Making your Shopify store more efficient is worth the effort

With winter kicking in (dropped below freezing today) we've been using our new heaters more now.

The one in my office is interesting.

I have it set to the coldest temperature for the heater, and it's still too warm.

Part of it is because I'm directly in the path so the heat is more noticeable with the fan.

But the other part is the efficiency of the heater and the insulation in the room.

It just keeps everything much more toasty.

We might end up only having to run it half the time, which will be a great cost savings over the ancient unit we replaced.

Replacing the heaters and AC was a significant investment (one that we couldn't avoid though). But now we and our electric bill are benefiting from the upgrade and we'll continue to benefit for years to come.

There are dozens of ways to make your Shopify store run more efficiently. One category you should focus on is how to get customers coming back again and again. The payoffs and ROI of improvements there will overshadow many other areas.

Creating a New Customer Welcome campaign is one of the more effective strategies you have for that. They work at all scales of stores, from brand new stores to industry-titans.

The advice and analysis inside of Repeat Customer Insights can help you plan out your New Customer Welcome campaign. You can avoid the common guesswork stores get stuck on and get the campaign running effectively from the beginning.

Eric Davis

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Learn what your customers are actually doing instead of just guessing

One of the best ways to build a sustainable business starts by getting your customers to come back. Mastering that simple process can be difficult, but builds a lifelong business.
Repeat Customer Insights can help you understand your customer's behavior. With its collection of behavior reports, you can see what they're actually doing instead of guessing and having your efforts fall flat.

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