Wrong pitch, wrong market, wrong time

The school here has a small Halloween trick-or-treat parade every year.

Kids of all ages and parents walk down one of the main streets while the community cheers and passes out treats.

It's great for the young kids because they can get quite a haul without having to stay up late. School-age kids also get to hang out with their friends without parents having to do schedule calculus.

Even the local businesses get in on it too.

This year the local hardware store all dressed up in Mario costumes to hand out candy.

Then there's a real estate group with classic Halloween music. Thriller, Monster Mash, etc

Though this year there was one guy...

(There's always that one guy)

... anyways, there was this one guy who was passing out coupons for some spa thing.

Not candy.

Not free passes for tired parents.

Regular old coupons.

To top it off, he wasn't even dressed up in a costume. Just normal everyday clothes.

I can appreciate the attempt but matching your marketing to the audience is basic marketing.

He could have dressed up like a giant rock costume (a massage stone). Or a merperson (salt bath). Or one of the Moana characters (Maui would have been a hit). That would at least made him fit in.

Better yet would be hand out a healthy "candy" or toy, which to parents of sugar-hyper kids would have been appreciated and memorable.

Or as Seth Godin has said, Remarkable... to be remarked (talked) about.

No fault to the guy for trying. It was just one of those things I notice and thought "he could have had better results by..."

Going into the busy season (or any busy season) you're going to have chances to get in front of customers too. Pay extra attention to make sure your messages connect and make sense.

Don't be the person in jeans handing out coupons during a kids Halloween parade.

Be the store in the rock costume or even a purple cow.

That'll work.

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Eric Davis

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