Guides for Shopify Stores

Absolute Minimum Email Marketing for Shopify Stores

Every business wants to survive. They don’t want to close up and die. This means that most businesses try to grow. They know they’ll lose a few customers over time so it’s best to increase their customer base over time to counteract that. And then there are businesses that want… Read more

How To Use Software To Improve Your Shopify Store’s Marketing

Businesses are always looking for ways to find more and better customers. To do this they turn to marketing but with the number of marketing messages out there now, it’s become crowded. One way to improve your marketing is to use software to streamline and automate the process. In this… Read more

How to Hire Outside Development Help

Hiring is tough. Especially when you’re hiring an outside company for your development. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and without an established relationship, there can be a lot of risk. That said, there are many reasons when it makes sense to hire outside development help:… Read more

What to Look for in a Freelancer

At some point you and your staff might find themselves with a project that cannot be done with the resources you have. Perhaps the project needs a skill that you don’t have. Or perhaps it’s something as simple as everyone in your company is already committed to other projects and… Read more

Rebuilding Email Marketing

Many companies start an email newsletter with good intentions. They want to use it to help their existing customers, attract new customers, and promote their goods and services. But sometimes things don’t go as they plan. What was going to be a monthly newsletter doesn’t get sent until five months… Read more

The Benefits of a Healthy Rails Application

A healthy Rails application is an asset that will benefit your organization for years to come. While an unhealthy one will be a weight you and your team will have to bear every day. An Rails application’s health is important for a few reasons. Software can be an asset for… Read more

Software Rescue Projects

So you’ve heard that there are Software Rescue projects. Perhaps you’re wondering if you have one, but you’re not sure. A Software Rescue project is a software project that is going bad. It’s not a failure yet but somewhere, somehow it went off the rails and is heading down the… Read more

8 Common Types of Rails Rescue Projects

Just like Rails projects take many forms, a Rails Rescue project does too. A Rails Rescue project is basically a Rails project that has gotten into trouble. This might be temporary, permanent, caused by external factors, internal factors and so on. Fortunately there are several common types of Rails rescue… Read more