I missed my four-year anniversary

I forgot my anniversary last month.

Not my wedding anniversary… the anniversary of when I started to write these daily emails.

Back in February 2017 I started them as an experiment. At the time I was writing weekly to educate people about topics my Shopify apps help with, but felt like I could be sharing more.

I had dozens of writing ideas that would have taken me years to get through (now I have 543 ideas… you get more ideas the more you write)

So I started writing and sending an email every weekday for a month as a test. I wanted to see how the process worked, how my audience responded, and if it would help make some app sales.

Four plus years later, I’m still at it, and it’s become my primary marketing channel.

Whatever methods you use to market your business the most important factor is consistency. You have to constantly keep marketing, day-by-day, week-by-week. With enough consistency you’ll start to build something tangible.

Publishing a daily email worked well for me, it might work for you too.

Or fundamental SEO work.

Or mindful, social media usage.

Or mailing targeted postcards.

But whatever you do, keep at it and measure how it performs.

Give it a trial period if you’d like. Make yourself uncomfortable. Fight the urge to give up. Be consistent and you just mind find a wide-open way to reach customers.

Eric Davis

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