Performing a properly planned plan pretty precisely

For months now I've been making a plan for the final garden beds setup. It'll be 8x-10x of the amount of growing space we had this year.

I couldn't work on the last parts because I was blocked by things that were still growing.

But with the summer beds cleared I was finally able to work through my list.

For the past two days I've been going through the list, item by item.

In a few hours of work, I'm now all done.

The only reason it went so quickly was because I sequenced the list and knew exactly what to work on next. If I didn't do that, I'd start one task while another was in-progress and end up with a dozen half-finished projects.

Instead my plan let me breeze through each one and made short work of everything.

Now I just need to plan for the front and I'll be able to coast until spring.

Black Friday and the winter holiday season is approaching quickly. I've mentioned creating plans previously but now is the time to actually do it if you've procrastinated (or decide you won't plan and play it by ear).

The best plan will take into account reality and use your historical data to back up decisions. Repeat Customer Insights now includes several reports that analyze your customers, orders, and products to give you advice on how to best convert and retain your customers.

You'll want to make use of it in your plan for Black Friday and beyond.

Eric Davis

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