Start more than what you need

Over winter I planted about 20 trees and shrubs, most of them dormant.

Now as spring starts to warm everything up, the majority of them have come alive and started to grow.

But a few haven't.

I don't know if they didn't like being uprooted and shipped, the area they are planted in, or if they are just taking a long time to come back to life.

I'll give them some more time in case that's the problem but I can't solve any of the other problems.

Sometimes plants just fail no matter how much effort I put into them.

That's why I try to grow more than what I need. Want 10 kale plants? Start 15. Want 2 large tomato vines? Start 5.

That way there are backups that can be swapped in. A bit harder with trees and shrubs, but still possible.

When it comes to building campaigns for your business, some might fail too. Your new customer welcome campaign might work okay, your retention campaign does great, but your lead incentive fails.

Trying to fix broken ones is the best ("should I move this tree to a new spot?"), but you can also have backup campaigns ("lets put a shrub in instead") or just have the other campaigns fill in the gap ("or we can put a bench here").

But you have to start a bunch of campaigns to have options. If all you have is one campaign, you don't have many options or choice, your campaign HAS to succeed.

There are about 30 Automatic Customer Segments in Repeat Customer Insights. Each of those has advice for creating a reusable campaign for those customers. That's 30 potential options to engage with your customers and guide them towards your goals.

Eric Davis

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