Features: Customer Grid - Repeat Customer Insights

Customer Grid showing Recency and Frequency segments

Visualize your Automatic Customer segments and RFM segments and see how customers flow from segment to segment over-time.

Learn how those customers behave and advice on how to market to them.

Visualize your customer segments

Customer Grid zoomed in to see details
  • Distills the 125 RFM scores into an easier to understand 2D Customer Grid
  • Combines similar behaviors into common segments

Three Customer Grids to measure different behaviors

Three different customer grids offered
  • Recency-Frequency: for customer loyalty based on when and how many times a customer ordered
  • Frequency-Monetary: to see which customer spend more or less on their average orders and identify Whale customers
  • Recency-Monetary: detect customer loyalty and defection based on their order sizes

Historic Grids show customer development

Historic customer grid showing growth and loss of customers in each segment
  • Compare how the Grids evolve over-time to see customers develop
  • See which segments are growing and shrinking
  • Spot migrations of customers from segment to segment caused by shifting of their behavior

Repeat Customer Insights

Repeat Customer Insights icon

Metrics and growth advice made clear using customer behavior analysis for Consumer Packaged Goods

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