Spice up your bland customer notifications

Once a customer orders from your Shopify store, they start evaluating if they'd buy again from you.

From checkout, to shipping, to delivery. Everything you do and don't do is weighing into that decision. With a good overall experience, the customer is likely to order again.

One step a lot of stores will setup once and then forget about is Shopify's email notifications. These are often missed because they are buried in Shopify's Settings (Settings > Notifications) and not in your regular email marketing system.

Since Shopify sends them automatically, you can't turn them off so you might as well make use of them. Your customer sure will be.

You're able to edit these and tweak them to fit your store and personality. Add some humor. Add some design. Or whatever else fits with your store.

With the holidays quickly approaching, now's the last chance to evaluate how last year's marketing went and deciding if you want to reuse any of it. Find out if last year's holiday customers stuck around with Repeat Customer Insights Cohort Report.

Eric Davis

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