Plan to lose the majority of your traffic and customers in the long-term

I've planted a few hundred beans in the garden this year. Every time I plant beans, only about half of them survive past the baby stage.

I've learned to expect to lose many of them to slugs, squirrels, and poor soil in general. I can do some things to minimize the losses but nothing works perfectly.

As long as I have replacement ready then it should work out in the end but it feels like a lot of extra work.

You've probably experienced the same when trying to get customers to come back. That fact that you're considered a top-performer if only 3 out of 10 people buy (conversion rate) and of those if one person comes back to buy a second time. You have to get used to losing a lot of customers and potential customers.

That's why there's so much room for improvement with conversion optimization and customer retention. Get just one more of those ten people to buy and buy again and you unlock a ton of growth your business.

The analysis and advice in Repeat Customer Insights is to help with your customer retention. It doesn't take much of an improvement to show results.

Eric Davis

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