Which part of the chicken does the nugget come from?

Every other week I get an email newsletter from my kid’s school.

For the most part it’s typical boring information dispersion.

Every now and then though, a bit of creative genius shines through like this:

Nutrition Services is Hiring!

Are you, or someone you know, looking for job in the exciting world of School Lunches? Have we got a job for you! Meet interesting children! Marvel at the selection of serving utensils! Discover exactly which part of the chicken the nugget comes from! Please see the attached flier for all the exciting details!

Excusing the number of exclamations, adding a bit of fun and humor turned a boring job description into something entertaining and caught my attention.

This sort of thing is what I recommend adding to your product descriptions or SEO descriptions. It doesn’t have to be Seinfeld-quality, just a bit above the typical bar set by your industry.

Just as how humor can capture a customer’s attention, Rich Results with their orange stars and expanded product data can capture searcher’s attention.

Getting these require structured data and the safest and easiest way for Shopify stores is to use JSON-LD for SEO.

Eric Davis

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