Customer Acquisition and Retention are the keys to Shopify success

For most Shopify stores, the majority of potential customers never end up buying.

All that time, money, and resources used to drive people to your store ends up being wasted. Luckily, some turn into customers otherwise you'd quickly go out of business.

Of those, the majority will not come back after their first purchase.

This leaves you with a tiny number of people who are actually buy again.

The better you get at getting customers to show up and buy in the first place (Customer Acquisition, Conversion Rate Optimization) and then making a second purchase (Customer Retention), the better off you'll be. Customer Acquisition and Conversion Rate Optimization have a ton of tools and strategies compared to Customer Retention.

Filling that gap in Customer Retention is why I built my app and why I cover that topic so frequently.

Because even a small 10% boost to Customer Retention will have a sizable impact on your profit.

Eric Davis

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