Keep your key Shopify performance indicators easy to find

I was working with a friend on a metrics dashboard for his business.

He wanted to have a better idea about a handful of key indicators he was watching. They measured how well his next two weeks would be and then overall how his business has been doing so far.

Pretty basic stuff in the metrics-world.

He had all of the data already but it was buried in different systems and he’d have to pull the data out to use it.

His dashboard made it easier to see everything at a glance which means he’s now more likely to use and act on his metrics.

That’s why Repeat Customer Insights has a Store Analysis page that pulls in a handful of key metrics.

Being able to see your Average Order Value, Average LTV, Repeat Purchase Rate, and more at a quick glance is vital for any sort of retention and loyalty system. If you’re not retaining people and don’t notice it, you’re in for a lot of pain at the end of the year.

That’s also why I made it a point to give every account access to these metrics. The higher level accounts have more historical versions they can look at and segment with but everyone has access to the base metrics.

Eric Davis

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