (except for that one uncle), there’s still Boxing Day which is a great time to sell directly to customers who didn’t get all they wanted this year. And don’t… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #221 – Shipping rate changes

How to Prepare for Shipping Rate Changes in 2020 With January less than two weeks away, you’ll need to think about how to handle the upcoming shipping rate changes. It could be as simple as just using the calculated rates but if you’re offering free shipping or flat rates, this… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #220 – Customer retention, Welcome email strategies

Now that the holiday shopping season is underway, Nick Winkler shares what’s needed to turn those new customers into repeat customers. 7 welcome email strategies to hook your new subscribers One powerful, low-cost, and easily accessible ways to win repeat customers is with an email welcome campaign for new customers.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #219 – Shopify’s Black Friday results, Beating Amazon

Shopify merchants break records with $2.9+ billion in worldwide sales over Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend Shopify just published their first set of Black Friday / Cyber Monday stats for 2019. Mobile has fully flipped now with 69% of sales being on mobile, so you should be focusing the majority of… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #218 – Conversion problems, Last minute tasks

Driving Traffic but No Sales? Here’s How to Diagnose and Improve Your Store Two big ongoing problems with many Shopify stores are attracting traffic and convincing visitors to buy. Mary-Rose Sutton helps you solve the second problem with 13 things to check in your store. Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Last Minute… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #217 – Offer examples, Enticing products

19 Ways to Use Offers, Coupons, Discounts, and Deals to Generate More Sales Corey Ferreira shares a variety of coupon, discount, and deal tactics that you can use in your Shopify store, as well as examples of each one. Even if you don’t use them now, saving these to a… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #216 – Maximize profits, Hreflang

How to Maximize Profits over Black Friday – Cyber Monday Drew shares three strategies for holiday marketing that won’t cave-in your profit margins. Don’t overlook the "owned audiences" one, I can’t count how many Shopify stores skip that one not knowing how effective it can be. Hreflang Explained As more… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #215 – Shopify email, Discounting strategies

Introducing Shopify Email Though only released to "select merchants", it seems Shopify is getting into the email marketing game. Their feature page has a few more details about it and how to apply. Pricing Strategies: Discount Strategies and Tactics Nick Winkler shares details behind common discounting strategies and their impact… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #214 – The Transactional Brand, Holiday email marketing trends

The Transactional Brand Kevin Hillstrom has a two-parter on a big shift with branding from relationships to transactions. The second part will help you identify which one your store is behaving like. Now that he’s mentioned it, I remember seeing this to as part of the metric reviews I perform… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #213 – Marketing perception, Holiday traffic

Perception Kevin Hillstrom reminds everyone that your pricing and promotions are sending messages to your customers. Make sure the messages you’re sending are the right ones for your brand. Strategies to Prepare Your Online Store for Increased Holiday Traffic Though Andrea Wahbe’s article on holiday performance is targeted at Shopify… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #212 – Live chat problems, Email open rates

These Three (Popular) Approaches to Implementing ‘Live Chat’ are Often Highly Disruptive for Users In this research from Baymard Institute, Rebecca Hugo shares how live chat can annoy your customers and cost you sales. The complete guide to open rates in eCommerce email marketing While there are many problems with… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #211 – BFCM webinar series from Shopify

It’s a noticeably lighter week this week for content. Everyone must be saving up their stuff for the holidays… BFCM Webinar Series: Marketing Strategies, Optimization Tips, Live Workshop … though Shopify is launching a webinar series for Black Friday, Cyber Monday in November. It could have some useful tips, though… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #210 – Marketing attribution, List building

Marketing Attribution: Seeing the Customer Journey More Clearly Marc Weisinger describes a complex but important topic with online analytics, attribution. Online interactions are easier to track online than offline but they bring with them mountains of (often conflicting) data. Getting the attribution right will help you understand the difference between… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #209 – Portland Shopify meetup, Holiday fulfillment

Portland, Oregon Shopify Meetup Ilana Davis (my wife) just ran the inaugural Portland, Oregon Shopify meetup this last Monday to a full house. There were more Shopify stores in the area that I thought. Holiday Shipping and Fulfillment Strategies Andrea Wahbe writes about getting your inventory and fulfillment ready for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #208 – Shopify backups, Customer retention

Does Shopify backup store data? Now is the time to take care of all the little things in your Shopify store, before the busy season starts. One thing many stores neglect are backups. Ilana Davis writes about how to backup parts your Shopify store, at least the ones Shopify gives… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #207 – Heat Maps

Heat Maps: What they are and how to use them Kelly Vaughn writes about how to use heat maps in your store to better design your pages for conversion. Click Maps have been especially useful for me and my clients to find conversion improvements. Plus they are simple to understand… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #206 – Content marketing, Coming soon pages

What content marketing means for eCommerce Content marketing is a huge topic with books and books about it (some good). Sam Greenspan adapts some of that generic advice and writes about how content marketing can work for ecommerce using examples from several well-known brands. Every Shopify store of any size… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #205 – Text-heavy emails, Email campaigns

How to succeed at email marketing with minimal design In this article Matt Maggiacomo goes through using text-heavy marketing emails and why they might be better for your Shopify store. These are the types of emails I’ve used for years with great success, I call them plain text-ish email. 10… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #204 – Shopify Chat, Bad banner UX

Shopify Chat: Close More Sales Through Real-Time Conversations Shopify released Shopify Chat, an on-site live chat service. It seems to require Apple’s iOS for responding to messages so it might not be ready for every store. Mobile E-Commerce UX: Deemphasize ‘Install App’ Ads or Avoid Them Entirely The Baymard Institute… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #203 – Beeketing apps removed, Shopify as a platform

Beeketing and BoostFlow uninstall instructions and alternative apps Shopify is removing all Beeketing and BoostFlow apps from the App Store and from stores they’ve been installed to on August 27th. Shopify and the Power of Platforms Though it came out last month, this article has been making the rounds again… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #202 – Humor in marketing

How to employ humor in email marketing The most difficult part of marketing is getting noticed in the Sea of Sameness. Matt Maggiacomo writes about how to add humor to your email marketing to help it stand out, without having it backfire. Segment your customers for fun and profit (but… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #201 – SEO text

SEO: That Blob of Text May Not Be Helping Armando Roggio explains how adding a bunch of text in a small font that no one reads could confuse Google and hurt your rankings. That’s why I recommend trying to write a story about your product if you get stuck creating… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #200 – Customer acquisition, Prime Day 2019 breaks records

Customer Acquisition: How to (Profitably) Gain New Customers for Your Business Mary-Rose Sutton at Shopify contrasts different customer acquisition strategies. It’s best to focus on one or two of them, ideally one that attracts new customers and another strategy that retains them. Amazon Prime Day 2019 Breaks Records; Other Merchants… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #199 – Order reviewing, Moving goal posts

5 ‘Order Review’ Implementations That Make Office Depot Best-in-Class Baymard digs into Office Depot’s order review and shows how it compares favorably to other stores. Simple tweaks and changes aren’t as sexy as redesigns but they can be just as profitable. Moving The Goal Posts Kevin Hillstrom writes about how… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #198 – Profit, Abandoned cart segmenting

Profit As much as I love metrics, not much beats profit. If you’re not using it to help make business decision, you’re risking a lot. Why you should segment your emails by cart size Dani Fankhauser describes the strategy behind segmenting abandoned cart emails by cart size. I never considered… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #197 – Creating loyalty, Email mistakes

Can I Can Cause A Customer To Become Loyal? Kevin Hillstrom wrote about the biggest limiter to customer loyalty. 5 big email mistakes eCommerce brands should avoid Ayaz Nanji lists a few of categories of mistakes ecommerce stores make with email. They are useful when you’re starting out or changing… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #196 – Unite 2019

Shopify Unite 2019 Shopify’s partner and developer conference wrapped up last week with a series of platform announcements. Many of them are months away and just barely released for partners but they can give you an idea of the future direction of Shopify. Highlights from Shopify Unite 2019 and Unite… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #195 – Customer retention, Advanced Google Shopping

Why customer retention is so important for your eCommerce store Samantha Connors shares why customer retention is important along with four campaigns to improve it. Whatever you end up using, you should be focusing on retention about as much as you do on new customer acquisition (with a few exceptions).… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #194 – Out-of-stock and Reciprocity

