Put your best products on display

Your homepage is probably one of your most popular pages in your store.

One conversion boost is to put your best products on display, front and center. Ideally, you'd use the products which produce the best customers (e.g. highest LTV) like what Repeat Customer Insights measures but you can settle for just a highest sales or volume too.

That will get people looking at your best products, where you'll have the best proof of value and hopefully end up converting more customers.

You can also add some "hopeful" products to this too. These are the products that aren't your best yet but they are up and coming and you're wanting them to continue to improve.

Eric Davis

Segment your customers to find the diamonds in the rough

Not all customers are equal but it is difficult to dig through all of your data to find the best customers.
Repeat Customer Insights will automatically analyze your Shopify customers to find the best ones. With over 150 segments applied automatically, it gives your store the analytics power of the big stores but without requiring a data scientist on staff.

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