Extend the season for a few weeks of extra growth

We have our first frost coming next weekend which means every gardener in the area is starting to finish up for the season.

I just replaced the cover on a garden bed, removing the mesh cover (insect protection) and adding a fleece cover (holds heat, like a light blanket).

While most of that bed can take some freezing, some things will die with too much cold. The fleece cover will keep things a bit warmer and can help everything grow a bit longer.

The fleece is a simple thing that's thinner than tissue paper. The results can be impressive though as it can extend the growing season into winter by a few weeks (or longer) and also starting the spring season a bit earlier.

Starting spring early is similar to a lot of the advice for Black Friday for the past few years.

By starting your Black Friday marketing early, you could snag some attention and get your holiday sales coming in earlier than the end of November.

It seems to work well for some stores too.

Right now is a good time to start planning that. Maybe even start to slowly turn up your level of marketing.

Just like with the spinach, a couple of weeks of extra growth could make all the difference this winter.

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