Features: Customer Segmenting - Repeat Customer Insights

List of customers and their segments

Automatically segment your customer using a variety of industry tested and proven models.

Find who your most loyal and valuable customers are.

RFM segmenting

RFM scores applied to customers
  • RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) to segment your entire customer base
  • Model proven by decades of testing in pre-internet and modern businesses (including Shopify)
  • Recency is used to determine recent orders, defections, and predict upcoming orders
  • Frequency to show the more loyal customers
  • Monetary highlights who is spending the most

Automatic Segmenting to combine similar segments

Loyal customers automatic segment with details and advice

RFM scores are used to automatically combine customers into similar segments. Each group includes advice about how to market and position yourself to encourage additional orders (or when to stop chasing specific customers).

Simple Letter grade segments for ease of usage

Report-card letter grade segmenting
  • Report-card letter grades summarize RFM into five segments
  • Useful for smaller stores who don't need the full 125 segments RFM provides
  • But large stores can benefit when doing large-scale experiments (e.g. A/B or multi-armed bandit testing)

Customer drill-down for detailed analysis

Customer drilldown with details on their analysis
  • Drill-down to see details on each individual customer.
  • See orders sequenced by date
  • Includes their acquisition source, cohort, and other analysis

Repeat Customer Insights

Repeat Customer Insights icon

Metrics and growth advice made clear using customer behavior analysis for Consumer Packaged Goods

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