Today's tiny tip: test your forms before your customers do

Today I was searching in an ecommerce store for a specific product.

They had two search boxes, one on the top of the page and one on the bottom. That's great for usability when you have a large catalog of products.

But when I tried to use the lower search box, nothing happened.

Pressing Enter didn't do anything.

Clicking the search icon didn't do anything.

I had to scroll back up to use the top search box.

Today's tiny tip is to go though your Shopify store and test every form you have.

Search forms should search.

Opt-in forms should subscribe you to your newsletter.

Out of stock forms should add people to the notification list.

Etc, etc.

It's common to see a form break after a theme update or changing code around. But your customers won't care why the form broke, only that your store isn't working.

That's only going to hurt your conversions and cause some customers to leave.

Test your forms. It's not fun but they are an easy revenue hole to repair.

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