The compounding advantage of Repeat Purchase Rate

Optimizing your customer analytics for repeat customers can have some surprising results.

When you're acquiring new customers, a 10% boost in traffic should add around 10% to your revenue. It's linear.

Improve your repeat customer metrics like the Repeat Purchase Rate by 10% and you'll often see much more than a 10% boost to your bottom-line. It'll compound, all because each customer who buys again is likely to buy again and again and again...

A 10% overall improvement in your Repeat Purchase Rate can add 20% or 50% or even doubling your revenue. It all depends on how well you're performing now.

If your Repeat Purchase Rate is low, under 25%, then you're not getting this compounding benefit. I'd recommend you read my advice on the topic and use Repeat Customer Insights to measure your performance.

Eric Davis

Get a snapshot of your customer behavior

The sooner you signup for Repeat Customer Insights, the more comparison points your store will have. Each 1st of a the month a new snapshot is taken and saved to your account for analysis.

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