Easily find any of my articles on a specific topic

Following the redesign of my website, I'm now able to take advantage of my programming knowledge to add new features.

One feature that I've finally finished is my Topic list. This page lists all of the various topics I write about and has pages that link to each relevant article.

The code was relatively easy but over the years the 1,000s of articles I've written about got disorganized. That required going through them to organize them all and combine duplicates (e.g. Average Order Value vs aov vs average-order-value).

Now if you ever want to know what I wrote on a subject, you can browse the topics list.

Want to learn about RFM?

How about new customer welcome campaigns?

Etc, etc.

(Search is another feature I added but it's not as easy to find all of the relevant articles yet. It only uses the title and topics for the search, not the actual content yet)

I'm also looking at adding more articles based on the advice built-in to Repeat Customer Insights. There's a lot of advice in the app that I'd love for everyone to be able to learn from.

Eric Davis

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