The smell of unexpected windfalls

Last week I wrote about our latest pile of wood chips and how it was an unexpected windfall for us and the neighbors.

Well it was even better than I thought.

Easily half the pile is turning out to be fresh pine wood chips and needles.

The best types to use around berries (berries love the acidity in pine).

Plus they smell AMAZING.

Our yard now smells like a pine forest after a rain.

Be prepared to handle unexpected good news this holiday season.

This year has been "interesting" but with the level of ecommerce activity during the pandemic, this might become another record setting year for some Shopify stores even with a recession going on in the US.

Make sure your new customer campaigns are up and running smoothly. With in-person retail taking major losses there's going to be a lot of new customers shopping online. You'll want to be ready to capitalize on those opportunities if you can.

A new customer welcome campaign right now could be the best way to continue any good times past the holidays and into next year.

One difficultly is timing it right. You want to make sure you put promotional offers in front of them to get orders but not so soon to trigger buyer's remorse or make customers feel blasted.

Using the Customer Purchase Latency timing in Repeat Customer Insights will give you an insight into how soon 2nd time buyers typically order. Those should be your cues for when to have promotional offers going.

Here's to a pine-scented holiday season.

Eric Davis

Measure which customers you're retaining and which you're losing

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