Why you run out of stock-and strategies to avoid it Luckily I haven’t had to run a business that depended on inventory but I’ve worked with a few and saw firsthand how complex and complicated it can be. Jake Rheude shares his strategies about how to prevent stockouts that combine… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #193 – Google core update, and not much else

Google algorithm update for June Google’s rolled out a core algorithm update this week which should send SEOs into a flurry of activity over the next few weeks to figure out what’s changed. Other than that, it’s been a slow week news-wise. Seems people are getting into summer-mode already. Segment… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #192 – High conversions, Your own Amazon Prime Day

The Bare Essentials for High-converting Ecommerce Sites Pamela Hazelton writes about how to create a high-converting and trusted store. All of these are fundamental tactics and not fads that you’ll have to change in 6 months. Amazon Prime Day As Kevin Hillstrom explains, you could create your own Amazon Prime… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #191 – Product recommendations from Shopify, New products

Product Recommendations APIs: Now available on all plan types with added support in Liquid and Storefront APIs. In this update from Shopify’s Developer website they announced that their in-house product recommendations are now available to all Shopify plans. This means that it’ll be possible to build product recommendations directly into… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #190 – Google’s State of the Union, Plain-text email

13 SEO Takeaways from Google’s 2019 State of the Union Address Jill Kocher Brown covered Google Search’s recent State of the Union address. Updates to mobile search, image search, Googlebot updates, and structured data were all mentioned. Why you should send more plain-text emails from your eCommerce store Sam Greenspan… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #189 – eCommerceFuel 2019 report, Easy email segmentation

2019 State of the Merchant Report Andrew Youderian has released their eCommerceFuel State of the Merchant Report. It uses responses from the members of their private forums and digs deep into how their stores are performing. The data on Amazon is particularly interesting, enough that I’m going to take a… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #188 – Shopify Retail Kit, Optimizing images for SEO

Introducing the Shopify Retail Kit: Unify Your Online and Offline Business Shopify introduced a new POS system for ipads called the Shopify Retail Kit. The portable Tap & Chip Reader is pretty interesting. Optimizing Images for Google Search Results Jill Kocher Brown writes about how to optimize product images for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #187 – Product page UX, About Us pages

Product Page UX: Data Should Be Synchronized Across Product Variations (28% Don’t) The Baymard Institute has released another set of guidelines for product pages, this time about handling product variations. Some Shopify themes still handle variant data poorly and sometimes product data is so confusing that customers leave without buying.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #186 – Product descriptions, Google Shopping

SEO: Product Descriptions Are a Blind Spot for Ecommerce Merchants A big deficiency with Shopify stores are having too little, weak, or copied product descriptions. Multiple times per week I’ve making recommendations to customers about theirs as part of my app. Jill Kocher Brown outlines why you should write your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #185 – Conversation rate optimization, Email marketing

15 questions about conversion optimization answered Sharon Hurley Hall has written a great introduction guide to conversation rate optimization that walks you through how to create your first hypothesis. Email Marketing 101: How to Build Your List, Send Effective Campaigns, and Track Results Shopify has been on an email marketing… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #184 – Copywriting mistakes, Email marketing

Are These 6 Common Copywriting Mistakes Costing You Sales? Henneke Duistermaat shares a handful of things to improve your product copywriting. These are why I consider copywriting a superpower, one that every business should learn. Email Marketing Best Practices: How to Improve (Almost) Every Email Mark Macdonald shares a few… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #183 – Google Ads, Keyword research

The Google Ads Playbook: 13 Campaign Types And What to Expect From Them With the dizzying list of options for online advertising, it can be confusing to know how to best use Google Ads. Marc Weisinger has created a playbook of 13 Google Ad campaign types and when’s the best… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #182 – Google Data Studio, Google algorithm update

Using Google Data Studio to Report Gross Profit by SKU I’ve done some development with Google Data Studio recently to understand my traffic sources and full conversions rates. It has wider uses than just traffic analysis though. Morgan Jones shows how to combine Google Analytics data with a custom COGS… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #181 – Content marketing thru checkout

How Blue Bottle Coffee uses content marketing to educate customers Sam Hollis breaks down Blue Bottle Coffee’s content marketing and how easily it flows from content to store and finally to checkout. This level of integration can be difficult to achieve, but it ensures that a lot of your prospective… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #180 – Protecting SEO, Welcome program

Replatforming SEO Strategies to Protect Rankings, Boost Traffic, and Drive Sales Andrea Wahbe writes about SEO considerations when you switch platforms, but the advice is just as valid if you’re making a major change to your Shopify store like a new theme. I’ve seen too many stores wipe out or… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #179 – Value of a subscriber

How to calculate the value of an email subscriber Samantha Connors at Jilt wrote how to calculate the value of an email subscriber along with several different methods and metrics to track. You’ll probably just want to pick one method and stick with it, too many methods and metrics can… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #178 – How often to email, Ecommerce reports

How often should you send marketing emails? Send more email. Sam Greenspan wrote a very well-researched article on how frequently to send emails. There’s very little downside to sending more emails if you have something to say. 15 Ecommerce Reports to Lift Your Sales, Without Drowning in Data Andrea Wahbe… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #177 – Non-traditional holiday marketing, How Google finds webpages

How to send marketing emails for non-traditional holidays Many customers have asked how to make email marketing a channel to acquire new customers. That’s what I do with these emails but it’s not something I’m setup to teach about. But one tactic that can help you get started emailing more… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #176 – Pricing strategy, Marketing tactics

Pricing Strategy: 10 Ways to Find the Perfect Price for Your Products Pricing is a complex mix of art and science, there is no "perfect price" for any product (even if that’s the title of this article). Instead you have trade-offs to weigh and consider, which Lindsey Peacock provides an… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #175 – AOV improvements, Effective welcome emails

5 Highly-Effective Ways to Increase the Average Order Value of Your Online Store Improving your Average Order Value is a good goal as long as you’re not pursuing it blindly (see my article below). Corey Ferreira goes into five of the better tactics to improve your AOV. They sound simple… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #174 – New Shopify Forums, SEO lulls

Introducing Shopify Community: An Enhanced Forums Experience Shopify has refreshed their forums with a new set of software. I’m hoping it’s a bit easier to search and find information. SEO: 6 Things to Do When You Have Nothing to Do Most of the time you’re not actively working on your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #173 – Learn email marketing, Combining SEO and paid social

Learn Email Marketing from Ecommerce Expert Drew Sanocki Drew Sanocki has a deep understanding of email marketing in ecommerce so his new email marketing course from Shopify should be a winner. Plus it’s free so the only cost is your time. (I’m planning to go through it myself so don’t… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #172 – 2019 predictions, Email subscribers

16 Ecommerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019 With the new year comes new predictions about what will be driving ecommerce sales. Some of these have been holdovers from prior years… 7 ways to capture email subscribers (without making a sale first) … and then there are the tried-and-true… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #171 – MineThatData

With the holiday season ending and the holidays themselves wrapping up, there hasn’t been much written about ecommerce. So this week I want to highlight an author who I don’t cover enough here: Kevin Hillstrom from MineThatData. Kevin has a very analytical mind and is constantly digging into issues that… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #170 – Mobile email marketing, Google Analytics tune-up

Mobile eCommerce email marketing: 5 tips for increasing conversions Sam Greespan has created a guide to email marketing for mobile phones which is full of tips for smaller devices. Mobile email usage is high so it makes sense to adapt your email style to work best there. Fine-tune Google Analytics… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #169 – Best content of 2018, From seasonal to repeat customers

In Case You Missed It: The Best Content From Shopify in 2018 Shopify has summarized their best content from the year on their blog. There’s a good level of variety there, both in topics and in formats. How to turn your seasonal shoppers into repeat customers The best way to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #168 – Post-mortems, Renting and advertising

Black Friday 2018 Deals: How to Determine a Campaign’s Success With a Post-Mortem Though targeted at retail stores, this post-mortem analysis can work equally well for ecommerce-only stores. Renting Advertising dollars are flowing like a torrent this season but are you overly dependent on advertising? Kevin Hillstorm looks at how… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #167 – Shopify BFCM analysis, Content marketing strategy

