How one minute of easy work could save your Shopify store this season

It's the last week before Black Friday and the offers have already started.

Hopefully you've finished or are finishing all of your campaigns.

One thing you don't want to forgot though is, backup your Shopify theme.

That backup could save you if a last-minute change breaks your store. You might have heard the horror stories about broken checkouts, empty product pages, and code that wipes out all of your SEO.

A simple little backup could save your store from all of that pain.

The majority of stores won't need a backup, but you don't want to be without it if the worst happens.

While you don't have much time to plan a new Black Friday campaign, there's still plenty of time to send targeted offers to your customers before the end of the year.

Repeat Customer Insights can help you understand the existing segments of customers you have now and give you recommendations on how to reach more.

It comes with a 14-day free trial so you can see how it works before paying.

Eric Davis

Analyze your customer's behaviors before they defect

Your customers aren't yours forever. Some might have defected today, never to be seen again.
You need to analyze your customer behavior so you can reach them before they defect.

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