Start improving customer reorder behavior

Changing customer behavior can be difficult but it pays off.

Let's take an example customer. Say they spend $76 on average and order every 2 months (60 days Customer Purchase Latency). They'll have six orders in a year for $456 spent in your Shopify store.

What if you speed up their orders so they order every 45 days (25% faster)? They'll have eight orders per year for $608 spent. A $152 per year improvement. Each. Year.

Not bad.

What if that worked for 20-30% of your customer base?

What if they also increased their order sizes? You know, how happy customers are less skeptical when ordering.

Pretty sizable improvement right?

25% faster orders is possible too.

Difficult, yes. Needs thought, yes. Totally do-able, especially if you haven't even really thought about customer behavior and there are low-hanging fruit to pick.

As it is, many repeat customers already start to accelerate their purchases as they trust your store more with each order. (You can see this in the Order Sequencing Analysis inside of Repeat Customer Insights). Especially happens online when they haven't heard of your store before their first order. Trust is a huge component of customer behavior.

A solid system for improving loyalty and helping customers feel safe and appreciated can accelerate that natural tendency. Even just contacting them proactively about a reorder can serve as an order reminder and speed up their next order.

Start working on customer behavior now. It can take awhile to start changing but future-You will be happy past-You took the initiative. Especially come this holiday season.

For starters, focus on decreasing Customer Purchase Latency, increasing your Repeat Purchase Rate, and get one-time customers to place a second order (any second order).

Eric Davis

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