Getting 4x the organic space in Google with Sitelinks

A JSON-LD for SEO customer recently emailed asking about those little links under a search results:

Google Sitelinks example

Those are what Google calls Sitelinks.

There are two flavors of them,

  • the regular large one like above and
  • the smaller one that just includes the links to the other pages.

Either one is beneficial because your Shopify store is getting more space in the search results. That entire Sitelinks section counts as one organic result, even though it’s four times larger than normal results.

Sitelinks are exclusively controlled by Google and represent what they consider the best pages on a high-quality website. The structured data on a page does not influence or enable those at all (they it can influence a site-wide search box appearing).

If you want to be awarded Sitelinks for your store, I recommend adding a lot of high-quality content and links to the pages you want listed. That’s just normal SEO techniques that can improve Google’s evaluation of the pages, which can get them to become Sitelinks.

There are two ways to win with SEO: better rankings or more appealing listings such as Sitelinks.

Everyone fights for better rankings but not everyone makes their listings more appealing. This means there’s an opportunity there.

You can (and should) tweak your SEO title and description inside of Shopify but there are also additional enhancements that turbocharge your listing.

Called Rich Results in Google, these add additional content to your listing including the product price, availability, and the high-visibility review stars.

Getting these results require structured data and the safest and easiest way for Shopify stores is to use JSON-LD for SEO.

Eric Davis

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