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018: An Analysis of Over $1.5 Billion in Sales Shopify has released their first metrics from Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A few highlights: 2/3 of sales where made on mobile once again email is the highest converting channel Cyber Monday’s volume was almost as high… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #166 – SEO topic clustering

This is a light week because everyone was writing about Black Friday and Cyber Monday which is now over. SEO: Topic Clusters Improve Rankings, Traffic When you start producing enough valuable content, you can optimize its organization to boost the rankings of many similar pages. This is called topic clustering… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #165 – Abandoned cart discounts, SEO metadata

We analyzed 275,045 recovery campaigns to find out what kind of discounts really work Beka Rice analyzed cart abandonment campaigns to find which offers and discounts lead to more and faster recovered carts. The data on discountless campaigns is also interesting, especially for brands that don’t discount. SEO: Why Is… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #164 – Package inserts, Traffic quality

5 Ways to Use Packaging Inserts to Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue Package inserts can be an easy way to add a personal touch that your customers will remember. Richard Lazazzera shares a few different types of inserts you can use. How Driving Quality Traffic Will Boost Conversion At some… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #163 – Audit Google Analytics, Discount alternatives

How to Audit Google Analytics Data, for Ecommerce Google Analytics is one of the most popular systems for tracking Shopify stores, I think it’s even used more than Shopify’s built-in metrics. That said, it’s a complex beast of software and no one is using it to its full potential. Morgan… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #162 – BFCM support, SEO backlinks

Your Store and Sales Are Ready for BFCM. How About Your Customer Support? Instead of the regular Black Friday articles, Shopify covers what you need to consider from a customer support angle. How you handle things during that long weekend could set you up for repeat customers in December and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #161 – Facebook ads, Tabs on product pages under-perform

How to start and scale your Shopify Facebook ads for the holidays! If you’re going to try to use Facebook ads this holiday, Bold has a good guide to how to start with Shopify. PDP UX: Core Product Content Is Overlooked in ‘Horizontal Tabs’ Layouts (Yet 28% of Sites Have… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #160 – Marketing campaigns, Holiday marketing survey results

What’s New at Shopify: Oct. 12, 2018 Shopify has been gearing up for the holiday season. They’ve added additional features around creating and tracking marketing campaigns as well as more checkout and buy button options. Holiday Marketing Ecommerce Planning Shopify has released a summary of their holiday marketing survey they… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #159 – BFCM project checklist, Popular holiday campaigns

The 27-Point Checklist to Prepare Your Store for Black Friday Cyber Monday Calling this a checklist doesn’t make sense as many of these could be a weeklong project but there are a lot of good tactics here for your holiday planning. Best Holiday Campaigns from 150 Years of Retail with… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #158 – Holiday calendar, Technical SEO

Holiday Marketing Calendar 2018: Global Events for Ecommerce, Social & Sales Shopify has created a useful calendar of the holidays in October, November, and December. There are a few fun ideas in here you can use in this years marketing campaigns. Technical SEO: 15 Critical Areas That Impact Performance Jill… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #157 – Location, location, location and Product Badges

Shopify’s Newest Feature Helps Retailers Track Inventory Across Multiple Locations Shopify has now launched Locations to help you track your inventory. I’ve heard from many stores that inventory is one of Shopify’s weak areas but this feature should help to shore up that location’s featureset… The Ultimate Guide to Product… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #156 – Holiday shopping trends, Product reviews

Holiday Shopping Online: Trends and Statistics 2017-2018 ‘Tis the season for holiday statistics. Shopify has collected and summarized a few of their holiday statistics from last and this year. Basically make sure your store works on mobile, is fast, and that you send emails. Those three have also been the… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #155 – New App Store, Win-back campaigns

Introducing the New Shopify App Store The new Shopify App Store launched last week with all new categories and improved app pages. The fundamentals of an effective email marketing win-back campaign Unless you’re selling subscriptions, it can be difficult to know when you’ve lost a customer. Win-back campaigns are one… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #154 – Product page optimizations, Holiday strategies

Product Page Tune-Up: 9 Timeless Ways to Increase Conversions Mark Macdonald shares how you can optimize your product page for conversions. Tiny improvements here can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Holiday Ecommerce 2018: 15 Marketing Strategies from +$1B in Online Sales It’s time to start putting together… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #153 – SEO ranking, Ecommerce automation

What Can I Do to Help My Store Rank in Search Engines? Samantha Renée has created a SEO checklist for Shopify stores to get started with SEO. It’s intended as starting point but it can also serve as a reminder for when you haven’t reviewed things in awhile. Ecommerce Agency… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #152 – Analyzing Casper’s emails, Loyalty programs

What I Learned Analyzing 60 Days of Emails from a Fast-Growing Ecommerce Brand Franco Varriano created a teardown of Casper’s email marketing in order to analyze what emails they send and the copywriting used in them. It’s a great example of how one successful company is using email marketing. Loyalty… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #151 – When to email, DIY SEO

Only you can determine the best time to send emails to your eCommerce customers Sometimes doing what everyone else does is a bad idea. For years marketing companies have said that Tuesday is the best day to send emails to customers. So guess what happens? Everyone sends emails on Tuesday… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #150 – Shopify updates, Gap analysis

What’s New at Shopify: August 2, 2018 Though targeted at Shopify partners, this article highlights some upcoming changes that could impact merchants. Specifically the retail package and Facebook checkout retirements, and the new Google Shopping channel. How to perform a Gap Analysis on your eCommerce store (in 3 steps) Bill… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #149 – Welcome campaigns

Welcome emails This week I want to try something different. I found two newly published articles this week, both on different aspects of email marketing for your store. First there’s Shopify where they describe different types of drip email campaigns including the welcome email, post-purchase emails, event emails, and offer… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #148 – Amazon Prime Day, Shopify Academy

Amazon’s 2018 Prime Day Sets Record Despite Glitches Amazon’s Prime Day (and a half) appears to have been a successful event, surpassing all of last years big shopping days. It might be worthwhile to look at how they marketed it to adapt to your own campaigns. Introducing Shopify Academy: Free… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #147 – Technical SEO tips, Back-to-School marketing

10 Technical SEO Tips to Get the Most from an Ecommerce Website Emily Mace has a list of SEO tips for Shopify stores. I’ve seen many stores get bitten by out-of-stock products (#4), especially when they delete products because that will remove rankings and Rich Snippets. Back-to-School Marketing: Ideas, Stats… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #146 – Customer accounts, Email segmentation

New Research Findings on ‘Accounts & Self-Service’ UX The Baymard Institute has published a new set of research, this one on accounts and self-service. This sample outlines many issues customers experience with ecommerce stores so there’s a lot you can pull from it. At the very least, if you’re planning… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #145 – SEO for new stores, Brand personality

SEO: How to Drive Traffic to a New Ecommerce Site Hamlet Batista offers a collection of tips when starting a new ecommerce store. These would also be useful whenever you’re about to launch a new product line or enter a new market. How to Add Brand Personality To Your Store… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #144 – Sales taxes, Giant SEO competitors

Economic Nexus: What South Dakota v Wayfair Means for Your Ecommerce Store US sales tax laws have changed again. With the new US Supreme Court ruling, you might need to register and collect sales taxes in more states. SEO: How to Win against Giant Competitors Hamlet Batista shares a few… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #143 – Customer service, Ecommerce metrics

Upset Customers? Here’s How to Tackle Complaints When There’s No Easy Answer. Customer service overall is really poor, which is surprising since customers have more power than ever (social media, protection laws, etc). It’s much better for everyone involved to try to fix the relationship and potentially win a customer… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #142 – Psychological triggers, Magento sold

7 Psychological Triggers that Win Sales and Influence Customers Beth Morgan outlines how to apply the psychological triggers from Robert Cialdini’s Pre-Suasion to ecommerce. Magento sold, again A few months after Adobe begins to sunset Business Catalyst, they’ve now acquired Magento. I wouldn’t be surprised to see another mass migration… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #141 – Upsells, Inventory planning

