Better metrics every Monday with the revised Monday Morning Metrics

This week the Monday Morning Metrics in Repeat Customer Insights received a major update.

Monday Morning Metrics was developed a long time ago as a way to send weekly updates on a handful of store metrics. It was intended to be a simple reminder system and make it easy to get some of the analyses out to people who might not be logging into the app every week.

With the development of email subscriptions though, the majority of reports in the app are now able to be emailed automatically. That means Monday Morning Metrics needed a revision.

This new version combines the Store Analysis and Monday Morning Metrics so both reports now have access to more data.

The Store Analysis had these metrics added:

Monday Morning Metrics had these added:

(For the technical-minded, Monday Morning Metrics is now just a specific week-based Store Analysis)

This revision will also make it easier to add more metrics to both of these reports or extend them to support more features (e.g. more insights, a "monthly" Monday Morning Metrics, etc)

All customers of Repeat Customer Insights, even those who are on the launch plan from 2016, have access to this new version and its metrics. Consider it a gift for your support.

If you haven't tried the app yet, now is a really good time to install. I have more features in development before Q4 including one of the most requested features.

Eric Davis

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