Visualizing all of your Shopify data in one place with Google Data Studio

Recently I stumbled on a Google product called Google Data Studio.

You can think of it like Google Sheets but for dashboards and data visualization.

I happened across it while reading up on SEO but it does so much more than that.

It can pull in data from various sources:

  • File uploads
  • AdWords
  • SQL databases
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Sheets
  • Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

With about 5 minutes of clicking I was able to create a dashboard for all of my Shopify apps showing the number of conversions, sessions, and conversion rate ranked by source. All pulled from Google Analytics live.

The interesting part was that conversion rate by source isn’t a data type from Google Analytics. It’s a calculated custom field I added to Data Studio (conversions / sessions).

I’ve built dozens of dashboards in the past for clients and SaaS apps. This has to be the easiest one I’ve ever created.

Even if I have to write some code to pull in from some custom data sources, this is still way easier than anything else I’ve used.

Not even counting the fact that it already hooks up to one of the largest data sources I use (Google Analytics).

It’s still a beta Google product so it could be shutdown or change at any time, but I think it could be a great alternative to expensive custom business dashboards or no dashboard at all.

Just think what you could do if all of this data lived in one place:

Traffic (Google Analytics), conversions (Google Analytics), product sales (Shopify), customer repeat purchases (Shopify), SEO (Search Console).

Speaking of conversions, how would you like more of them? (Nice segue right?)

Sticky’s launch has been going well and I’ve already added a handful of new features and enhancements under the hood to make it even more automagic.

If you feel like you’re not getting the add to cart conversions you should be, you might want to take a critical look at your add to cart button and see if Sticky would be an improvement.

Make your Shopify Add to Cart button sticky so your customers always have a clear, impossible-to-miss call to action for mobile and desktop.