Take advantage of happy accidents

This year I'm growing about two dozen tomato plants.

Some are large and producing a lot. Others are still tiny and weak. On average they are doing okay.

Then there's the accidental tomato plant by the compost.

A few months ago some composted tomato seeds happened to germinate and grow just outside the pile.

They then proceeded to go all Feed Me Seymour and sprawl all over the area. I chose to let it grow as that space was mostly open.

Fast forward to today and that plant has spread even more. It's taken over that whole original area, the entire pathway, and is getting into the close garden bed. It is easily taking up the same space as six of the other tomato plants.

But it's producing like crazy with several large fruits ripening. Easily equal to the best plant I deliberately planted and babied through the season.

The morale of the story is, sometimes happy accidents happen. If you're aware of them you can take advantage of them to help them grow more.

This might be an unexpected mention of your product on a popular podcast. Or an article that attracts high-converted keywords. Or a social media story that gets picked up.

You can't plan for these but you can plan to watch for them and accelerate them when they show up.

You shouldn't stop the other things you're doing for these fleeting opportunities (i.e. I am still growing the other tomatoes). Think of them as a nice addition to what you already have going on.

Eric Davis

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