Email marketing is your highest leverage channel

When it comes to marketing your Shopify store, email marketing is one of the strongest strategies you have.

With a little bit of effort each month and maybe a few hundred dollars you can reach thousands of your best customers and prospective customers. Then when you factor how well those customers convert, email marketing becomes a very profitable strategy.

Compared to the cost to acquire an order from ads or social media, email marketing should be a rounding error (effectively free).

The main downside of email marketing is that you can't easily acquire new customers from your email marketing. Sure you could make your emails amazing and noteworthy, but you can only hope to acquire new customers just from that.

But that can be handled by pairing email marketing with another strategy lets you leverage both strategy's strengths.

Investing into content marketing to attract traffic, which can be converted to email subscribers or customers (who also get on your email list).

Or SEO traffic...

Or even social media and buying advertising to get traffic and email subscribers.

There's very few online channels that don't work with email marketing. Offline, sure some things don't work. But a surprising number are just as effective.

This is why you absolutely should be doing some form of email marketing. There's a version you can figure out that will work for your store. From a short monthly email update all the way to a full-blown automated multi-touch AI buzzword marketing juggernaut.

If you're getting start I recommend two email marketing campaigns to start, especially if you want to retain repeat customers.

Eric Davis

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