Use free gifts to retain loyal customers

One thing you can do to keep your most loyal customers around is to send them a free gift unannounced. Done right, it can be a surprise that they remark about for a long-time afterward.

You'll want to check a few things before you send it:

  1. Send it shortly after an order to make sure the address is correct.
  2. Make sure it's related to their prior orders.
  3. Make sure the gift is useful in duplicate quantities or easily regiftable. No one wants a second blender.
  4. You might want to create a fake customer record for these orders so Shopify doesn't send an order confirmation to them and spoil the surprise (or somehow skip the order confirmation notifications).

If you're not sure what to send to customers, take a few minutes to go through your product collection. Note down things that are lower cost to produce and fine duplicated (point #3). Even a list of half a dozen ideas can help make it easier to decide what to send.

Then it's just a matter of remembering.

Eric Davis

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