Customer retention articles

Customer retention how you keep the customers you're already acquired.

While it's mostly used with businesses selling subscriptions (e.g. memberships, software), almost all of the advice about it can be applied to any Shopify store. In subscription businesses, customer retention is the positive aspect of churn (retention is keeping customers, churn is losing customers).

Retention is an ongoing process

Customer retention is a regular, ongoing business process. It's like customer acquisition, you're always doing it and always trying to do it better.

(It's also like taxes but without all of the blood-sucking)

Customer loyalty is often given the spotlight more than retention but in reality, loyalty is just a hyped-up flavor of retention. With customer retention, you have a lot more control and levers you can pull versus loyalty where you can only nudge and hope for customers to improve.

Articles for further reading

The following are various articles on Customer Retention. Make sure to read through the customer loyalty ones too, as they can be more tactic-based.

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