Today’s short tip: improve the customer relationship

A simple tip for you today.

Now that the holiday rush is over, take the time to start conversations with your top… say, 10 customers.

Not a Conversation with a capital C, but a conversation with a lowercase c. Person to person.

Send each one a short personal email. Ask them about how their holidays were, about a recent order, or just how they are doing.

Don’t try to sell them.

Don’t ask them to follow you.

Don’t use your fancy templates.

Just write to them and care about what they say.

This won’t take long. You could even only pick 5 customers if you want.

This is what true CRM is about, Customer Relationship Management not Customer Relationship Management.

Not fancy tools or lead scoring or KPIs.

Those have their place but they can’t replace honest communication.

This was inspired by a Repeat Customer Insights customer who sent me some honest and useful feedback (thank you!) and by a company-that-shall-not-be-named who has recently burned many of their customers. Sometimes inspiration is born from seeing contrasts.

While it is one of those fancy tools mentioned above, Repeat Customer Insights can help you find and reach your best customers.

That’s why I made sure it’ll highlight your best customer every week in the Monday Morning Metrics.

Eric Davis

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