Real example of building customer loyal with a note

I've written about how an easy option to build customer loyalty is to send personal or customized notes to repeat customers along with a free gift.

A few days ago I ordered tea from a shop I've bought from twice in the past. All three orders have been under $100, about a year apart so nothing huge.

Here's the handwritten note they sent with the order:

Dear Eric,

Thank you for ordering from J-TEA! We appreciate your return business! Included is a complementary ounce of organic Mao Jian Green tea.

Happy sipping!

The note was written on colored cardstock with a custom stamp on the back.

Nothing crazy, difficult, or expensive to produce. Even the complementary tea had a fairly inexpensive cost $5 retail.

Little gestures like this are appreciated by customers and build goodwill.

Eric Davis

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