Repeat Customer Insights features and report overviews

Repeat Customer Insights will analyze your entire customer data and equip you with reports on what your most loyal and valuable customers do. More than that, it will give you clear and actionable advice on how to keep your existing customers loyal and how to turn more of your one-off customers into loyal, repeat customers.

Who Are Loyal

Who are Loyal report to find which customers are loyal in your store

Find who your more loyal customers are so you can better retain them in the long-term.

1-to-2 Customer analysis

1-to-2 Customers overall analysis

Focus on how to get your new customers to make their second order and become repeat customers.


Downturn analysis from Repeat Customer Insights

Help your store prepare and survive downturns by operating more efficently.

Store Analysis

Storewide analysis and metrics

Review your storewide metrics and analyses to be confident you're heading in the right direction.

Customer Segmenting

List of customers and their segments

Automatically segment your customer using a variety of industry tested and proven models.

Find who your most loyal and valuable customers are.

Customer Grid

Customer Grid showing Recency and Frequency segments

Visualize your Automatic Customer segments and RFM segments and see how customers flow from segment to segment over-time.

Learn how those customers behave and advice on how to market to them.

Order Sequencing Analysis

Order Sequencing Analysis report

Learn how customer buying behavior changes across their lifetime and which points do they become loyal customers.

Find when to push for a sale in engagement campaigns.

Spot where customers drop off and start to defect.

Cohort Analysis

Summary of the Cohort Analysis

Analyze customers with the cohort analysis to learn how the customer acquisition date influences their buying behavior.

Learn how their buying lifecycle changes from month-to-month and when they disappear.

Nth product analysis

Nth Product Analysis summary

Connect the best customers back to the products they bought to help decide which products are the best for long-term customers.

By highlighting, promoting, and selling your top products at different stages, you are more likely to attract and keep better customers overall.


Summary of metrics collected

Metrics are detailed and available to review outside of the reports for further analysis.

Email subscriptions

Subscribe to reports sent over emails

Subscribe to have reports delivered over email to your and your team. Sent:

  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily


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  • Integrated with Shopify since 2016
  • Automatically imports Shopify data and keeps it in sync
  • Approved by Shopify to access protected customer data
  • GDPR supported analysis

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