Doing everything and accomplishing nothing this season in your Shopify store

When developing software one common way to failure is to use too much data at once.

That can cause all sorts of failures.

Getting twice as much data can sometimes lead to 20x slower performance.

The same can happen with your business, especially this time of year when every blog and Facebook post is giving you advice about what you should be doing.

Picking two or three pieces of advice would be beneficial.

But twenty or thirty?

Now you're just overwhelming yourself.

Keep reading all the Black Friday / Cyber Monday articles. They are good sources of advice and shouldn't be neglected.

But only pick a select handful of things to actually do. You should even err on the side of picking too few.

You're going to have enough on your plate as it is.

(This was written while I was waiting for a batch of backend data processing to finish up in Repeat Customer Insights. Even after all these years programming, I'll still load too much data in the first version. But at least I know how to prevent impacting stores).

Eric Davis

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