10 techniques to increase eCommerce revenue through upsells Upsells can be a great way to boost your average order values and there are many different approaches you can take. Beka Rice shows 10 upsell techniques, at least one of which should work in your store. Use Google Analytics, Data Studio… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #140 – Product subscriptions, Social media list growth

Ecommerce Subscriptions: Lifting CLV 38%, Revenue 20% & Sales Beyond $30M Subscriptions are billed as a way to smooth out your store revenue because they happen month-after-month, but there are other uses for them too. Julia Bowen shares three different types of subscriptions and who each type would be good… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #139 – Unite recordings, On-site personalization

Unite 2018 Keynote Roundup (and more) Shopify has posted the keynotes from the Unite 2018 conference. If you dig into their Youtube channel you can also find all of the talks from all of the tracks. This should fill in the details about what’s coming up with Shopify. The Hidden… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #138 – Shopify Unite pt2, Customer acquisition channels

Shopify Unite wrap-ups With Shopify Unite officially over, there are two more wrap-up posts about what’s new and coming up. Unite 2018: Everything We Announced covers the more enterprise-y features of interest to Shopify Plus stores. Wrapping up Unite 2018 is about upcoming features for Shopify Partners but as a… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #137 – Shopify Unite 2018

Shopify Unite 2018 releases Unite, Shopify’s partner conference, is going on this week. Like past years, they’ve announcing new products and features during the conference so their partners and early-adopter merchants can start using them before the public launches. There’s a lot to cover but here are a few highlights… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #136 – Hiring help, GDPR

Underwater with Customer Questions? It’s Time to Hire Some Help. I recently had to find someone to help with customer support. There are lots of good tips in here from Shopify about finding and hiring for customer support. GDPR: What is it, why it matters, and how it will affect… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #135 – Fixing the conversion funnel, Retention marketing

How to Find and Plug the Leaks in Your Conversion Funnels Once you’ve started to get customers to your store, fixing your conversion funnel quickly becomes one of the most profitable activities for your store. Shanelle Mullin shows how to find these leaks in your funnel using Google Analytics and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #134 – More than enough KPIs, 137 million emails sent

67 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Ecommerce Shopify posted a collection of 67 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Ecommerce. I might argue that when there are 67 things, calling them all "Key" kinda misses the mark but KPIs are such a popular acronym that it’s okay. At the very end… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #133 – Advanced search, Changing Shopify themes

SEO: How to Super Search with Advanced Operators I use advanced search operators all the time when working with larger Shopify stores. They make it very easy to dig through all the results. If you haven’t learned about them yet, Jill Kocher Brown has an overview on them. Tips for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #132 – Copywriting, SEO spring cleaning

Are These 6 Ecommerce Copywriting Mistakes Costing You Sales? Great copywriting can have an amazing impact on your sales. Even good copywriting will make a significant difference. Sadly, many stores I’ve seen aren’t putting much thought into their copy at all. Henneke Duistermaat has 6 copywriting tips that you can… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #131 – Micro conversions, In stock products

Leverage Micro Conversions to Close Sales Not every customer will be ready to buy on their first exposure to your store. That’s why having alternative, micro conversions are important. Why you should be promoting your in stock Shopify products One benefit of Google’s Rich Snippets is that in stock products… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #130 – Google Pay, Increase customer lifetime value

Introducing Google Pay for Shopify Shopify just announced an integration with Google Pay for stores. This could boost mobile sales on Android devices if you use Shopify Payments. How to Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Pay More Now, Get More Later Johnathan Dane writes about different ways to use your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #129 – Growing your store, Speedy sites

10 Retail Experts Share Their #1 Tip for Marketing and Growing Your Store While targeted at retail stores, there are plenty of good ideas that can be adapted to ecommerce in this article from 10 retail experts. A lot comes back to the customer’s experiences and interactions with you. How… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #128 – Customer experiences, Tracking channels

Ecommerce Customer Experience: Mastering Acquisition and Retention Even with a poor customer experience you still might win a sale, but they’ll remember that experience and shop elsewhere next time. Zee Aganovic describes five areas to focus on to improve the customer experience for repeat sales. How to Track Overall Marketing… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #127 – Leading indicators, Relations between metrics

Why Leading Indicators in Ecommerce Are the Key to Success & How to Find Them Herbert Lui gets into leading indicators and why they are important to find if you want to be able to forecast and anticipate the future. Customer Acquisition: Interplay Between Metrics Though it’s dense with information,… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #126 – Checkout optimizations, Boosting organic search revenue

How (and Why) to Optimize Your eCommerce Checkout Experience As the last stage of your funnel, it pays to optimize your checkout flow. In this article by Cart Hook, they look at a study from Baymard to make a handful of checkout optimizations. 4 Ways to Increase Revenue from Organic… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #125 – Funnel data analysis, Conversion tips

Ecommerce Data Analysis for Optimizing Your Online Funnel In this article, Doug Crowe goes through three phases of your funnel and shows how to use data and analytics to optimize each phase. 14 ways to improve your ecommerce conversions on Shopify Ross Allchorn has put together things a Shopify store… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #124 – Landing page funnels, How development helps SEO

eCommerce Sales Funnels: A New Trend for Big Growth In this article by Kathryn Aragon, she describes how to design a landing page funnel to use with paid traffic. 6 Ways Web Developers Can Improve SEO Jill Kocher Brown created a list of six things your web developer can do… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #123 – Transitions, A/B testing

Transition Kevin Hillstrom writes about how ecommerce companies are failing to make the changes they need to transition to how things work now. The Complete Guide to A/B Testing Shopify has created a guide to A/B Testing targeted at beginners. Though they did bury a key point that should stop… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #122 – Ecommerce analytics, Shopify blogging

Ecommerce Analytics at Scale: The Art and Science of Data Analysis for Growing Sales Brad Smith has written about how to use ecommerce analytics to grow your store. It includes some examples of how to get the data from Shopify and what to do with it. I have to mention… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #121 – Intermediate SEO guide, Sold-out product pages

The Intermediate Guide to Ecommerce SEO There’s a lot of SEO tips in this guide from Shopify. It’s too bad they didn’t mention my JSON-LD for SEO app but I guess they didn’t get the memo. (And what’s with that featured image???) How Can I Convert Customers When They Land… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #120 – Marketing plans, Increase organic search click-throughs

How to Plan an Ecommerce Strategy: A Comprehensive Guide for Marketing Your Business While long and formal plans don’t work well for me, I know they work for a lot of people. Tommy Walker has written a comprehensive guide to creating a marketing plan for your Shopify store. Even if… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #119 – Smart content marketing funnel

The Smart Content Marketing Funnel Martina describes how to plan a smart content marketing funnel for your store. This is how you can combine various forms of content with targeted advertising. Safely get more Google traffic for your Shopify store Google’s Rich Snippets will help you grow your Shopify store… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #118 – 2018 SEO strategy, Promoting products by availability

How to Create Your 2018 SEO Strategy If you haven’t started already, it’s time to start planning what you’re going to do in 2018. Jill Kocher Brown has an article about creating your 2018 SEO strategy. How promoting Shopify products based on availability can lead to more sales Tom Davies… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #117 – Ask for reviews, Facebook ads

Encourage After-Christmas Customer Reviews Asking for product reviews after Christmas makes a lot of sense. Just make sure to separate gift buyers out of any reviews campaigns. Facebook Ads for Retailers: Tactics to Get the Most ROI for Your Marketing Dollars Though this is a useful guide to setting up… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #116 – Marketing emails, Measuring discount profits

6 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas to Stand Out in a Crowded Inbox Shopify shares six emails you can use to build relationships with your customers. The two for VIP and lapsed customers are great for getting people back to your store. Escalation Kevin Hillstrom did some math to show how… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #115 – 2017 holiday sales report, Troubleshooting weak sales

Sales Report: 2017 Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday Last week Shopify shared their results from the holiday weekend. This week more sources are reporting in with wider reports how stores did as a whole, including non-Shopify stores. Feels like just about every metric points to growth this year. Troubleshooting… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #114 – Shopify’s BFCM analysis, Black Friday hype

I have an interesting contrast for you this week. Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017: An Analysis of Over $1 Billion in Sales The first numbers from Shopify are in with over $1 billion USD in sales for 2017’s BFCM. One interesting metric was that how much better email and search… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #113 – CRO advice, what testing actually increases revenue

