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Email is a great channel for Shopify stores to use. It should be used for:

  1. making sales (e.g. get subscribers to buy)
  2. customer service (e.g. order details, customer support)
  3. retention (e.g. education, loyalty programs).

Email marketing usually involves #1 and #3, depending on what stage a customer is at. Oftentimes each individual email message will incorporate all three.

One of the most effective at conversions

Year after year Shopify shows email marketing as one of the top converting channels for Shopify stores. It also being one of the lowest cost channels makes it extremely effective for making sales and retaining customers.

List and content, the two requirements

All you need for email marketing is a way to keep track of who wants your emails and content to send them.

There are a variety of email providers that handle the list side. From simple ones like Shopify's own Email, all the way to full marketing automation systems like Klaviyo. There's an email system for every store size and every budget.

Content though, that's the largest ongoing cost with email marketing. Since you need to send email regularly for it to work, you need to be creating content regularly. This requires ways to regularly plan, create, and publish content.

It's not that difficult, it's about the same as the work needed to run a very active social media presence.

Scalable channel

Email marketing can be a very scalable channel. You can decide to do the same thing when you're at 100 orders per month as you would do at 100,000 orders per month. Or you can decide to sprinkle in more advanced techniques as you grow.

This freedom to do it how you like gives you a lot of flexibility to experiment with new things.

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