Repeat Customer Insights features and report overviews

Guidance to diagnose and find data-driven improvements

This app will analyze your entire customer and order data, and equip you with reports on what your most loyal and valuable customers do. More than that, it will give you clear and actionable advice on how to keep your existing customers loyal and how to turn more of your one-off customers into loyal, repeat customers.

Discover your best customer segments with the Customer Segmenting Report

Repeat Customer Insights RFM customer report

With the Customer Segmenting Report you'll learn who your most loyal and valuable customers are.

It collects data from multiple areas of Shopify and unites them into a single customer grade, easily showing you who your best customers are.

Use the same RFM analysis that big stores have used for decades

The Customer Segmenting report uses the Customer RFM algorithm, which was pioneered by the big catalog stores in the early 90s and was only available to the large commerce enterprises until recently. It analyzes each customer on three criteria to rank them against the rest of your customer base:

- Recency, how recent has this customer order from you? Because the more fresh the customers memory of your store, the better chance you'll have of engaging with them. - Frequency, how often this customer has ordered? Because repeated exposures to your store and its brand will add familiarity and trust. - Monetary, how much has this customer has spent? Because all else the same, the better customers have spent more and made a larger commitment to your store and products.

Visualize your RFM segments with the Customer Grid

Repeat Customer Insights Customer Grid, automatic segmenting

The Customer RFM algorithm is powerful but can be complicated and difficult to understand since it creates 125 different segments.

We've simplified that for you with the Customer Grid.

The Customer Grid compares and groups many of the RFM segments into easy to understand visual tables of your customer segments. Each segment is color coded throughout the application to make recognition easier.

Additionally, all 30+ automatic customer segments from the Customer Grid come with descriptions of the segment, how those customers should behave, and mostly importantly of all advice on how to market to them.

Simple customer segmented using grades

All of these metrics are combined along with others to give you a simple grade for each customer:

With just a single grade to monitor, managing your best "A" customers becomes easy. You'll be able to target each segment with exactly what they need to grow and improve.

Use cohorts to compare how customers behave differently based on their first orders

Repeat Customer Insights customer cohort report

The Customer Cohort report automatically creates cohorts for your customers based on when they were acquired. This gives you a month-by-month breakdown of how each cohort behaves throughout their lifecycle with your store.

With it you can compare how customers acquired during a holiday season compare to your Summer Launch.

Or how a heavily discounted promotion impacts later promotions to that group of customers.

Or if that big advertising buy only brought in one-time customers so you ended up losing money.

Analyze every step of your store's customer lifecycle with the Order Sequencing Analysis

Learn how customer behavior changes as they continue to return to your store

More than just a store-wide "your customers are worth $453.32", Repeat Customer Insights employs a Customer Purchase Latency algorithm that analyzes every step of your customer's purchase history.

For example you'll see that the average customer:

  1. first orders $125.21 worth of product,
  2. then 14 days later they make a second, additional $45.78 purchase,
  3. followed by a third purchase 22 days later of $165.29...

Use the Order Sequencing Analysis to design the perfect marketing campaigns

With this level of analysis:

Discover which products your best customers are ordering first

Product analysis to find which attract the best customers

Using the first products ordered by each customer, total lifetime spending (LTV) and Repeat Purchase Rate (RPR) is calculated to show which initial products have a positive influence on their behavior.

By highlighting, promoting, and selling your top products, you are more likely to attract and keep better customers overall.

Fully automated, no importing or exporting Shopify data required

Repeat Customer Insights is a fully automated Shopify app. After installing, it will begin to analyze your customer data without you having to do anything.

It will continue to analyze and update your metrics as new orders come though.

With fresh metrics you can see the impact your changes are having on your store every single day.

Repeat Customer Insights app

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