A simple, quick email campaign you can use with your best customers

This close to Black Friday, your options for building a marketing campaign are limited.

You still can, you'll just need a simpler campaign than if you had months to prepare.

Here's a simple one that you can launch:

  1. Create a simple offer.

Either a percentage off coupon, a complementary product for a deep discount, or offer to throw in something special (buy X, get Y free).

  1. Write a super-simple, mostly text email (like this one) that describes the offer and says they get it for being a valued customer this year.

Feel free to use this one, it's okay-ish but just a quick off-the-cuff example I wrote:

Hey there,

I wanted to thank you for your patronage this year. You're a great customer and we're happy you picked us to buy from.

As a sign of our gratitude, you can use the code FILL_IT_IN_HERE to get 10% off from now until the end of the day Monday.

Thanks again and if you have any questions, feel free to reply and we'd be happy to help.

Your Name

  1. Email that to your top 20% customers.

Writing the email copy will take the most work but keep it simple and personal. Just write as if you were emailing them directly.

This simple campaign could net you a solid ROI, but at the very least it'll win you some goodwill and help you stand out.

If you aren't sure who to send it to, Repeat Customer Insights comes with dozens of customer segments automatically calculated for you.

I'd recommend the Loyal, VIP, Whale (FM), and maybe the Potential loyal segments.

Eric Davis

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