Big Data and AI... itty bitty living space

Whenever I hear about Big Data and AI I think of Robin Williams.

Phenomenal cosmic power... Itty bitty living space

Phenomenal cosmic power... Itty bitty living space

Jokes aside, the hard thing with Big Data, AI, and all the other buzzwords is that you have to have a PhD in order to understand it. Even then, some of the PhD's who created those systems can't understand how they work.

So you're supposed to just "trust" that the output is correct.

If you can easily verify the results, that might be okay. Graphics you can see, product descriptions you can read... those can be verified easily and are places where Big Data and AI can work.

But for data analysis that you can't verify, you're taking a risk trusting the results. What if the results are false or incorrectly calculated? That can have financial disasters.

There are better analytical options without going after the latest hype. Things that can be explained easily, even if the calculation is complex.

That's why I'm able to explain every part of Repeat Customer Insights. The algorithms it uses are simple, but when there's hundreds of thousands data points they can become impossible to calculate yourself easily.

Eric Davis

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