19 Growth and CRO Experts on Increasing Revenue Without Increasing Traffic Shopify interviewed a group of marketing and conversion rate experts and they shared their thoughts on what ecommerce merchants should be doing. A lot of the advice centers around having a plan, strategy, and organization that is able to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #112 – Shopify Live View, Product photo A/B testing

Introducing Live View: Watch Visitors Become Customers with Real-Time Reporting Shopify just released a new report called Live View which features a real-time view of what your visitors are doing right now. It’s pretty and could be useful during launches, but you’ll want to make sure you’re not too distracted… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #111 – 10 email segments, 6-part abandoned cart sequence

10 Segments to Make More Money with Your Black Friday, Cyber Monday Emails Email remains one of the top marketing channels for sales. It also has a lot of potential for automation or at the very least, setting up campaigns early to launch at a later date. Alicia Thomas from… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #110 – eBay and Shopify, Control groups

Start Selling on eBay with Shopify Shopify has released an eBay sales channel so now you can sync your products from Shopify to eBay and back. The Ultimate Guide to Control Groups You’d never stop a marketing campaign that was working in order to fund one that was losing money,… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #109 – Launching products, Pricing psychology

Introducing New Products: Tactics to Ensure New Lines Will Land With Customers While it skips over most of the important parts of planning and development of a new product, this article has a good outline for launching a new product. The Psychology of Competitive Pricing for Ecommerce Pricing is hard.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #108 – 2016 BFCM, Future of structured data

5 Lessons From Last Year to Win Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017 If you haven’t already started to plan out the holiday season, now’s the time. One good way to do this is to look back at what happened last year for your store and for the industry in general,… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #107 – Google Autocomplete, A/B testing

Introducing Google Autocomplete for Shopify: Less Friction at Checkout, More Sales Shopify is starting to roll out their Google Autocomplete feature to checkout over the next few weeks. Thinking about A/B Testing for Your Client? Though targeted at Shopify Partners looking to do A/B testing for clients, this article by… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #106 – Holiday A/B testing, Integrating products and content

The Beginner’s Guide to A/B Testing During Black Friday Cyber Monday A/B testing can be a powerful way to optimize your store and its marketing. In this guide from Shopify they share how you can take advantage of the holiday traffic to run A/B tests. I’ve also developed a fast… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #105 – Product reviews, Bulk label printing

5 Ways to Amplify the Power of Your Reviews This Holiday Season Customer reviews, and social proof in general, can be a powerful way to increase your store’s conversion rate. Theresa O’Neil has five ways you can reuse your reviews in your marketing. Introducing Bulk Label Printing for Shopify Shipping… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #104 – Shopify Flow, Shopify SEO rankings

What Is Ecommerce Automation? Shopify Flow Shopify has released their Flow app which can create automation workflows for your store. It’s a Plus-only feature for now but there are plenty of automation ideas in here that can be adapted to other apps and tools. The impact of JSON-LD for SEO… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #103 – Shopify survey results, ROAS vs ROMI

Ecommerce Survey 2017: The Trials & Tribulations of a Booming Industry Shopify released the first set of analysis from their ecommerce survey for 2017. It’s interesting that some of the top struggles are also things a few of my apps help with… almost as if I planned that huh? 😉… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #102 – Shopify Rich Snippets, Marketing productivity

Shopify Rich Snippets: Improved organic traffic that converts, without chasing rankings Getting Rich Snippets is one of the few "free lunches" in the SEO world that still works, mostly because Google really wants to better understand your store’s website. In this article I cover everything you need to know about… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #101 – Post-purchase communications, Amazon channel update

Post-Purchase Communications: Expert Tactics to Stay in Touch With Customers Alexandra Sheehan has collected several ideas about how to contact your customers post-purchase to improve your customer relationships. New Features, New Categories: Selling on Amazon with Shopify Just Got Easier Shopify has updated their Amazon channel with more categories and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #100 – Ecommerce SEO, Negative product reviews

The Beginner’s Guide to Ecommerce SEO While it gets into more complex SEO advice, this article from Shopify on ecommerce SEO can give you some ideas on how to setup SEO for your store. I will say they over-emphasize keywords and rankings though, which have been weakened with the rise… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #99 – High quality traffic, Cognitive biases

The Beginner’s Guide to Getting More High Quality Traffic Getting traffic to your store is one of the top problems that every Shopify store faces, but it’s just as important to attract high quality traffic. 1,000,000 visitors to your site doesn’t mean anything if 0 of them buy. 13 Cognitive… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #98 – 500,000 Shopify stores, Psychological pricing

500,000 Shopify stores and growing First, a big congrats to Shopify for powering 500,000 stores. For comparison, that’s double the amount they ended 2015 with. Hopefully that means more improvements and features for everyone over the next 18 months on the way to 1,000,000. Psychological pricing: A secret sauce to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #97 – New merchant dashboards, Cart abandonment

Introducing the New Merchant Overview Dashboard Shopify is beginning to release a new merchant dashboard with more data and charts. Though I have to wonder if all of this will lead to better behavior, or just data overwhelm. The Top 4 Reasons Users Abandon Their Carts and What to Do… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #96 – Black Friday health check, On-page SEO for ecommerce

Introducing the Black Friday – Cyber Monday Health Check Tommy Walker over on the Shopify Plus blog has just released a guide to get ready for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. I’ve only scanned the report but it looks like there’s some good recommendations in it, even for non-Plus stores On-page SEO… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #95 – Checkout on your domain, Google Merchant Center setup guide

Introducing Checkout On Your Own Domain Starting later this month, every Shopify store is going to be able to have checkout on its own domain which could be a nice boost to conversions. Integrating Shopify, Google Merchant Center, and JSON-LD for SEO in order to effortlessly run product ads I’ve… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #94 – Get better traffic, Powerful email campaigns

How to Get Better Traffic, Free with Semantic Data Yesterday Kurt Elster published the podcast he and I recorded on SEO, Semantic Data, and how they can help Shopify stores. If you wanted a summary what I’m been working on day-after-day for the last six months, this is the best… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #93 – More product reviews, Scalable SEO projects

Our 7 best tips to get more product reviews and boost your sales Customer reviews of your products can be a source of invaluable social proof, one that most customers expect now. Bill Widmer has written about how to get more product reviews over at the Bold Commerce blog. 5… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #92 – Rich Snippets, Calls to action

Overview of Rich Snippets, their jargon, and how you can get them for your Shopify store Keeping up with Google Search’s products and tweaks can be a full time job, one that you need to do very well if your store gets a decent volume of traffic from SEO. Mix… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #91 – BuzzFeed with Shopify, Recommended product reviews apps

Introducing the BuzzFeed Channel for Shopify Shopify just released a BuzzFeed Channel that will let you share your products with BuzzFeed editors for a commission. While it’ll probably only work for a segment of stores, I could see if working very well for them due to the potential traffic levels.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #90 – Flair product badges, Ad blocking workarounds

Introducing Flair product badges for Shopify Tom’s a friend and he just launched a new Shopify app called Flair. It’s a nice app to add social proof to your products and attract more add to carts. Ad Blockers Can Affect Analytics Reporting With the rise of ad blockers it can… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #89 – Polaris redesign, Scarcity and urgency

A Seamless New Shopify Experience to Power Your Business Shopify has started to roll out their Polaris redesign to stores in an attempt to unify the look, feel, and experience of their core products. Expect to see apps start to be updated over the next few months. Using scarcity and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #88 – Shopify SEO, Ecommerce personalization

The Non-Technical Handbook for Shopify SEO I decided to start sharing a lot of the Shopify SEO research I’ve been collecting into a single article, The Non-Technical Handbook for Shopify SEO. How to Implement Ecommerce Personalization Personalization is a great way to improve conversion rates while also making your customers… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #87 – A/B testing research, Shopify Product Reviews with JSON-LD for SEO

I’m excited to say that Sticky has been featured by Shopify in their New and Noteworthy section for the next week How to Conduct Research That Drives A/B Testing A/B testing can enhance your store’s conversion rate but only if you’re testing things that matter. Nick Disabato writes about easy… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #86 – Qualified traffic, Rich snippets without reviews

