Are holiday customers dormant or gone?

We have a side yard that's difficult to grow in. Last year I planted a variety of things and only two survived.

The area gets lots of sun in late spring and summer but nothing in other seasons so many of the perennial plants struggle.

It sucks to put things in and have them fail but that's how it goes sometimes. (I also rushed to fill in the area before I knew how the sun shifts in-between the seasons. It's a really difficult spot)

After tracking how that area changes and researching what could work, I planted about 100 camas bulbs this winter. They should grow and flower in the short time the sun is shining and go dormant the rest of the year.

Figuring out what your holiday customers are doing the rest of the year can be a similar problem. There's a huge rush to get their holiday orders but then how many stick around afterwards?

Are they like my doomed plants and you'll have to start over again this year, losing out on all of that effort? Or are they dormant and will reorder again in the next holiday season?

A lot depends on how much thought and planning you put into their growth. Treat them like any other new customer and they might defect before the next season. Treat them differently and personalize the messages they get and they might stick around.

When it comes down to it, it all depends on if those customers reorder and how soon.

You can find out if they did and how they compare with your regular customers in Repeat Customer Insights Cohort Report.

Eric Davis

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