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Yesterday I pulled the last plants from our garden for the summer to make room for the autumn/winter plants.

The star was the gourds, which took over their bed and the neighboring two beds (and the paths, rock wall, and everything else they could reach).

Even though there were only three plants, they produced more fruit than anything else we grew. Not even the 100+ corn plants out produced them (though the wind storm did cut the corn short).

We planted the gourds on a lark. They looked fun and we knew we'd need large plants to cover the soil that were easy to take care of. Plus the crafting potential interested the kiddo.

I know they out-produced everything else because I've been tracking my yields in a spreadsheet. It's already shown me the stars (gourds, wild kale, New Zealand spinach, Black coco beans) and duds (different spinach, peas). Even down to the yield per square foot level.

That data is going to let me focus on the things that grow best here and ignore the ones that didn't do well.

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Eric Davis

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