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★★★★★ "My site's been up for nearly 4 years. All that time I've been continually uploading and improving tags, alts etc. but was unhappy with search results. JSON-LD has been installed for a month now, and I've noticed a vast improvement . Frequently No 1 on first page, often with multiple entries there. So thanks, Eric." -- Mark James, Crystal Heart

Repeat Customer Insights

★★★★★ "Excellent app, great customer insights, with easy to understand UI - developer is extremely responsive and helpful!!! 5 stars!!!" -- Brad Capo, CEO of SWAK Designs

Repeat Customer Notifications icon

Want to retain repeat customers but don't know when they place an order? Be notified immediately when a repeat customer places a new order.

Install Repeat Customer Notifications for Shopify

Sticky icon

Make your Add to Cart button sticky so your customers always have a clear, impossible-to-miss call to action for mobile and desktop

Install Sticky for Shopify

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