Great Ideas for Driving More Qualified Traffic to Your Ecommerce Store Getting more qualified traffic is a difficult, ongoing task that is needed for your Shopify store. William shares several traffic strategies that you can use. If I don’t have product reviews in my Shopify store, can I earn rich… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #85 – Ecommerce positioning, Google Data Studio for SEO

How to unlock rock-solid positioning in three steps Drew Sanocki writes about to build an ecommerce brand that stands for something in your customers minds. Using Google Data Studio for SEO This tutorial is a bit advanced but if you needed a free way to analyze a bunch of SEO… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #84 – Selling your store, More traffic

The In-Depth Guide to Selling Your eCommerce Business Andrew has put together a massive guide on selling your ecommerce business. If this is something you’re considering, it’s a must-read. How to increase search traffic to your Shopify store using the rankings you already have Sometimes it’s easier to make your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #83 – Shopify Unite 2017 roundup

Shopify Unite 2017 This week is a special Shopify Unite edition covering many of the announcements from Unite last week. There was something for everyone announced: new payment options, Shopify Plus features, app APIs, new theme toolkits, and more. Everything We Announced at Unite 2017 (And What It Means For… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #82 – Retention marketing, Customer reviews

Retention Marketing: How to Measure and Improve It Tracking and measuring your customer and retention metrics becomes important as your store grows. Kristen outlines how to calculate these metrics by hand and a few ways to improve them. How to Encourage Customer Reviews (And Why You Should) If you want… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #81 – Powerful email campaigns, Testing structured data

5 Personalized Emails You Need to Replicate Outside of the Inbox Josh writes about five email campaigns that you can put in place with your store. Based on my work done in the repeat customer funnel, each of these campaigns should have a strong ROI. How to test your JSON-LD… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #80 – Product launches, New app guidelines

Launch to your repeat customers on Shopify Huge launches are desirable but sometimes it’s better to set your sights lower. A focused launch of a new product to your customers might be a better idea, especially while it’s still under development. New Guidelines for Getting Listed in the Shopify App… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #79 – Customer acquisition, Product review SEO

Overhauling Your Customer Acquisition Model Taking an analytical approach to your customer acquisition is required as you scale and compete in different marketing channels. If you can’t track sales back to the channel, you’re going to be wasting your marketing budget. Shopify Product Reviews App: case of the missing reviews… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #78 – Private flash sales, Simple rewards

Using Exclusive Flash Sales to Reengage Your Most Valuable Customers Flash sales aren’t just to get a spike in sales. You can also use them to bring back your most important customers to your store and as a way to keep your list excited. Encouraging your best customers to buy… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #77 – Industry reports, Essential structured data

More Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination for Tomorrow & Beyond Shopify has released more industry reports which now cover: fashion, consumer electronics, home goods, health and wellness, fitness and sports, beauty, toys, and baby care. The essential structured data for your Shopify store SEO Make sure your Shopify… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #76 – Retention strategy, Email timing

How to Overhaul Your Retention Strategy and Develop More Profitable Repeat Customers Herbert Lui writes about how to plan our your customer retention strategy by looking at what industry veterans do. How to find the optimal time to email your store’s customers There’s common advice about when the best time… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #75 – Calculated shipping, Returning visitors

Shopify Shipping Brings Calculated Rates to All Shopify Plans Shopify has added support for calculated shipping rates to all of their plans. While limited to USPS and Canada Post for now, this might help your conversion rates or profit if you’ve been using flat rate shipping. Returning Ecommerce Visitors: How… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #74 – Free shipping thresholds, Starving crowds

How to Calculate Free Shipping Thresholds I’m a big fan of using customer behavior data to drive business decisions (in fact, that’s the point of my Repeat Customer Insights app). In this article Tommy Walker describes how you can figure out what thresholds to use for your free shipping.. Customer… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #73 – Draft orders, Shipping scripts

Introducing Shopify’s Draft Orders API Shopify has released a new API to create draft orders. Though still in beta, once apps start using this API I expect some interesting workflows to arrive: phone orders, wholesale order automation, and bulk ordering. Introducing Shopify Shipping Scripts: Innovative Shipping Customizations While it’s for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #72 – Rich snippets, Retail trend data

How much Rich Snippets will enhance your search results Google’s rich snippets are a powerful tool to improve a store’s organic traffic and conversions. In this article I look at and compare different formats of rich snippets. Find and Leverage Retail Trend Data to Grow Your Business William Harris outlines… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #71 – Rich snippets, Leaky funnels

The difficulty of getting Google to add Rich Snippets for your Shopify store With less and less space being provided to Google’s organic search results, anything you can do to get more pixels on the page can help. Luckily for Shopify stores you can setup rich snippets and have your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #70 – Build a bigger business, Evaluating repeat customer metrics

Introducing Shopify’s Build a BIGGER Business Competition Shopify has just launched a version of their successful Build a Business competition but this time it’s for existing merchants. It would be worthwhile to enter just to get access to the resources and community. Evaluating a store’s repeat customer metrics with fast… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #69 – Sell on Amazon, Customer spending habits

Start Selling on Amazon With Shopify Shopify has added an integration with Amazon so now you can sell your products on Amazon, sync inventory, and fulfill orders all within Shopify. It takes a bit of work to setup but if Amazon is or is going to be a channel you’re… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #68 – Customer predictions, Repeat buyer tactics

Special news: I just acquired a new Shopify app, JSON-LD for SEO. Predicting when your customer will buy again What if you could predict the future? With the right data you can, at least for your repeat customers. Customer purchase latency can give you an idea about which customers will… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #67 – Post-holiday sales, Backend page speed

Drive Sales After the Holiday Retail Rush The holiday season is over so now it’s time to try to boost the slow first quarter sales. Jason Dent has four strategies you can start putting in place now, though to be honest they aren’t quick fixes and will likely payoff later… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #66 – Predicting 2017, Shrinking AOV

Ditch the Crystal Ball: Where to Place Strategic Ecommerce Bets in 2017 With 2016 drawing to a close, it’s time to think about what major changes you’ll make for next year. My own experience leads me to bet on greater personalization backed by the quantity of customer data stores are… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #65 – Consumer electronics, Drip integration

Opportunities, Threats, and A Future Consumer Electronics Retailers Must Prepare For Shopify Plus has released another industry report, this one for consumer electronics. How to integrate Drip with Shopify to automate your marketing Combining Shopify with the marketing automation provided by Drip, you can build email campaigns that catch the… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #64 – Science of sales, Quick email marketing

The Science of Sales: How to Move More Merchandise with Discounts This article by Jessica Bianchi outlines how people behave to sales and discounts. You can use these strategies to create an offer that is both enticing for your customer and profitable for you. The Quick Guide to Holiday Email… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #63 – Shopify industry reports, Measure repeat customer revenue

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports Shopify Plus is producing industry reports which describe upcoming trends and changes in different ecommerce industries. The first for Fashion and Apparel is out now. Measure how much of your Shopify store revenue originates from repeat customers Earning more revenue from your repeat customers is… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #62 – Facebook advertising, Why customers disappear

Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs With its rich segmentation and huge userbase, Facebook advertising can be an important channel for your ecommerce store. Now Shopify has released a guide to Facebook Ads for Ecommerce Entrepreneurs which should make it even easier to get started. Why Customers Disappear After the First… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #61 – New Shopify customer reports, Gift wrapping for AOV

Happy Black Friday season, may your store reach new sales records. Introducing New Insight Reports That Will Help You Get More Sales Shopify has added some new customer reports that are a great first look at your customer base. While I’m a fan of more deeper analysis (like the ones… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #60 – Grow your business, Content marketing

14 actionable tips for building a more profitable ecommerce business in 2017 It’s never too early to start planning for major changes to your ecommerce store. SellBrite has put together a collection of ideas you can work on in 2017. Content marketing tips for ecommerce Content marketing works well for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #59 – Ecommerce analytics guide, Metrics-based marketing

Ecommerce Analytics for Absolute Beginners: A New Guide from Shopify Shopify has just released a new guide that I’m really looking forward to reading and recommending to customers: Ecommerce Analytics for Absolute Beginners. Switching to a metrics-based approach to ecommerce marketing In a similar vein, I wrote about how to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #58 – Theme sections, Loyalty programs

