Use the "forgot something" email to get a repeat order

A company I just ordered from sent me this email:

Subject: Forget something? Reduced shipping from COMPANY

Thank you for your recent order. In case you forgot an item, or something new has caught your eye, we want to offer you a coupon for reduced shipping on your next online order. Use this code to discount our Standard $7.95 shipping to $3.95.

Given what this company sells (garden supplies), this makes a lot of sense for me as a customer. In fact, I did forget something and will probably place another order soon.

From what I can tell, they send this email out regularly after each order. Soon enough to capture interest, but not so soon as to cause buyer's remorse about the shipping discount.

This could be a good tactic to get repeat orders. It works best if your Shopify store sells products where customers have multiple items in each order.

I'd love to see how this email/coupon impacts later purchases for this company too. I'd bet they'd see an increase in repeat orders overall, especially for customers who take advantage of this extra coupon.

In Repeat Customer Insights this would show up as a lower (better) Latency between orders. It would also boost all of the Cohort metrics as it's an additional order.

Definitely an easy to borrow idea that could pay for itself quickly.

Eric Davis

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