How To Use Software To Improve Your Shopify Store’s Marketing


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Businesses are always looking for ways to find more and better customers. To do this they turn to marketing but with the number of marketing messages out there now, it’s become crowded.

One way to improve your marketing is to use software to streamline and automate the process.

In this guide, I explain how software can improve your marketing and give examples of how software can be applied to lead generation. Find more leads, get more customers.


Software is leverage

Software has the potential to be the highest leverage points in your business today. There is no other resource, other than people, that can provide such a high ROI from the effort expended. Unlike people, software can run 24/7 and can be cloned to infinity.

Goals of marketing

Before we look at how software can improve marketing, it’s good to understand what marketing really is. Otherwise we run the risk of creating software that is expensive, not useful, and just basically doesn’t do what we want.

Marketing can have several goals depending on your organization:

  • brand building and awareness
  • attracting new leads to your product or service
  • getting additional sales from your existing customers

Of them all, the second and third are the best suited for software. With the right software, they can accelerate like a rocket through the atmosphere.

Marketing as a repeatable process

Marketing can take many forms. Some are overt and clear like running a advertisement in a magazine or search engine. Others are less so, like facilitating word-of-mouth or sponsoring an event.

But these forms are just tactics. The day-to-day activities that focus on short-term goals. What is more important is that your marketing is strategic and long-term focused.

This comes from changing your marketing from one time event into a repeatable process. Something that you run over and over and over.

Dumb computers

One central idea with software is that computers are dumb. They do exactly what you tell them to do (but sometimes exactly what you tell them isn’t what you expected). With the same inputs they always have the same outputs.

The redeeming quality of computers is that they do those things fast. Really fast. Typically faster than a person could ever hope to.

The key then is to create a marketing process that is repeatable enough that computer software could do it.

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