Prevent customer defection with one-off outreach

Over-time, you'll lose all of your best customers if you don't do anything about them.

They might move on.

They might have an unresolved problem that customer service missed.

They might outgrow your products (or you discontinue what they use).

Some loss is natural and there's nothing you should do to prevent it.

Other customer losses are preventable. Especially with your best customers and long-term customers.

You can create loyalty programs, incentives, or other systems to try to retain them but sometimes simple one-off outreach is best. That can be anything from an email sent from a real person, all the way to phone calls or an in-person visit.

The method depends on how valuable of a customer they are, your business type, and what would feel okay for the relationship. Large, wholesale, or B2B customers can typically justify a higher-touch outreach.

Whatever you do, don't expect that customers will stay around and buy from your forever. You have to put in work to keep earning their trust.

Eric Davis

Market to your customer's timing

Figure out how long customers wait in-between purchases and you have a key component for your marketing timing. This is the basis of the Average Latency metric and Order Sequence Report in Repeat Customer Insights.

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