Send your customers a goodie package to boost customer retention

I had to upgrade one of my infrastructure services for Repeat Customer Insights. It out-grew the plan it was on.

Instead of just locking me out or upgrading me automatically, their support reached out to me. We ended up having a conversation about trying to squeeze back into the old plan but I still couldn't quite get the usage low enough. Even if I did, the app would outgrow it eventually anyways.

So I upgraded and their support reminded me about their goodie package.

Every customer is offered a package of goodies containing cookies, stickers, etc just because they're a customer.

They do this so much that they are famous in the industry for it.

This is a great way to help retention and keep customers happy. The goodie box matches their brand and tone too, it's not something random they threw together. It starts conversations, especially with large customers: "Remember those unique cookies that company sent us?"

You could do this in various ways for your Shopify store.

You could give every customer a goodie box.

Or include it with their first order automatically.

Or offer it to your VIP customers.

Or customers who place large orders.

Many companies send branded swag (cup with logo, pens, etc) which works so-so but a lot of customers see that as a marketing play. Unbranded, 3rd party products, or consumable products will probably work better and won't feel like a publicity-grab.

You'll want to watch your margins and your response rate. If it works though, this goodie package could pay for itself and cement customer's behavior.

Eric Davis

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