Introducing a New Way to Build Your Online Store Shopify released their "sections" feature for themes which are a way to design your store using drag-and-drop. While it won’t replace premium themes yet, it can make coming up with a functional and simple theme easier. Customer Loyalty Programs: Why Retailers… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #57 – Recover from DDoS, Steps to prepare for Black Friday

9 Ways to Recover Sales after a DDoS Attack The big news this week was a large scale DDoS attack on a DNS provider that effectively crippled many Shopify stores. While attacks are unavoidable, there are ways to recover lost sales afterwards. The Step-by-Step Guide to Prepare Your Store for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #56 – Sales tax nexus, Simplicity

Nexus: The Hidden Sales Tax Pitfall That Puts Your Profits At Risk Death and taxes… and more taxes. While they serve a purpose, sales taxes can become a significant burden to ecommerce stores. If you’re not careful and informed, they could even sneak up on you too. Enhance Ecommerce UX… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #55 – Email campaigns, Apps

Black Friday Deals: 10 Tips to Send High-Converting Holiday Sales Emails With the holiday season approaching, it’s time to dust off your email campaigns and start optimizing them. Segmentation and personalization will be important once again if you want to get customers to respond to your emails. 7 Shopify Apps… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #54 – Build vs platform, Black Friday resources

Build Your Own Website or Use a Hosted Platform? CartHook has broken down the decision of building your own ecommerce store versus using a hosted platform into a set of pros and cons. A get asked about this a lot and one major point is deciding if the control you… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #53 – Shopify App, Customer data

Introducing the New Mobile Shopify App Shopify released a redesigned Shopify app for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Hopefully they can use this redesign to start rolling out new features. I’d love to see Shopify Apps come to their mobile app. 5 Interesting Uses of Customer Data for Ecommerce Marketing I’m… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #52 – Ecommerce platform migrations, Boosting CLTV

Migrating an Enterprise eCommerce Website to a New Platform Switching ecommerce platforms is a major decision for your store. Ideally you’d never have to do it but as your organization grows, you might need to consider switching if your current platform is causing you too many problems. Boosting Customer Lifetime… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #51 – Multichannel 101, Pricing strategies

Multichannel 101: Bringing Order to the Chaos of Managing all the Channels Once you start growing your channels, you’ll need to start looking into Order Management Systems in order to keep everything in sync. This article by Sangram Kadam gives a good introduction to how those systems work together. 5… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #50 – RFM analysis, Winback campaigns

Digging into RFM segmenting in Shopify Segmenting your customers using RFM is a great way to find your VIP customers. Unlike other segmenting methods, RFM use three key pieces of data to improve your results. How to monetize dormant customers with a successful winback campaign Over time you’ll lose customers… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #49 – Product pricing, Customer research

Why finding the product pricing sweet spot is about more than math As much as we’d like pricing to have a single magic formula, it’s still very subjective. This can be a good thing though. By not having only one price we have room to maneuver and can try out… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #48 – Copywriting, Customer segments

How to Write Copy That Converts Writing sales copy for your store is just as important as any design decision. William Harris has seven tips and 3rd party resources on how to write copy that converts. The segment of customers who just can’t get enough Segmenting your customers before you… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #47 – Cart abandonment, Customer Segmenting

How to Maximize Sales with a Successful Cart Abandonment Email Strategy Adding even a simple cart abandonment email to most stores will improve your revenue, almost immediately. Shopify shares some cart abandonment campaigns but even a simple plain text one that goes out after 6 hours is a huge improvement… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #46 – Ecommerce success, Marketing your Shopify app

What’s the most important factor to the success of an e-commerce business? FE International collected responses from dozens of ecommerce experts who all answered the question: What’s the most important factor to the success of an e-commerce business?. Marketing Your Shopify App: The Details We Overlook I tell my clients… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #45 – Speed up Shopify, Build your first app

Speed Up Your Shopify Store Once you get a decent amount of traffic, speeding up your Shopify store should boost your conversion rate. Even simple things like optimizing images can have a dramatic effect on your store’s performance. How to Build Your First Shopify App If you’ve wanted to build… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #44 – Repeat metrics, Email marketing

3 Key Metrics for Repeat Customers Once you have customers buying from your store, it can be confusing to decide what to do next to keep them loyal. The best way to decide is to use data to guide your thinking. In this article, you’ll learn what metrics to watch… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #43 – Conversion rate optimization, Twitter

The Beginner’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization Once your store grow reaches a critical mass, you’ll want to grow revenue by focusing on conversion optimization (CRO). While there’s a huge body of knowledge around it, you can get started with a simple guide like this one from Shopify. The Small… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #42 – Increasing CLTV, Subscriptions

5 Tips for Increasing Customer Lifetime Value on your Shopify Store There are many ways to increase the customer lifetime value of your store but they come back to #2 on this list: Build relationships. The store/customer relationship is the foundation for any future business and a strong one will… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #41 – A/B tests, Contacting past customers

A Short Tutorial for Running A/B Tests in Shopify with Optimizely A/B tests can be a great way to optimize parts of your store for conversions and purchases once you have enough traffic. This tutorial on setting up Optimizely to A/B test a Shopify site is a good introduction to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #40 – Ecommerce stats, Planning private app

50 E-Commerce Stats You Need to Know While it’s important not to stress over too many metrics, reviewing larger trends in how things are doing can be useful to adjust your own strategies. Richard shares a collection of recent ecommerce stats around common areas. Planning for a Private Shopify App:… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #39 – CLTV, Build a Shopify App in a week

How to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value Kevin has a great article on segmenting your Shopify customers using an RFM analysis and then finding their customer lifetime values. Super secret (but not really a secret): this week I’m planning to submit a Shopify app to the App Store that does this… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #38 – Build Shopify App webinar, Drive repeat business

How to Build Your First Shopify App (Webinar) Over the past couple of months I’ve built three public apps and gotten two into the Shopify App Store (the 3rd is on it’s way this week). If you’ve been wanting to learn how to build your own apps, Shopify is hosting… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #37 – Shopify Retail blog, Starting customer retention process

Introducing the Shopify Retail Blog This week Shopify announced a new blog dedicated to retail stores. I’ll be including articles from it in future editions. Starting your customer retention process In order for any process to work correctly it needs some kind of trigger or point that says "time to… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #36 – Repeat customers, Designing a loyalty program

How much additional revenue do repeat ecommerce customers contribute? 10%? 20% 40%? Everyone likes more repeat customers. In this article you can see how much revenue your repeat customers actually contribute. Design a loyalty program that will keep them coming back Loyalty programs are one tactic to increase your repeat… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #35 – Lifecycle emails, Customer retention

Lifecycle emails for Shopify stores Lifecycle emails are a powerful technique to map your customer relationship over time using email campaigns. This article from ShopStorm describes 5 different types of lifecycle emails a Shopify store can use as well as some apps to create them. Simple Shopify customer retention using… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #34 – Shopify Scripts, Customer loyalty

Getting Started with Shopify Scripts Even since Shopify Scripts were announced, I’ve been wanting to learn more about them. Gavin Ballard has a great introduction to Shopify Scripts and how he recently used them for a client. The Quick Guide to Boosting Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business I’ve been doing… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #33 – Loyalty programs, App marketing

How to Start a Loyalty Program for Your Online Store Creating a loyalty program for your store can incentive and increase the number of repeat purchases. In this guide by Alex, he outlines How to Start a Loyalty Program for Your Online Store. Marketing Your Shopify App: Networking and Partnerships… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #32 – Growth hacking, Custom platforms

17 Tactics for Ecommerce Growth Hacking Buzzwords aside, there are many marketing tactics you can take from this article and apply to your ecommerce business. Even one or two tactics might be more than enough for you. App Development Trends Favor Custom Ecommerce Platforms Armando Roggio highlights what a build-it-yourself… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #31 – Email marketing, CLTV

How to Grow an Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing Shopify has written a new free guide, "How to Grow an Ecommerce Business with Email Marketing". Email marketing is one thing that every business can do better with, and see a significant impact on revenue. 10x Your Revenue: Increasing Customer Lifetime… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #30 – Automation, Data intelligence

