Squawk, squawk, squawk marketing

Having put out a bird feeder a couple of months ago, we've started to see and hear a lot of wonderful birds...

and a pair of annoying ones.

There's a family of jays, two adults and two teens.

The adults are fine but the teens are exactly how you'd expect teens to act.

Yelling for food.

Pushing around the smaller birds.

Yelling for more food.

Hopping around and squawking at the squirrels, who couldn't care less for the bird's antics.

Yelling for even more food.

Worst of all, they like to do much of their yelling while perching right above my office window.

Often you'll see marketing campaigns act like these jays.

They seem to constantly scream for food sales, trying to be louder than every other store.

They are screaming the same way to everyone too. New visitors, new email subscribers, and even long-term customers are all getting the same messages.

It's arguably better than no marketing at all. There's a lot of room for improvement though.

Taking a bit of time to make the marketing entertaining, educational, or both (edutainment) can go a long way.

Combine that with a basic amount of segmenting can do wonders.

If you think you're marketing is coming across as a bunch of squawking, add some non-sales content and start using different messaging to different customers.

If you're not sure what to say to who, use the advice and automatic segments in Repeat Customer Insights.

And yes, those jays have been going at it the entire time I've been writing them. Sigh...

Eric Davis

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