Is it cold in here?

It's starting to get cooler here as we get into autumn. Cool, but not quite cold yet.

You know, that borderline area where you might turn the heat on for a bit but it's not quite needed all the time yet.

This year we also replaced our central heat with per-room heaters. They'll be more efficient as we can control which rooms get heated and to what level.

But in doing so we've lost a major feedback mechanism.

We no long have a thermostat that shows the current temperate. The per-room heaters only show the temperate we've set them to.

If it was cold and we knew we should be running the heat, it wouldn't matter.

But on the edge where we're trying to decide if it's worth turning the heat on, we're missing information.

We are going to get some thermometers to solve the problem. It's just striking there's lack of such a basic feedback measurement built-in.

It would be like trying to run your store when the only inventory options are 100+, about 10, or 0.

Your Repeat Purchase Rate can be used to give you feedback on the health of your customer loyalty. Over time it should be trending upwards as you acquire new customers and convert a few of them into repeat customers.

Shopify has a basic version built-into their reports but due to how they muck with historic data, it's better to use Repeat Customer Insights. Its version of Repeat Purchase Rate ensures the historic data is counted correctly.

If you install today, you can start watching the rate improve as you work on retention and loyalty going into the holidays.

Eric Davis

When are your customers defecting?

Are your customers defecting? Use Repeat Customer Insights to find out where in their lifecycle you're losing them.

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