6 Principles for Small Business Automation A little bit of code can go a long way when it comes to automation but only if you understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Armando Roggio writes about principles to remember when you’re considering automation. Breaking into Data Intelligence: Making Sense of Your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #29 – Facebook Messenger, Advanced content marketing

Shopify Introduces a Better Way to Communicate With Your Customers Using Facebook Messenger Shopify has just released a new channel which allows your customers to get Shopify notifications through Facebook Messenger. While I don’t see this replacing email, it will be valuable to have another method of reaching customers and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #28 – April 6th, 2016

How to Use Niche Marketing to Grow Your Business When you focus and cater to a specific niche of customers, you'll make a much larger impact than a more generic message. Marketing Your Shopify App: The App Listing Page For Shopify app developers with public apps in the App Store,… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #27 – March 30th, 2016

Shopify UNITE recaps With UNITE happening last week, there have been a lot of official resources coming out from Shopify. Here’s what happened since last week: Unite 2016 Recap: Enabling Commerce Everywhere ( Here’s Everything We Announced at Unite, and What It Means for You As ( Introducing Shopify Scripts:… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #26 – March 23rd, 2016

Shopify Helps You Sell Where Your Customers Are Announced yesterday at Shopify Unite is the new Sales Channel SDK. This development kit allows app developers to integrate Shopify purchases into other channels, similar to Shopify’s own integrations with Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Build an Ecommerce Store On Any Website or… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #25 – March 16th, 2016

Introducing Shopify for WordPress Following up on last week’s news about a Shopify specific WordPress theme, is the release of two more WordPress themes and an official WordPress plugin from Shopify. This is going to make it even easier to integrate Shopify into non-traditional ecommerce stores. How to Run a… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #24 – March 9th, 2016

Ecommerce content marketing Content marketing can be an investment that slowly builds up your store’s revenue over time. This guide outlines many of the ways to use content marketing with your ecommerce store. How to Integrate Shopify into WordPress with Zillacommerce If the focus of your website is its content… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #23 – March 2nd, 2016

Private Apps: Your Ticket to Moving Your Shopify Store from ‘Good Enough’ to Outstanding Sometimes a store settles for a "good enough" solution to a problem which causes more trouble than it’s worth. There is another way. Shopify private apps can be used to create a custom, perfect-fit solution for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #22 – February 24th, 2016

The Different Types of Shopify Apps Not only is Shopify’s App Store growing rapidly, but there are two entire segments of Shopify apps that aren’t even listed there. Learn about the three types of Shopify apps. Shopify 2015 Year in Review It’s been a busy year for Shopify. Some interesting… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #21 – February 17th, 2016

Order Communication and Collaboration in Shopify Shopify added the ability for your team to post comments to your orders. This will make it easier to talk about an order in one place and stop sending those dozens of emails. 2016 Ecommerce Marketing Checklist Marketing can feel difficult if you don’t… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #20 – February 10th, 2016

How to Set Retail Discounts, for Ecommerce Too often I see discounts created without any thought behind them. A merchant will decide that today 15% sounds good and next time they’ll make it 20%. Armando Roggio shows how to plan out your discounts so it matches your business reason for… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #19 – February 3rd, 2016

All Shopify Stores Now Use SSL Encryption Everywhere Trust is the #1 factor when a customer is deciding about buying from you, versus a competitor. Even if you have an amazing price, if they don’t trust your store, you won’t get the sale. Security and SSL is one aspect of… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #18 – January 27th, 2016

Calculating your customer purchase latency Knowing your reorder metrics are important. How much they spend is commonly used. One oft-overlooked metric is the Customer Purchase Latency, the how long it takes a customer to reorder. By building campaigns around this metric you can speed up reorders. How To Turn Your… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #17 – January 20th, 2016

Getting repeat sales using purchase latency Knowing your customer purchase latency can help you build a strategy to get more repeat sales from customers. Though it can be difficult to track and manage, the payoff may be worth it. Small Retailers Better Able to Adopt Unified Commerce One area outside… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #16 – January 13th, 2016

Pricing out a Private Shopify App Creating a private Shopify app can be a valuable project for many merchants. Having the flexibility to customize and control how your store functions can give you automation potential that topples public App Store apps. But make sure to budget enough to keep the… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #15 – January 6th, 2016

How to keep driving sales after holiday season Just because the holiday season is over doesn’t mean you should slow everything down yet. You deserve a break for getting through the end of the year but make sure to use the first few months of 2016 to keep driving sales.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #14 – December 30th, 2015

It’s been a light week content-wise. Everyone is recovering from the holiday season and wrapping up the year. Don’t forget to do a final promotion before the fiscal year ends for businesses. Telling a story with your content marketing I’ve used stories with my content marketing several times but it… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #13 – December 23rd, 2015

Maximizing your email marketing While not all of Nick’s advice here will work for everyone (what advice does?), he includes some great email marketing tips for ecommerce merchants. Depending on your pricing and level of service your customers expect, you might find building a relationship is required. Though offers and… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #12 – December 16th, 2015

App Integration Will Benefit Your Ecommerce Website Spending time (and thus money) keeping all of you business data up-to-date sucks. Sometimes it’s a must-do, like making sure your customer orders are sent to your supplier. Other data updates are a should-do, which… let’s be honest here, get put off until… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #11 – December 9th, 2015

Sales Report: 2015 Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday More data has come in on the 2015 Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday sales and three things stand out to me: Online orders are up Mobile orders are up (a bunch) Extending the shopping season to Halloween or even just… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #10 – December 2nd, 2015

In-Store Retail Sales Decline on Black Friday Weekend While it’s only counting brick-and-mortar retail, 2015 sales over Black Friday appear to be down. I’ve seen some sources saying online has taken a larger share of sales and there are always reporting problems in these statistics but this is a rough… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #9 – November 25th, 2015

3 2 1 Launch… checklist I’ve created and used launch checklists for years with clients. Launch can be a stressful time and without a checklist in hand, as it’s easy to forget things. This Shopify Store Launch Checklist is a great start but don’t be afraid to add your own… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #8 – November 18th, 2015

Advanced email tactics Carolyn Nye has several tips that can be used to improve your email marketing for Cyber Monday (or anytime really). The best part is that you can set these up ahead of time. Where’s the Lede? Some of the best content marketing gets to the point quickly.… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #7 – November 11th, 2015

Don’t spread, focus All too often people spread themselves too thin. Maybe they have 10 stores, when 2 would work better. Or 5,000 products, when only 4 are strong sellers. Nick Whitmore writes about how he approaches new ideas and focuses on one at a time. Grow your blog, grow… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #6 – November 4th, 2015

Failing moves Things don’t always happen as you expect. Even your business as a whole might, one day, start dying and it’s up to you to revive it. There are many ways you can try to save it, but you have to be willing to attempt something different. Mobile ecommerce… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #5 – October 28th, 2015

Third-party warehousing and fulfillment Much of the advice you’ll find about ecommerce is about the online side: setting up your storefront, marketing, taking orders, etc. Sometimes fulfilling those orders is regulated to busy work that you dread. Casandra Campbell writes about how you can use third-party warehousing and fulfillment instead… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #4 – October 21st, 2015

All about the cash I’ve watched a few businesses implode. Running out of cash is the top cause. They might be profitable, selling lots of products, and growing but then they don’t watch their cash flow and all of a sudden can’t make payroll and rent. Casandra Campbell has written… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #3 – October 14th, 2015

Automate your email marketing Email marketing is one of the most powerful forms of marketing available. It’s a direct connection to your customers at a fraction of the cost of other forms of advertising. John McIntyre outlines several ways you can setup email campaigns to reach your customers in this… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #2 – October 7th, 2015

Be Prepared Black Friday and Cyber Monday have the potential to make or break your year. You’re going to start seeing a lot of advice around how to get ready for it but the best advice is to be prepared and have options. Things will go wrong and how you… Read more

Shopify Dispatch Issue #1- September 30th, 2015

Welcome to the first issue of Shopify Dispatch, a weekly curated newsletter with links and resources for Shopify merchants about Shopify and ecommerce. Missing out on some growth? Neil Patel has put together a resource to help look at where your store is flagging and what you can do to… Read more